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Electronic Hyper Slide Electronic Game Review

Electronic Hyper Slide is an electronic game created by Hasbro in 2007. Electronic Hyper Slide is a collection of five games that tries to take a modern approach to Simon Says, Simon, and Mastermind. While Electronic Hyper Slide might get boring during extended play, it works well as a quick pick up and play game.

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Mini Cat & Mouse Board Game Review

The game publisher Ravensburger has a pretty hit and miss track record in my opinion. The smaller children games are usually boring, require no strategy, rely entirely on luck, and are generally poorly designed games. On the other hand, Ravensburger’s family and adult games are usually pretty good. Unfortunately, Mini Cat & Mouse falls into the bad children’s game category.

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Jukem Football Card Game Review

If you don’t already know, like most of America I am a huge football fan (Go Packers!) Throughout the years many football board games have been made with most of them not being very good. Looking at Jukem Football, I didn’t have very high expectations. The game looked like a family game and I thought it would be a pretty shallow experience. After playing the game, I was actually pleasantly surprised.

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Pacardy Dice Game Review

When I was a child I remember playing a card and dice game where you used a standard deck of playing cards, two dice and whatever you chose to use as chips/markers. You rolled the dice and were able to get rid of cards based on what number was rolled. I actually liked playing this game as a child but I have not played the game in many years. As it turns out, Pacardy is almost exactly the same game but with some slight rule differences. After playing Pacardy I would have to say that I actually preferred the rules from the game I played when I was a kid.

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Ticket to Ride Europe Board Game Review

The original Ticket to Ride is one of, if not my favorite board game. Ticket to Ride is such a great game because it is an easy to pick up and well balanced game that adds enough strategy to keep the game interesting. Seeing that I love Ticket to Ride so much, I had high expectations for the Europe sequel. I really wasn’t disappointed either.

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