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It Came From a Thrift Store! (November 24, 2014 Thrift Store Haul)

It Came From a Thrift Store! (November 24, 2014 Thrift Store Haul)

As a frugal nerd with way too many hobbies, thrift stores and rummage sales are pretty much exclusively my source of things to do, toys and collectibles, and hobby supplies. Most Saturdays I’ll head out in search of a good thrift store haul and I’ll usually find a nice selection of board games, toys, and other geeky items. Please note that these items are a small fraction of their original price (I’ll rarely pay more than $4 or $5 for an item at a thrift store) and I do factor in Amazon/eBay price (if I don’t enjoy the item, I’m usually able to sell it for even more than I paid anyway).

I took a few weeks off of thrift store shopping but I was back at it this weekend thanks to an indoor rummage sale event that I almost always go to. My finds were a little light again (I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately) but I still found some neat items.

Thrift Store Haul November 24 2014 Johnny Gat Statue

Johnny Gat “Saints Row IV” Statue ($1.49)-Even though there are some problems with this statue (for some reason there are some random orange marks on it, I’ve seen other people online with this same problem), I rarely find video game collectibles around here. I love the “Saints Row” series almost as much as “Grand Theft Auto” so this was still a nice find even with its problems. I might try to paint it someday (even though I’ll probably wind up making it look even worse).

Thrift Store Haul November 24 2014 Figures

Small Penguin and “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” Symbiote Studios Figures ($0.25 Each)-Two really cool little figures I picked up at the indoor rummage sale. I somehow have yet to get around to playing “Skyrim” but I’m sure I’ll love the game when I find the time. I’m not a huge “Batman” fan (it’s alright but not one of my favorite franchises) but this Penguin figure is pretty cool.

Thrift Store Haul November 24 2014 Retro Games

NARC (NES, $1) and Super High Impact (Genesis, $0.10) Retro Games-Retro games are another thing I rarely find for a decent price in my area. Whenever I find a game for a dollar or less, I’ll usually pick it up. “NARC” is actually a pretty decent find while I only picked up “Super High Impact” because it was so cheap.

Thrift Store Haul November 24 2014 DVDs

Hidalgo ($0.50), Dark City ($0.50), Munich ($0.50), Where the Wild Things Are ($0.50), Mystic River ($0.25), Sleepers ($0.50), Eight Legged Freaks ($0.50), Super ($0.50), Sketches of Frank Gehry ($1), The Rock ($1), Erin Brockovich ($1), Almost Famous ($1), Public Enemies 2-Disc ($1), The Wind and the Lion ($1), Star Trek First Contact Blu-ray ($1), and The Fountain ($0.25) DVDs-A pretty nice set of DVDs (and one Blu-ray) for very low prices. Pretty much all of them have great ratings on Rotten Tomatoes or have an interesting concept and they are certainly worth a dollar or less a piece.

Thrift Store Haul November 24 2014 Big Foot Board Game

Big Foot Board Game ($3)-This game was recently featured on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” which is one of the reasons I picked it up. I obviously don’t expect the game to be good but it’s worth a laugh. Also, thanks to Jimmy Fallon the game has a lot of value right now so I can always sell it for a nice profit.

Thrift Store Haul November 24 2014 Dungeon Dice

Dungeon Dice Board Game ($1.49)-This is a game I’ve had several times before (but sold for a nice profit) but never got around to playing. This time, I’m going to make sure to play it and review it on this blog.

Thrift Store Haul November 24 2014 War of the Networks

War of the Networks Board Game ($3)-Unfortunately, this isn’t 100% complete (even though the seller claimed it was) but it is still playable. I’m sure the game is average at best but a game where you run a TV network and buy shows and hire actors sounds like a great concept to me. It would be a perfect concept for a new designer game. Look for a review soon since I’m itching to play this.

Thrift Store Haul November 24 2014 Going Going Gone

Going! Going! Gone! Board Game ($1)-Yes, the box is in terrible condition but I have had this game before and enjoyed it. The terrible condition of the box makes it easier for me to keep it instead of trying to flip it.

Thrift Store Haul November 24 2014 Faces Board Game

Faces Party Game ($2.99)-This is yet another game I’ve owned and played before. I played it quite awhile ago but I do remember it being really funny and fun to play. Just like the rest of the board games I found this weekend, expect a review soon.