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It Came From a Thrift Store! (July 5, 2015 Thrift Store Haul)

It Came From a Thrift Store! (July 5, 2015 Thrift Store Haul)

As a frugal nerd with way too many hobbies, thrift stores and rummage sales are pretty much exclusively my source of things to do, hobby supplies, and toys and other items for my collections. Most Saturdays I’ll head out in search of a good thrift store haul and I’ll usually find a nice selection of board games, toys, and other geeky items. Since thrift stores and rummage sales are usually very inexpensive, I can get lots of items for the same price as one item at retail price. I’ll usually only pay a couple dollars per item (at most $4 or $5 unless it it something really special).

It’s been a great two weeks of thrift store and rummage sale shopping for me with several epic finds (including one of my best deals of all-time). This week’s post is very board game heavy but also includes one of my best video game hauls ever as well as some more DVDs, toys, and miscellaneous finds. Onto my thrift store haul (and rummage sale haul) for the past two weeks.

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Toys and Collectibles

Action Figures and Toys Thrift Store Haul July 5

Random Figures and Toys:

Price: $0.89 per pound-Some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, some Star Wars, some Mario Kart things from a K’nex set, and a whole bunch of randomness. Everything from Scribblenauts to The Incredibles is represented here. As usual, most of these toys came from Goodwill Outlet, which charges by the pound so these were very cheap.

Mega Blocks World of Warcraft Thrall Figure Thrift Store Haul July 5

Mega Bloks BlizzCon Exclusive Shaman Thrall Faction Figure:

Price: $1.00-I was very surprised to find a convention exclusive item in my podunk little Wisconsin town but of course I had to pick it up, especially for a dollar. Most eBay listings seem to fetch at least $20 so I’d say this was a pretty good deal. I used to play World of Warcraft quite a bit and have the urge to play again now that you can buy subscription time with your in-game gold.

PEZ Dispensers Thrift Store Haul July 5

Four Random PEZ Dispensers:

Price: $0.89 per pound-I love The Muppets so Kermit was a nice addition to my small but growing PEZ dispenser collection. I haven’t seen Aladdin in quite some time but I did enjoy it as a child. I mostly just collect characters from franchises I like but the two Christmas ones were cool enough to pick up as well.

Aladdin Abu Plush Thrift Store Haul July 5

Aladdin Abu Plush:

Price: $0.89 per pound-Another Aladdin item. How I could resist this adorable Abu stuffed animal with his ridiculously big eyes?


TV on DVD Thrift Store Haul July 5

TV on DVD (McMillan & Wife: Season 1, Laverne & Shirley: Season 1, ER: Season 8, Ugly Betty: Season 4, and Men of a Certain Age: Season 1):

Price: $2.00 each for Laverne & Shirley and Men of a Certain Age, $1.00 each for the rest-I pick up any cheap TV on DVD releases I can find, even if I’ve never watched the show before. Ugly Betty is the only show here that I’ve actually watched (though I haven’t finished it) but all of the rest are classic or critically-acclaimed shows so I’m sure they’re worth the money.

DVDs Part 1 Thrift Store Haul July 5DVDs Part 2 Thrift Store Haul July 5

DVDs (Adaptation., Chariots of Fire, Insomnia, We Bought a Zoo, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Stella Street, Super Bowl XLV Champions: Green Bay Packers, Going in Style, 4 Films Hallmark Entertainment Collector’s Set, Chupacabra Terror, Shock Treatment, and Frozen Blu-ray):

Price: $0.50 each for Stella Street, Chupacabra Terror, and Shock Treatment, $0.75 for Chariots of Fire, $1.00 each for the rest-A pretty solid DVD haul if I do say myself. As a huge Packers fan, the Super Bowl XLV Champions DVD is a great find. Adaptation., Chariots of Fire, and Insomnia are classics. Frozen only has the Blu-ray (I’m assuming they only had a DVD player and had no use for the Blu-ray) but it’s a steal for a dollar. Shock Treatment is the sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a B-movie I enjoy but think is a bit overrated. However, I definitely want to see its sequel even though it didn’t get great reviews.

