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It Came From a Thrift Store! (June 23, 2015 Thrift Store Haul)

As a frugal nerd with way too many hobbies, thrift stores and rummage sales are pretty much exclusively my source of things to do, hobby supplies, and toys and other items for my collections. Most Saturdays I’ll head out in search of a good thrift store haul and I’ll usually find a nice selection of board games, toys, and other geeky items. Since thrift stores and rummage sales are usually very inexpensive, I can get lots of items for the same price as one item at retail price. I’ll usually only pay a couple dollars per item (at most $4 or $5 unless it it something really special).

It’s been a long time since I wrote an entry for It Came From a Thrift Store!, partly because of a lack of time and also partly because the thrift stores I frequent seem to have been drying up a bit over the last few months. However, the floodgates opened up over the last two weeks and I came away with a lot of great items for very good prices. Here is my thrift store haul for the last two weeks:

Toys and Collectibles

Random Disney Toys Thrift Store Haul June 23Random Disney Toys Close-Up Thrift Store Haul June 23Peter Pan Toys Thrift Store Haul June 23

Toy Story and Other Random Disney Figures and Toys:

Price: $0.79 per pound-These toys are mostly from Toy Story with some other Disney films thrown in as well (representing lots of different toy lines). My favorites are the figures shown in the close-up photograph, especially whatever toy line the Slinky Dog and Bullseye come from (if you know, let me know in the comments section). Like most of the items in this thrift store haul, I got them from a Goodwill outlet store where you have to dig through carts of junk to find the few treasures in them (while “fighting off” soccer moms and other collectors to grab anything decent). It took me several minutes to find all of the good toys in the cart but it was well worth it for those adorable Toy Story figures.

Random Figures Thrift Store Haul June 23

Random Figures and Toys:

Price: $0.79 per pound-A bunch of random toys including my first ever Minecraft collectible (I’m a huge fan of the game and it’s easily in my top five of all-time), a General Grievous figure from Star Wars, and two anime figures. I know the one on the left is Briareos from Appleseed (which I’ve actually seen and enjoyed) but I don’t know the identity of the girl in black (I’m very new to anime and have yet to watch most of the classics). The rest of the toys are a pig from Angry Birds, Tweety Bird, two random zombies, Bulbasaur, Scrat from Ice Age, and a Star Wars starfighter.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Thrift Store Haul June 23

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figures New and Old:

Price: $0.50 for Donatello, $0.79 per pound for Airforce Mutation Raphael-Two figures representing two completely different generations of Turtles. Oddly, despite never having seen the new animated show (even though I’ve heard it’s pretty good) I actually prefer the Donatello over the gimmicky Raphael from the generation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that I actually watched.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Figure Thrift Store Haul June 23R2-D2 Golf Club Cover Thrift Store Haul June 23

Star Wars Epic Force Stormtrooper and R2-D2 Golf Club Cover:

Price: $1.00 for the Stormtrooper, $0.79 per pound for the R2-D2 golf club cover-The Stormtrooper is a really nice figure to find for a dollar. I don’t really golf much but why not pick up an R2-D2 (my favorite Star Wars character) golf club cover for when I do. I always pick up any cool Star Wars collectibles I can find for a reasonable price at thrift stores and rummage sales.

Mario Kart Toys Thrift Store Haul June 23

Mario Kart Toys:

Price: $0.79 per pound-I found these Mario Kart toys over two different visits to my favorite thrift store. Obviously the Mario one is the best but you can pose the one on the far left to give it a sort of Luigi death stare look to it, which instantly makes it awesome as well.

PEZ Dispensers Thrift Store Haul June 23

Four Random PEZ Dispensers:

Price: $0.79 per pound-I always collect any cheap PEZ dispensers from fandom franchises I enjoy. Luckily, the Goodwill outlet had Snoopy, Minnie Mouse, Mulan, and Will Turner (from Pirates of the Caribbean) ones over the last two weeks and since they don’t weigh very much, they were extremely cheap.

Plush Toys Thrift Store Haul June 23

Random Plush Toys:

Price: $0.79 per pound-This is pretty sad for someone who actually watched the film to admit, but I originally though the cute Edward Scissorhands plushie was Michael Jackson, a member of KISS, or some other musician. Thankfully, I took a look at his tag and was happy to find out he was Edward Scissorhands (a film I like quite a bit). However, my favorite of the four is definitely the cute little Chewbacca. He’s a simple fast food toy from Burger King but just look at his adorable little face. The other two are Wario and a small Rudolph from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Mini Wooly Willy Thrift Store Haul June 23

Miniature Wooly Willy Toy:

Price: $0.79 per pound-I had some similar toys to this as a kid, but never an actual Wooly Willy. For those who don’t know, it’s a simple little toy where you use the “magic wand” to move the metal fillings onto Willy’s face to make crazy hair, facial hair, and eyebrows. Even though I never actually owned a Wooly Willy, I love to collect old vintage toys (or in this case, newer re-creations of them).

