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Monopoly Crazy Cash Board Game: Rules for How to Play

Monopoly Crazy Cash Board Game: Rules for How to Play

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The objective of Monopoly Crazy Cash is to have the most money when a player or the cash machine runs out of money.

Set Up

  • Place the game board in the middle of the table where everyone can reach it.
  • Put the Cash Machine and one of the bank cards where everyone can reach them.
  • Place the houses and hotels next to the game board.
  • Each player receives the following amount of money:
    • 6 – M1 bills
    • 2 – M2 bills
    • 1 – M5 bill
  • Take 45 M1 bills, 10 M2 bills, and 5 M5 bills and shuffle them with the Chance cards. You should make sure the money and cards are well shuffled. Place the shuffled money and cards into the money tray and place the tray inside the cash machine.
Loading up the cash machine
After shuffling the money and chance cards together, you will insert the tray with notes into the back of the cash machine.
  • The rest of the money is set aside for the bank. Choose a player to be the banker. The banker is responsible for the bank’s money and the property cards that no one owns. The banker needs to make sure they keep their own personal money and property cards separate from the bank.
  • All of the players choose a playing piece and place it on the GO space.
  • Each player takes a turn rolling the die. The player that rolls the highest number starts the game.

How to Play Monopoly Crazy Cash

You will begin each of your turns rolling the die. The number you roll determines how many spaces you will move your playing piece around the game board. You will move your piece clockwise around the board.

Moving your playing piece after rolling a six on the die
The blue player rolled a six on the die. They will move their playing piece forward six spaces on the gameboard.

After you have moved your pawn, you will take an action based on the space that you landed on. See the corresponding section below for more details.

Next you can choose to upgrade one of your houses to a hotel. You can only upgrade to hotels once you have made it around the board once and passed the GO space. See the Houses and Hotels section below for more details.

Your turn is then over. You will pass the die to the player on your left. They will take the next turn.

Spaces of Monopoly Crazy Cash

Unowned property

Unowned Property Space

If you land on a property space that isn’t owned by another player, you have to purchase it if you have enough money.

You will pay the bank the amount printed on the space. Then take the corresponding property card and place it in front of you. Each time you purchase a property, you will immediately place a house on it. Only one house can be placed on each property. 

Purchasing the Frown Lake property
The blue player landed on the Frown Lane property. As no other player owns it, they have to purchase it. They will pay M1 to the bank and take the corresponding property card. They will also place a hotel on the space.
Owned property

Owned Property Space

If you land on a property that is owned by another player, you will owe them rent. The amount you owe them depends on whether there is a house or a hotel on the space, and whether you own both properties of the color. The owner of the property looks at the property card and charges the amount based on the current state of the property.

Owing rent due to landing on an owned property
The yellow player landed on Robot Walk which was owned by another player. They will owe the owner of the property M2 since there is only a house on the property.

The owner of the property should tell the player that landed on it that they owe rent. If you don’t remind a player that they owe rent, they don’t have to pay you. You have to remind them before the next player rolls the die in order to force them to pay.

Should you own both properties of a color, you can charge twice the normal rent when a player lands on either of the properties.

Landing on a property that is part of a monopoly
The yellow player landed on the Robot Walk space which is owned by a player that also owns Fairy Gardens. Normally the yellow player would owe M3 for landing on the space since it has a hotel on it. Since the player owns Fairy Gardens as well, the player owes twice the normal rent so they will have to pay M6.
Roll Again space

Roll Again

When you land on the Roll Again space, you will get to roll the die again. You will take the action of the space that you landed on after your second roll.

Go to Jail space

Go to Jail

Should you land on the Go to Jail space, you immediately move your pawn to the In Jail space. The game does not say anything about whether you get money for passing GO. In most versions of Monopoly you do not get money for passing GO when going to Jail, so I assume you don’t get money for passing GO in Monopoly Crazy Cash either.

At this point you should look to see if you have a Get out of Jail Free card. If you do, you will play it to the discard pile. You will then move your pawn to the Just Visiting space. Your turn then ends. On your next turn you will roll the die and take a normal turn.

If you do not have a Get out of Jail Free card, you will end your turn. On your next turn you will pay M2 to the bank. You will then roll the die and take a normal turn.

