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You’ve Been Sentenced! Board Game Review

“Hippie Daniel Boone secretly poisoned the office fatty.” This is just one of the wacky sentences created during the game of You’ve Been Sentenced that I recently played. You’ve Been Sentenced is not what you would call a serious word game. While it is not fantastic, You’ve Been Sentenced is probably one of the better word games that I have played.

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Hostage Board Game Review

In 1985 Tabby Toys created the roll and move game Hostage The Board Game. Hostage has players try to rescue a hostage and return him to their base before any of the other players are able to. Hostage has some interesting ideas for a roll and move game but unfortunately suffers from stalling which could lead to a game that could theoretically never end.

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Public Assistance Board Game Review

The board game Public Assistance is regularly regarded as one of the more politically incorrect board games of all time. As a matter of fact the game was pulled from store shelves due to its’ political incorrectness. Public Assistance is a board game centered around making fun of people on the welfare system as well as many other groups of people. I wasn’t expecting much from the game and I was surprised that the game was even worse than I was expecting.

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