Media and Games

DVDs Thrift Store Haul June 23DVDs 2 Thrift Store Haul June 23

DVDs (Waiting for Guffman, A Mighty Wind, William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, Blackadder III/IV, Swingers, Toy Story, Aladdin, Pooh’s Grand Adventure, White Fang: The Complete Series, and Boston Legal: Season 2):

Price: $1.00 each (except for Aladdin which was $2.00)-Found at a combination of thrift stores and rummage sales, I was very happy with my DVD thrift store haul from the last two weeks. Waiting for Guffman and A Mighty Wind are highly-rated mockumentaries I should definitely enjoy. Blackadder is a funny show starring Mr. Bean aka Rowan Atkinson (too bad I couldn’t find the first two series to go with them though). William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet and Swingers are both semi-classics. I’ll always pick up any cheap TV show seasons I find and $1.00 for the complete series of White Fang and Boston Legal: Season 2 is a steal. However, the Disney films are my favorite finds. The Toy Story Blu-ray/DVD combo is pretty scratched-up but I thought it was worth a shot at $1.00 for one of my favorite films of all-time on Blu-ray. $2.00 for Aladdin is a steal (even though it is coming out on Blu-ray later this year) and Pooh’s Grand Adventure appears to be out-of-print (and it’s even sealed to boot).

Video Games Thrift Store Haul June 23

Monsters, Inc. (PS2), The Lost World Jurassic Park (PS1), and SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo (PSP) Video Games:

Price: $0.50 each-One thing I don’t like about my area for thrift store and rummage sale shopping is that I can almost never find retro video games for a reasonable price. While I’m sure these three games aren’t particularly good, I am always willing to pay $0.50 to add a new retro video game to my library.

Space Invaders Game Thrift Store Haul June 23

Space Invaders Electronic Game:

Price: $0.79 per pound-This is definitely one of the strangest electronic games I’ve ever seen. It uses a mirror to reflect the graphics and make them appear similar to what they looked like in an arcade cabinet. I don’t buy a lot of electronic games (usually only when they are extremely cheap or something I’m interested in) but this one was unique enough to earn a spot in my collection.

Pitch Car Extension Thrift Store Haul June 23

Pitch Car Extension:

Price: $2.99-This is easily one of my best finds of the last two weekends, however, it unfortunately isn’t complete. As you can see on Amazon, this is a very expensive game to buy. I figure that even though it just has some of the track sections and a few other things, $2.99 for a game that expensive is still worth it for its parts.

Uptown Game Thrift Store Haul June 23

Uptown Board Game:

Price: $2.00-I’ve actually already played this and a review will be going up soon. It’s a tile placement game where each turn each player puts down one of their tiles on the 9×9 grid, trying to make as few lines of tiles as possible. I wouldn’t say it’s a phenomenal game but it is worth a spot in my collection and well worth the two dollars I payed for it.

King of the Beasts Game Thrift Store Haul June 23

King of the Beasts Card Game:

Price: $2.00-While Reiner Knizia’s games are kind of hit or miss (though there are way more hits than misses), I always pick up any of his games that I find at thrift stores. I own so many of them that one of these days I’m going to have a Kniziathon (a marathon of Reiner Knizia games).

Cannibal Pygmies in the Jungle of Doom Thrift Store Haul June 23

Cannibal Pygmies in the Jungle of Doom Card Game:

Price: $0.50-Cannibal Pygmies in the Jungle of Doom is from a series of B-movie themed games Z-Man Games put out in the early to mid ’00s. I already own another one (Grave Robbers III: Suburban Slashers From Sunnydale Street) but haven’t played it yet. However, at that price and based on the fact that I love to watch B-movies, I find it pretty likely I will enjoy it.

The Welfare Game Thrift Store Haul June 23

The Welfare Game Board Game:

Price: $0.79 per pound-I definitely didn’t buy this game for my collection, I bought it completely for review purposes and to insult it if it is offensive towards poor people. While I don’t think it will be as bad or offensive as Public Assistance, I’m prepared just in case it is. Expect a review of this likely horrible (but probably less offensive) game in the next few weeks.

POGs Thrift Store Haul June 23

Random Assortment of POGs:

Price: $0.79 per pound-I never played POGs as a child and I’m sure the game is terrible but for less than a dollar, I thought it was worth a try. Plus, some of the art on these POGs is actually pretty cool (especially the ones poking fun at vintage advertisements).

