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This Week’s Steam Releases and Reviews-October 30th, 2015

With the number of daily Steam game releases increasing exponentially, it can be hard keeping up with the newest releases and picking the best gems out of all the clutter. This Week’s Steam Releases and Reviews is a weekly post series that attempts to do that work for you. We have looked over all of the games released on Steam for the week of October 25th-October 30th, 2015 and picked out the best games this week had to offer. Unlike other weeks, this week we didn’t review any games since due to Halloween being tomorrow most of the Steam releases this week were horror releases and since we don’t really enjoy horror games here on Geeky Hobbies there weren’t really many games that interested us this week.

Free Games

Notable Games

The Rest

Free Games


Disney Infinity 3.0: Play Without Limits (Action)

Electric Highways (Adventure)

Endless Sky (Action Adventure)

Pink Hour (Platformer)

Uebergame (First Person Shooter)

Notable Games

Here are some notable games released on Steam this week. In order to be classified as a notable game, the game either has to be a release that a lot of people would be interested in or the game has to do something unique that makes it stand out from all of the other games released on Steam this week. Since I have not played any of these games I can’t verify if they are good or bad.

Albert and Otto – The Adventure Begins (Puzzle Platformer)

Army of Pixels (Turn Based Strategy)

Chaos Reborn (Turn Based RPG)

Devil’s Bluff (Multiplayer Action Adventure)

Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition (Strategy RPG)

How to Survive 2 (Early Access Adventure RPG)

Indie Game Battle (Early Access Fighting)

Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars (Rogue-like Adventure)

The Park (Horror)

The Seven Years War (1756-1763) (RTS)

SinaRun (Early Access Platformer)


The Rest

A Wolf in Autumn (Horror)

Bridge! (Simulation)

Bulb Boy (Point and Click Horror)

Cannibal (Strategy RPG)

Cloudrift (Casual)

Death Tractor (Adventure)

DesertLand 2115 (Early Access Action)

Epic Showdown (Third Person Shooter)

GALAK-Z (2D Space Shooter)

Game Tycoon 2 (Early Access Simulation)

Go To Bed: Survive The Night (Casual Horror)

Hope in Hell (Brawler)

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 V Generation (JRPG)

Infinite Game Works Episode 1 (Early Access Simulation)

The Last Crown: Midnight Horror (Point and Click Horror)

The Last Door: Season 2 – Collector’s Edition (Early Access Point and Click)

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC (JRPG)

Lighthockey (Sports)

Lup (Early Access Platformer)

Miracle Fly (Puzzle Platformer)

Mirrored – Chapter 1 (Point and Click)

Morphine (Horror)

MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore (Racing)

Necromonads (Action)

Networm (Action)

Nightmare on Azathoth (Survival Horror)

Outpost 13 (Point and Click)

Pathologic Classic HD (Survival)

Shadows on the Vatican Act II: Wrath (Point and Click Adventure)

Sound of Drop – fall into poison (Visual Novel)

Starsphere (Platformer)

Statues (Horror)

Sun Dogs (Casual Adventure)

Terminal Hacker – Into the Deep (Early Access Adventure)

Tidal Affair: Before The Storm (Early Access Action Adventure)

The Troma Project (Turn Based Strategy)

Twisted Lands Trilogy: Collector’s Edition (Hidden Object)

UNDEADS (Early Access FPS)

Vertigo Void (Puzzle Platformer)

Viking Saga: The Cursed Ring (Casual Simulation)

Void And Meddler (Point and Click Adventure)

VROOM: Galleon (Oculus Rift Simulation)

Wait – Extended (Adventure Horror)

When In Rome (Casual Simulation)

Zoombinis (Educational)