VHS Tapes Thrift Store Haul July 5

VHS Tapes (Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation – East Meets West, Some Weird Japanese Pokemon TCG Video, and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes):

Price: $0.25 each-Yes, I still (occasionally) buy VHS tapes. However, I only buy things that aren’t on DVD or are pricey to buy on the format or random VHS tapes that fit into my collections (like the Ninja Turtles VHS). Even though I think it’s just an average B-movie, I’m glad I grabbed Attack of the Killer Tomatoes because the DVD now goes for $36 on Amazon (way, way more than I would pay). After some research, it turns out the weird Pokemon VHS is from the Japanese TCG video starter promo set.

Video Games Thrift Store Haul July 5

Video Games (Resident Evil 5 (PS3), Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines (PSP), Brain Age 2 (DS), Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends (DS), and Theme Park (DS)):

Price: $1.00 each-Like I wrote last time, I usually don’t find a lot of reasonably priced video games at thrift stores or rummage sales here (and handheld games are especially rare). However, the last two weeks have been very good for video games. I somehow have never played either a Resident Evil or Assassin’s Creed game (though I definitely want too). I did, however, play a lot of the original Brain Age on the DS and was very excited to find the sequel. I played Theme Park on the computer a lot as a kid and I’m hoping it translated pretty well into a DS game.

Handheld Games Thrift Store Haul July 5

Handheld Video Games:

Price: $0.75 each for some, $0.89 per pound for most of them-I guess I can’t really complain about not finding many cheap video games anymore, can I? While most of these are terrible kiddy games I will never play, there are some definite gems in this haul. I could care less about the girl games but Donkey Kong, Excitebike, Tekken Advance, Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends, and the retro games are all good finds. I found most of the good ones at a rummage sale two weeks ago then later on found the rest at the Goodwill Outlet for $0.89 per pound. As good of a find as this is, it isn’t even in my top three from the past two weeks. You’ll have to keep reading for the even better finds.

Complete list of handheld games found:

  • Donkey Kong (GBA)
  • Excitebike (GBA)
  • Centipede/Breakout/Warlords (GBA)
  • Herbie: Fully Loaded (GBA)
  • Tekken Advance (GBA)
  • Barbie Horse Adventures: Blue Ribbon Race (GBA)
  • Aggravation/Scrabble Junior/Sorry! (GBA)
  • Dogz (GBA) (x2)
  • Namco Museum (GBA)
  • Polly Pocket: Super Splash Island (GBA)
  • Strawberry Shortcake: Summertime Adventure (GBA)
  • Frogger (GB)
  • Klax (GBC)
  • Imagine: Wedding Designer (DS)
  • High School Musical: Makin’ the Cut (DS)
  • Imagine: Teacher Class Trip (DS)
  • Littlest Pet Shop: Beach Friends (DS)
  • Imagine: Fashion Stylist (DS)
  • Imagine: Teacher (DS)
  • Nintendogs: Dalmatian & Friends (DS)
  • Imagine: Music Fest (DS)
  • My Fashion Studio: Paris Collection (DS)
  • Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends (DS)
  • Style Lab: Makeover (DS)
  • Bratz Forever Diamondz (DS)
  • Imagine: Movie Star (DS)
  • Imagine: Babyz (DS)
  • Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (DS)
  • Barbie Fashion Show: An Eye for Style (DS)
  • Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses (DS)
  • Imagine: Interior Designer (DS)
  • Camp Rock: The Final Jam (DS)
  • Petz Fashion: Dogz & Catz (DS)
  • Style Lab: Jewelry Design (DS)

Books Thrift Store Haul July 5

Dragon Art and Star Wars: Folded Flyers Books:

Price: $0.50 each-I was really excited to find the Star Wars paper airplane book. I love papercrafting and Star Wars so these paper airplanes will be fun to put together.

Hobbies and Miscellaneous:

Perler Beads Thrift Store Haul July 5

2,000 Perler Beads:

Price: $1.50-Not much for hobby supplies and miscellaneous items these two weeks, just a pack of Perler beads. I buy Perler beads whenever I find them because they are often used to make video game pixel art in real-life. I haven’t tried the hobby yet but I’m going to do so very soon.