Crazy Bones Thrift Store Haul June 23

Crazy Bones:

Price: $0.79 per pound-Another fad game I never played as a child (however I did have a couple of Crazy Bones for some reason, I just never played the actual game). Some of these might not actually be Crazy Bones in the first place but when you are at the Goodwill outlet store, you just grab whatever you can before somebody else steals the good things before you can get to them. I’m sure Crazy Bones is also a pretty bad game but I’m willing to try any game I can find for cheap.

Random TCGs Thrift Store Haul June 23

Random Trading Card Game Cards:

Price: $0.79 per pound-I usually find a couple random Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon TCG, etc. cards in the Goodwill outlet carts but this was a pretty solid haul over the last two weeks. Even though they are usually in pretty poor condition, I’m far too cheap to actually buy booster packs so I always scoop up any TCG cards I can find (especially since their price is almost negligible because of their weight).

TMNT Tower of Doom Thrift Store Haul June 23

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tower of Doom Board Game:

Price: $0.79 per pound-An awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles board game that I will be playing soon to review on the blog. However, due to its high Amazon price I will definitely be selling this afterwards (I sell some games to pay for the other stuff I buy at thrift stores and rummage sales).

Bejeweled Blitz Thrift Store Haul June 23

Bejeweled Blitz Electronic Board Game:

Price: $0.79 per pound-Since my brother enjoyed the first Bejeweled game, we of course had to buy Bejeweled Blitz when we found it at a thrift store to see if it is just as good.

Gobblet! Thrift Store Haul June 23

Gobblet! Game:

Price: $1.50-At first I thought this was just a drinking game (based on the name and the art) and was about to put it back on the store shelf since I have no interest in such things. However, I decided to look it up on Board Game Geek and found out that it is a pretty highly-rated abstract strategy game. Good thing I looked it up, especially since I love games with wooden parts and the price was definitely right.

Iota Thrift Store Haul June 23


Price: $1.00-I have some pretty small games in my collection but Iota just might be the smallest one yet. The penny is for scale so you can see just how tiny this game is. However, even though it is tiny it seems like a pretty good game that is a lot like Qwirkle (a game I really like). It certainly won’t take up much room in my collection, that’s for sure.

Pokemon Master Trainer Thrift Store Haul June 23

Pokemon Master Trainer Game:

Price: $1.00-Not the original version of the game (and not quite complete either) but it’s good enough for my collection anyway. I’m a big fan of Pokemon but even though I knew about it, I’ve never played Pokemon Master Trainer.

Ratuki Thrift Store Haul June 23

Ratuki Card Game:

Price: $0.79 per pound-Even though these simple card games are very hit or miss, I always pick them up when I find them for a cheap price because I have found a lot of solid games that are worth keeping by doing so. Who knows if Ratuki will be one of those hidden gems but for less than a dollar, why not give it a try?

Word's Out Thrift Store Haul June 23

Word’s Out! Board Game:

Price: $0.79 per pound-Another cheap game worth a try and a review.

Puzzler Thrift Store Haul June 23


Price: $0.79-A cheap puzzle for Eric to review for Puzzled.


Ship in a Bottle Thrift Store Haul June 23

Ship in a Bottle Kit:

Price: $1.50-I’ve always wanted to make a ship in a bottle and now with this kit, I’ll get a chance to build one. Better yet, this kit features the Mayflower, one of the most famous ships of all-time.

Ornaments Thrift Store Haul June 23

Spidey in the Spotlight, Happy Holidays From Gumby and Pokey!, and Star Trek Insignias Christmas Ornaments:

Price: $0.79 per pound-I rarely find geeky Christmas ornaments, but when I do I make sure to pick them up (as long as they are reasonably priced of course). Even though they are the smallest, my favorite is the Star Trek insignias but Spider-Man and Gumby aren’t too shabby either.

Michelangelo TMNT Pillow Thrift Store Haul June 23

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo Pillow:

Price: $0.79 per pound-This isn’t as dirty as it appears in the picture and of course I plan to wash it as well. Michelangelo is only my third favorite Ninja Turtle (Leonardo and Donatello are 1A and 1B) but this pillow is still pretty cool.

Production Box Magic Trick Thrift Store Haul June 23

Production Box Magic Trick:

Price: $0.79 per pound-If this cheap little magic trick wouldn’t have been approximately $0.05 (it weighs that little), I definitely wouldn’t have bought it. It looks very cheap and not like a particularly impressive magic trick either. However, I am interested in learning magic and for that cheap, why not?


What have you found at a thrift store or rummage sale recently? Let me know in the comments section.

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