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At Geeky Hobbies, our goal is to review and curate everything fun that is out there. Whether it is a board or card game, TV show, movie, puzzle, video game, or a new hobby or interest; we are interested in reviewing and curating anything we can get our hands on. From small indie releases to blockbuster media, we try to cover it all as best as we can. If you would like us to cover your product or piece of entertainment, feel free to drop us an e-mail. Since we are interested in almost all genres, types of media, hobbies, and interests we will most likely be willing to cover your product but we still prefer you e-mail us to make sure it is a good fit for the blog. You can e-mail us at mort(at) (make sure to change the (at) to an @ symbol). Also feel free to e-mail us any news, press releases, questions, comments, or anything else at the same address.

For reviews and previews, we will be as fair as possible but of course we cannot guarantee a positive review. We can, however, guarantee that the review or preview will be fair. In every review and preview we do, we make sure to talk about everything we like about the product as well as the things we didn’t like or think could be improved. We will always bring up the positives but if we don’t like the product we will have to be honest with our readers.

Special notes:

  • For board, card, role-playing, outdoor, and other types of games: We accept almost all games regardless of whether they are print and play, prototypes, or final versions of the game. However, we prefer that you e-mail us when the game’s rules are mostly finalized and you have a semi-concrete release date (a Kickstarter date or a date when the game will be available for purchase). Basically, as long as the game is near completion (not in the testing stages) feel free to e-mail us whenever you like. Games that are complete (or near completion) will be reviewed while print and play, prototypes, and games that aren’t quite complete will be previewed (since it isn’t fair to give a final numerical grade to an unfinished product).
  • For video games: We love all types of games from small indie games to big releases. Feel free to send codes for games you would like us to cover to mort(at) Just know that since there are hundreds of games released each week, we can’t get to all of them and thus can’t guarantee coverage (or when we might cover your game). However, if we like your game we will make sure to cover it in some way. We can cover games on the following platforms: PC, PS4, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, Android, and most older platforms.
  • For movies, documentaries, TV shows, anime, and other media: We accept DVDs, Blu-rays, 4K Ultra HD, screener copies (both physical and online screeners), as well as links to freely and legally available media (free documentaries and other media on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
  • For puzzles, hobby stuff, collectibles, other types of entertainment, and anything else you think we might be interested in: Drop us an e-mail to see if your product is a good fit for the blog. We are always willing to try new things and will probably be interested in trying out your product.

Horn Rosanne

Sunday 18th of February 2024

Monopoly deal: if you have only a just say no card snd another player gives you an action card and you use it, therefore running out if cards, do you immediately pick up 5 cards or do you have to wait until your turn?

Eric Mortensen

Monday 19th of February 2024

Based on how the rules are written for the 2017 version of the game, I would say that you have to wait for your next turn to draw cards. I think this is how you handle the situation because the only time the rules talk about drawing cards is when the game describes the order of your turn. It says you start your turn by drawing cards. As this is the only time it mentions drawing cards, I believe in your situation that you need to wait until the start of your next turn to draw cards.

Glynis Harris

Sunday 11th of February 2024

As far as I can remember Tim Harris “designed” a game that involved magnets. It became Crazy Crocodiles, Affenschreck in Germany? and Don’t Feed the Gators in the USA. At the time Tim was working with Wyman Associates, not sure if that’s what they were called? He spent time with David Wyman, and David’s father Dennis. Not sure that Tim ever received the financial percentage he should have done?

We still love the game. Love playing Crazy Crocodiles. Tim died in 2014, an amazing artist, and designer.

Sue Cooper

Thursday 4th of January 2024

I’m wanting to buy the game Cosari, can you direct me to where it is available for purchase? I live on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Eric Mortensen

Friday 5th of January 2024

Since the game doesn't appear to be in print anymore, I would guess your best option would be a site like eBay or another similar site that sells second hand items. Currently it looks like the only copies of the game for sale are from sellers in Germany so I don't know if that is an option for you.

If the theme is not that important to you, the FoxMind game I Go! is supposedly the same game but the theme was changed. Unfortunately I didn't have much luck finding copies of I Go! either.

I am sorry that I couldn't be of more help.


Thursday 28th of December 2023

Could a player use the discard all card then discard all cards (say 4) without having to say uno since they never had just one card?

Eric Mortensen

Friday 29th of December 2023

I am assuming you are talking about the Discard All card from UNO Show 'Em No Mercy. If all of your cards in your hand match the color of the Discard All card you can discard all of them immediately. In this case you would not need to say UNO.

It doesn't specifically say in the rules, but in most versions of UNO it specifically says that the game/round ends as soon as you play the last card in your hand. In this case a player couldn't call you out for not saying UNO since the game/round is already over.

Adam Vincent Trossello

Tuesday 12th of December 2023

I am trying to find the board game "win by a nose," but I am having trouble finding it online. If you know of a website or store that my have this game available for purchase please let me know as soon as possible. I was hoping to get it for Christmas this year.

Eric Mortensen

Wednesday 13th of December 2023

eBay currently has a couple copies for sale, but they all appear to be in the United Kingdom so I don't know if they would arrive in time. Otherwise I don't really have any suggestions for finding a copy of the game.