Board, Card, and Role-Playing Games:

Lord of the Rings TCG Cards Thrift Store Haul July 5TCG Cards and Pogs Thrift Store Haul July 5

Lord of the Rings TCG Cards, Other Random TCG Cards, and POGs:

Price: $2.00 for the Lord of the Rings cards, $0.89 per pound for everything else-I already owned some Lord of the Rings TCG cards but have never actually played the game (it’s just one of the many collectible card games on my list of games to play). There’s probably at least 200 cards there so they probably only cost a penny per card. Most of the rest of the cards are from the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars card game and Young Jedi. I also found some more POGs to add to my rapidly growing collection (I found a whole bunch of them in my previous It Came From a Thrift Store! post).

Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game Thrift Store Haul July 5

Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game Starter Deck:

Price: $2.00-I’ve never seen Sailor Moon but I always buy any cheap CCG starter decks I find (it’s one of my favorite game genres). While this is about twentieth on my list of CCGs to play soon, I will eventually get to it and review it on this blog.

Gaming Figures Thrift Store Haul July 5

Random Gaming Figures:

Price: $1.00 each for the Dungeons & Dragons miniatures, $0.75 total for the rest-I had no idea what the two large figures were when I bought them but I had a hunch they were worth the price. It turns out they are Dungeons & Dragons miniatures which retailed for around $18 so I’d say they were worth the price. As for the smaller figures, I know what some of them are but have no clue with the rest. Some of them are Yu-Gi-Oh! and Star Wars figures, the football guys are from Battleball, and I have no idea what the rest are.

Vampire The Requiem Thrift Store Haul July 5

Vampire: The Requiem Rulebook:

Price: $1.49-Just like how Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop helped get me into designer games, his new role-playing game series Titansgrave has made me want to get into RPGs. While this book is a little beat-up (and has some water damage), $1.49 is a solid deal for an item going for $11 plus shipping on Amazon.

The Great Downhill Ski Game Thrift Store Haul July 5

The Great Downhill Ski Game:

Price: $0.49-A skiing-themed tile placement game which has one of the stupidest “boxes” I have ever seen for a board game (pretty much a smaller version of a poster box). I’m guessing there is a very good chance the game sucks but I’ll buy any unusual games I find when they are priced as cheaply as this.

Times Square Game Thrift Store Haul July 5

Times Square:

Price: $0.49-Found at the same ridiculously cheap thrift store as The Great Downhill Ski Game, Times Square is yet another Reiner Knizia game for my collection. I never even looked the game up on Board Game Geek (I usually check the ratings of games I’m interested in on my phone) because you can’t beat $0.49 for a designer game. This was an instant buy.

Bezzerwizzer Thrift Store Haul July 5


Price: $0.99-Even though I tend to give a lot of the trivia games I play and review average or below average reviews, I’m always willing to try trivia games that put a new twist on the genre. Bezzerwizzer is a pretty highly rated (it has a Board Game Geek rating of #1589 at the moment) trivia game that lets players weight categories according to how much they know them (and receive more points for the categories they think they know). That’s a pretty good twist for a genre that can often frustrate people who don’t know certain categories.

Simply Suspects Thrift Store Haul July 5

Simply Suspects:

Price: $0.99-I actually found this game at another store earlier in the day (for a higher price) and passed on it. Thank goodness I did because I later found it for a buck. While the game has gotten mediocre reviews, it actually sounds like a lot of fun to me. Players can “tamper” with the evidence and the player with the most evidence pointing to them at the end of the round is eliminated.

Marvel HeroClix Infinity Challenge Thrift Store Haul July 5

Marvel HeroClix Infinity Challenge:

Price: $1.00-I’ve never played a HeroClix game before but I’ve always wanted to. Well, now I can.

Dungeon! Board Game Thrift Store Haul July 5


Price: $3.00-Dungeon! is basically Dungeons & Dragons simplified and turned into a board game. This isn’t the only TSR game I found over the last two weeks, keep reading for my other find from the company that created Dungeons & Dragons.