Getting out of jail in Monopoly Crazy Cash
The green player is currently in Jail. If they have a Get out of Jail Free card they will play it to get out. Otherwise they will have to pay M2.
Just Visiting space

Just Visiting

The Just Visiting space doesn’t do anything special. You do not take any special action.

Free Parking space

Free Parking

When you land on Free Parking, you don’t take any special action.

GO space


When you land on or pass GO, you will collect M2 from the bank.

Cash Machine space

Cash Machine

Whenever you land on the Cash Machine space, you will take the bank card and slide it into the corresponding slot in the front of the cash machine. The cash machine will shoot out four notes. These notes can either be cash and/or Chance cards. After the notes shoot out, you will remove the bank card from the machine.

You will add any money that shoots out to your current cash supply.

Notes shot out of cash machine
After using the cash machine a M1, M2, and two Chance cards shot out of the machine. The player adds the M1, and M2 to their cash supply.

One or more Chance cards may shoot out. If only one Chance card shoots out, you have to use that card. If there is more than one Chance card, you can pick which of the cards that you want to use. The rest of the Chance cards will be ignored and added to the discard pile.

Follow the directions on the Chance card you choose to use. If the card has two choices, pick which one you want to do. After you have taken the corresponding action, add the Chance card to the discard pile.

Choosing a Chance card
Two Chance cards were shot out of the machine. The player has to choose one of the two cards to use while they will discard the other card. The player likely will want to use the top card. They will choose Ice Cream Avenue or Frown Lane and act it out. They will then move their playing piece to the corresponding space and take the corresponding action.

Should the cash machine run out of notes, the game ends.

Houses and Hotels

Each time you purchase a property, you will immediately place a house on it. The house is free.

After you have completed one trip around the board, you can start upgrading houses to hotels. To upgrade a house to a hotel you will pay the bank M1. You will then exchange the house for a hotel. You may only purchase one hotel per turn. Once all of the hotels have been purchased, you can no longer purchase a hotel.

Purchasing a hotel for a property
The owner of Goldfish Way has decided to upgrade their house to a hotel. They will pay M1 to the bank and swap the house for one of the hotels.

Winning Monopoly Crazy Cash

The game will end if either the cash machine runs out of money or if one of the players doesn’t have enough money to pay for something. If a player runs out of money, they will still have to pay the owner of the property they landed on or the bank any money they do have.

All of the players will then count up how much cash they have. The player with the most money wins Monopoly Crazy Cash.

Winning Monopoly Crazy Cash
At the end of the game the players had this much money on hand. The top player had the most money so they win the game.

Advanced Game

If all of the players agree, you can choose to play with the advanced rules.

When you are using the advanced rules, players can swap properties during the game. You can swap properties for other properties or cash.

The other change involves the end game. The game still ends when a player runs out of money or the cash machine runs out of notes.

Each player counts up the value of each of their properties. The value of each property is the amount a player would have to pay if they landed on it. You will add your cash on hand to the value of your properties. The player with the highest total value wins the game.

Calculating final net worth in Monopoly Crazy Cash
One of the players owned five properties and M7 in cash at the end of the game. The player would earn M1 from Golf Corner, M1 from Smile Street, and M3 for Dinosaur Drive. The player owned both Shark Lane and Goldfish Way so they will earn double the normal amount for a total of M12 for each of the properties (M24 total). This player’s total wealth is M36.

While it is unlikely, you can win the game even if you went bankrupt during the game. This would only happen if the value of your properties surpasses the value of the other player’s properties and cash on hand.

Monopoly Crazy Cash FAQ

If you have any questions about how to play Monopoly Crazy Cash, leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Components for Monopoly Crazy Cash


  • Game Board
  • 4 Playing Pieces
  • 16 Houses
  • 8 Hotels
  • 16 Property Cards
  • 20 Chance Cards
  • 70 M1 Cards
  • 20 M2 Cards
  • 10 M5 Cards
  • Cash Machine
  • 2 Bank Cards (only one is needed)

Year: 2009 | Publisher: Hasbro | Designer: Scott Frisco, Steven Strumpf

Genres: Children’s, Economic, Electronic, Roll and Move

Ages: 5+ | Number of Players: 2-4 | Length of Game: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: High

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