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The Hobby Project Introduction

Are you the type of person who has a bucket list fifty pages too long of things you’d like to try? Are you filled with curiosity and a love for learning? Do you have a lot of hobbies and interests and wind up enjoying pretty much everything new you try? I sure do and if you do too, The Hobby Project is the post series for you. In this post series, Eric and I will explore the world of hobbies, trying out and writing about all of the hobbies we’ve always wanted to try. From popular hobbies like cosplay, geocaching, and crocheting to obscure and niche ones like living history, locksport, and worldbuilding, we will try out and write about pretty much every hobby we’ve ever heard about. While there are a select few hobbies here and there that we have no interest in (and thus won’t cover in this series), expect pretty much every hobby to show up in this post series eventually. We have hundreds if not thousands of ideas for posts so The Hobby Project could easily last us a decade or longer.

Every hobby that we are at least interested in enough to try out will get at least one Hobby Project post about our experiences. The first post for each hobby will also always contain all the general information you will need to try the hobby yourself. Hobbies that we don’t enjoy will be left at that but all of the ones that we like will get their own regular (or at least semi-regular) post series on Geeky Hobbies where we will explore the hobby deeper and attempt to improve in it. Both Eric and I tend to enjoy pretty much everything we try so there probably won’t be many one-and-done hobbies. For the hobbies we enjoy, we will also explore as many different niches of the hobby as we can. For example, for photography we will explore niches like video game “photography,” sports photography, black and white photography, and every other category (both well-known and obscure) out there.

One of the great things about this post series is that outside of just a few hobbies that we will be trying, we are complete newbies in almost all of them. This means that we aren’t experts trying to explain something we have already mastered to people looking to get into a new hobby. We are new to the hobby too and can hopefully write from more of a beginner’s perspective as well as show you our struggles and triumphs as we attempt to learn a new hobby.

We will aim to try and write about at least one new hobby every week from here on out for The Hobby Project. We will also try to write at least a few follow-up posts each week for hobbies we have already tried as we try out new things or niches in those hobbies and/or learn how to become better at them. As scanners (also known as renaissance men, multipotentialites, or several other names), our interest in certain hobbies may drop off from time to time (for example you might not see a new post about painting for weeks if not months) but that doesn’t mean we’re done with that hobby. Posts about it should be back eventually. As people with a ton of hobbies and interests, it is hard keeping up with all the things you love but we will try our best to consistently get to each of them at least once a month.

While we have a huge list of hobbies to try, if you have any ideas for obscure or unique hobbies feel free to let us know about them in the comments section. While we can’t guarantee we will try them all, if anything sounds interesting we’ll be sure to add it to our list.