Puzzles Thrift Store Haul July 5

One Tough Puzzle and V.I.P.: The Ultimate Puzzle:

Price: $0.49 for One Tough Puzzle, $0.79 for V.I.P.-One Tough Puzzle is much smaller and looks a lot easier but I’m sure it’s difficult as well. However, V.I.P. is a puzzle where each piece is exactly the same size and shape and the box claims there are over 259 billion combinations. The box literally says “very irritating puzzle” on it! I’ve always wanted to try some of the self-proclaimed “world’s most difficult jigsaw puzzles” (to see if they actually live up to it) and this one will be my first crack at one of them.

Wits and Wagers Games Thrift Store Haul July 5

Wits & Wagers Family and Wits & Wagers Party:

Price: $1.00 for Wits & Wagers Family, $3.50 for Wits & Wagers Party-These two were found at different stores back-to-back (and I also found the original Wits & Wagers game at the next thrift store I visited in a completely different town as well but I already own it). Since I am a big fan of the original game, these two games are great finds but they aren’t even in my top three for the last two weeks. That’s how good my finds have been recently.

King of Tokyo Thrift Store Haul July 5

King of Tokyo Board Game:

Price: $4.00-While I may have accidentally gave an embarrassing celebratory “YES!” when finding King of Tokyo buried under a stack of other board games, this isn’t the find of the week. I’ve wanted this game ever since I saw it played on Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop show but hadn’t found it at a price I was willing to pay. While $4 is a bit more than I usually pay for board games at thrift stores, I was more than willing to pay it for a top tier game like King of Tokyo.

Top Secret and Chill Thrift Store Haul July 5

Top Secret and Chill: Adventures Into the Unknown Role-Playing Games:

Price: $1.00 each-You may think this was my find of the week but you’d be wrong, this still isn’t it even though it was quite a nice find indeed. While Top Secret is a good find, Chill is the real standout. The game seems to be semi-rare and looks like a lot of fun. Too bad I don’t have a role-playing game group to play them with.

Bloodsuckers Board Game Thrift Store Haul July 5Bump in the Night Board Game Thrift Store Haul July 5Cargo Noir Board Game Thrift Store Haul July 5Dos Rios Board Game Thrift Store Haul July 5Rush n' Crush Board Game Thrift Store Haul July 5Seismic and Sitting Ducks Thrift Store Haul July 5Small Board and Card Games 2 Thrift Store Haul July 5Small Board and Card Games Thrift Store Haul July 5Spectaculum and Bucket Brigade Thrift Store Haul July 5Star Wars The Card Game Thrift Store Haul July 5Station Master and Ablaze Thrift Store Haul July 5Strada-Romana Board Game Thrift Store Haul July 5Sutter's Mill Board Game Thrift Store Haul July 5Ugg-Tect Thrift Store Haul July 5Zpocalypse Board Game Thrift Store Haul July 5

Various Board and Card Games:

Price: $105 for the lot-Yep, this is finally my find of the week. 24 designer games for just $105 total (I know the price tags say differently but they were all 70% off those already decent prices) so about $4 per game. I’m sure some of them won’t be keepers but as long as I find a handful of good games, this lot will be well worth it. While all of the games sound pretty interesting, some of the highlights include Cargo Noir, For Sale, Rush n’ Crush, Star Wars: The Card Game, and Ugg-Tect. I’ve liked every Days of Wonder game I’ve ever played so I’m sure Cargo Noir will be awesome. For Sale, Rush n’ Crush, and Star Wars: The Card Game have been on my wishlist for a long time. Finally, Ugg-Tect sounds so ridiculous and hilarious that I just had to give it a try.

Complete list:

  • Ablaze!
  • Bloodsuckers
  • Bucket Brigade
  • Bump in the Night
  • Cargo Noir
  • Dos Rios
  • For Sale
  • Gavitt’s Stock Exchange
  • Intrigue
  • Megastar
  • Pocket Rockets
  • Rush n’ Crush
  • Seismic: Asphalt and Paving Co.
  • Sitting Ducks Gallery
  • Space Shuffle
  • Spectaculum
  • Star Wars: The Card Game
  • Station Master
  • Strada-Romana
  • Sutter’s Mill
  • Terra
  • Ugg-Tect
  • The Walking Dead Card Game
  • Zpocalypse

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