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Pacardy Dice Game Review

When I was a child I remember playing a card and dice game where you used a standard deck of playing cards, two dice and whatever you chose to use as chips/markers. You rolled the dice and were able to get rid of cards based on what number was rolled. I actually liked playing this game as a child but I have not played the game in many years. As it turns out, Pacardy is almost exactly the same game but with some slight rule differences. After playing Pacardy I would have to say that I actually preferred the rules from the game I played when I was a kid.

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Ticket to Ride Europe Board Game Review

The original Ticket to Ride is one of, if not my favorite board game. Ticket to Ride is such a great game because it is an easy to pick up and well balanced game that adds enough strategy to keep the game interesting. Seeing that I love Ticket to Ride so much, I had high expectations for the Europe sequel. I really wasn’t disappointed either.

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