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Wordle The Party Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Wordle The Party Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Objective of Wordle The Party Game

The objective of Wordle The Party Game is to guess the other players’ words quickly in order to reduce the amount of points that you score.

Setup for Wordle The Party Game

  • Choose one of the players to be the Wordle Host for the first round. Players will take turns as the Host throughout the game.
  • The Wordle Host takes the Secret Word board and writes each players’ name in the table at the bottom. The Host should write their name at the top of the table.
  • All of the other players take a Wordle board, a dry-erase marker and a shield. You will set up the shield to block the other players from seeing your board.
  • Grab some paper towels or a cloth to wipe off the boards.

Playing Wordle The Party Game

Wordle The Party Game is played over a number of rounds. You will play enough rounds so each player is the Host once.

The round begins with the Host coming up with the secret word for the round. The word has to use exactly five letters. Once they have come up with a word, they will write it down on the Secret Word board. They should write it so none of the other players can see it. They will then turn the board over to hide the word. When coming up with a secret word, a few rules need to be followed. See the Secret Word section below.

Secret Word in Wordle The Party Game
For this round the Host decided to use the word train for their secret word.

Each of the players will then make their first guess of the round. Each player will write down a five letter word on the top row of their board. They should write the word so none of the other players can see it.

First Guess in Wordle The Party Game
For this player’s first guess they decided to write down table.

Once a guesser has written down a word, the Host will review it. They will compare the word to the secret word that they came up with. If the guesser had some correct letters in their guess, the Host will give them tiles to let them know which letters were right. See the Reviewing A Guess section below for more details.

Placing Tiles in Wordle The Party Game
For their first guess this player received two tiles. The green tile on the t means that the first letter in the secret word is a t. The yellow tile on the a means that there is an a in the word. The a is in a position other than the second letter in the word.

If the player did not guess the secret word, they will make another guess. Each of the guessers will keep making guesses until they either figure out the secret word, or they have made six guesses. When a player successfully guesses the secret word, the Host will let the other players know. They will not tell them the secret word though.

The current round ends when all of the players have either guessed the secret word, or they have made six guesses. The game then moves onto scoring. See the Scoring section below.

Secret Word

When the Host is coming up with the secret word for a round, they must follow a set of rules. The secret word must always be a five letter word that is listed in a dictionary. You can use pretty much any word you want. A few things are not allowed though.

  • You may not use plurals as the secret word. The other players may guess a plural word though in order to get information.
  • Proper nouns
  • Words in other languages
  • Abbreviations
  • Acronyms
  • Free-standing prefixes or suffixes
  • Hyphenated words
  • Contractions

Reviewing a Guess

Each time the Host reviews one of the guessers’ words, they will do the following.

If a letter in the guessed word is in the exact same space of the secret word, the Host puts a green tile over the letter.

If a letter from the guessed word is in the secret word but it is in the wrong position, the Host puts a yellow tile over the letter.

Should a letter not be in the secret word at all, the Host puts no tiles on the letter. The guesser should cross off the letter at the bottom of their board to indicate that it isn’t in the word.

Crossing Off Letters
This player’s guess had three letters that didn’t receive a tile. Therefore these three letters can’t be in the word. The player crosses off the letters on the bottom of their board to remind them.

Should a player guess a word featuring multiple instances of the same letter, you will handle it as follows. If there is only one instance of the double letter in the secret word, only code one of the double letters. If one would receive a green tile, place a green tile on the letter. Otherwise place a yellow tile on either of the double letters.

If the secret word has a double letter but the player’s guess only has one of that letter, place a tile on the letter in the guess like normal. You will not place any tiles to indicate that there is a second instance of the letter in the word.

After completing the review of the guess, the Host will let the other guessers know how many green and yellow tiles were given to the word they just looked at. They will not tell the other players which letters received the tiles though.

If the Host notices that they made an error in providing the correct tiles for a previous guess, they will let the player know where they made the mistake. All rows below the row where the mistake was made are also erased giving the player additional turns to make a correct guess.

When reviewing a guesser’s word, the Host has the ability to challenge the guess. If the word does not appear in the dictionary or violates one of the Secret Word rules, the guesser has to erase the guess from their board. They then must come up with a new guess.


The Host will not score any points in the round that they act as the Host.

The rest of the players will score points based on how many guesses they needed to make before figuring out the correct word. For each guess they made, they will score one additional point.

Scoring in Wordle The Party Game
As this player guessed the secret word in four guesses, they will receive four points for the round. The Host writes a four next to the player’s name on the scoring table.

If a player fails to guess the secret word within six guesses, they will score seven points.

Players’ scores will be added to the scoring table at the bottom of the Secret Word board.

Starting the Next Round

Before starting the next round, clean off each of the Wordle boards and the Secret Word board (not the scoring table though).

The role of the Host passes to the player whose name is written next on the scoring table. Make sure each player only plays the Host for one round in the game.

If you are playing with four players, the old Host passes the new host the Secret Word board. The new Host then passes the old Host their Wordle board, shield and marker.

Winning Wordle The Party Game

Wordle The Party Game ends after the round where the last player plays as the Host. Each player will get one opportunity to play as the Host.

You will tally up the points that each player scored during the game. The player that scores the fewest points wins the game.

Winning Wordle The Party Game
At the end of the game the players have scored the following points. As player B scored the least points with 11, they have won the game.


There are a few variations to the gameplay that you can choose to use to alter the game.


If the Host is color blind or can’t place the tiles themselves for some reason, they will review the letters in a guess letter by letter. For each letter they will tell the guesser whether a green or yellow tile should be placed on it.

If a guesser is color-blind, the Host should point to letters that have a green tile on them. The guesser should underline these letters to indicate that they are in the correct position.

Timed Mode

If the guessers are taking too long, the Host can set a time limit of 60 or 90 seconds for each player to come up with a guess. If a guesser doesn’t come up with one in time, they forfeit that guess.

Fast Mode

This mode plays mostly the same as the main game. The ultimate goal is to guess the secret word before the other players. When one of the players guess the secret word, the round ends immediately. The player that guessed the secret word scores one point. The rest of the players score zero points.

Each player still only has six guesses each round to try and guess the secret word.

Whichever player has the most points at the end of the game, wins.

Team Mode

If there are more than four players or the players just want to play in teams, two or more players can play together on a team. In this case the whole team plays as the Host when it is their turn.

Components for Wordle The Party Game

Year: 2022 | Publisher: Hasbro | Designer: NA | Artist: NA

Genres: Deduction, Family, Party, Word

Ages: 14+ | Number of Players: 2-4 | Length of Game: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light-Moderate | Luck: Light-Moderate

Components: 3 Wordle boards, 3 shields, Secret Word board, 3 dry-erase markers, 45 green tiles, 45 yellow tiles, instructions

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