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Eureka: The Complete Series Coming to Blu-ray on June 9 from Mill Creek Entertainment

This morning, Mill Creek Entertainment announced its June 2020 Blu-ray and DVD lineup (all of which are currently scheduled for a June 9, 2020 release). The highlight of the month is easily the Blu-ray debut of Syfy’s Eureka, which will be released as a twelve-disc complete series box set available for $75.99 (MSRP). While all seasons of the show have been released on DVD, this is the first time the show is being released in high-definition. The series about a fictional town in Oregon that is home to a research facility responsible for nearly all technological breakthroughs ran from 2006-2012,with 77 episodes on its resume. Mill Creek has been on a Universal Television complete series release binge this year and Eureka is the newest addition to the lineup, following January’s The Mindy Project: The Complete Series, February’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: The Complete Series, and 30 Rock: The Complete Series (which is coming in April). Other highlights for June include two schlocky double feature Blu-ray releases for your B-movie riffing pleasure, White Crane Chronicles (which consists of David Carradine’s Kung Fu Killer and Kung Fu Killer II) and a sci-fi double feature of The H-Man and Battle in Outer Space (both of which come from Toho). All four films in these sets are making their Blu-ray debut.

Other releases include a pair of 10 movie collections on DVD. The first is Sweating Bullets: 10 Action-Packed Movies which includes the following films: The Night Never Sleeps (2012, 7.0 on IMDB), Maximum Revenge (1997, 3.1), Rapid Assault (1997, 4.3), Inner Action (1997, 3.5), Fugitive Rage (1996, 3.7), Fatal Combat (also known as No Exit, 1995, 3.9), Me and the Mob (also known as Who Do I Gotta Kill?, 1994, 4.1), Shades (1999, 5.4), Yesterday’s Target (1996, 4.3), and Across the Line (2000, 5.5). Most of these titles are cheesy, low-budget straight to VHS releases that have never seen a DVD release in America (upon a quick glance only Fugitive Rage, Me and the Mob, Shades, and Across the Line had seen a DVD release before this one). The second 10-movie pack is titled A Deadly Place: 10 Frightening Films. The ten movies on this horror-themed release are Cardiac Arrest (1980, 4.0 on IMDB), Day of the Animals (1977, 5.4), Grim (1995, 2.3), Tunnels (also known as Criminal Act, 1989, 3.6), Dead Hate the Living (2000, 4.2), Don’t Go in the House (1979, 5.7), Deadly Instincts (aka Breeders, 1997, 3.1), With Friends Like These (presumably the 1991 movie, 4.1), You’re Driving Me Crazy (1990, 5.1), and Shrunken Heads (1994, 5.1). Many of these are former Multicom releases though most if not all of them had been released on DVD before (but you can get them all ten of them for $14.99 with this release).

Rounding off this month’s seven releases is a re-release of Monkey Up (from Air Bud Entertainment) and a 14-part documentary series entitled 1619: Up From Slavery (both of which are only being released on DVD).  A complete list of all June 2020 Mill Creek Entertainment releases is below with links to purchase them on Amazon.

  • 1619: Up From Slavery (DVD, June 9, $19.99 MSRP, 659 Minutes, Pre-Order It)
  • A Deadly Place: 10 Frightening Films (DVD, June 9, $14.99 MSRP, 873 Minutes, Pre-Order It)
  • Eureka: The Complete Series (Blu-ray, June 9, $75.99 MSRP, 3358 Minutes, Pre-Order It)
  • The H-Man/Battle in Outer Space Sci-Fi Double Feature (Blu-ray, June 9, $19.99 MSRP, 178 Minutes, Pre-Order It)
  • Monkey Up (DVD, June 9, $14.99 MSRP, 83 Minutes, Pre-Order It)
  • Sweating Bullets: 10 Action-Packed Movies (DVD, June 9, $14.99 MSRP, 876 Minutes, Pre-Order It)
  • White Crane Chronicles: Kung Fu Killer I + II (Blu-ray, June 9, $19.99 MSRP, 184 Minutes, Pre-Order It)