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Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1 PlayStation 4 Indie Video Game Review

Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1 PlayStation 4 Indie Video Game Review

As a big fan of puzzle games, I am generally interested in checking out most new games released for the genre. After receiving a review code for Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1 from the developer I thought it was worth checking out. I honestly had never heard of the game before, but it looked interesting. The game looked like it took some traditional puzzle mechanics and combined them with controlling two different characters at the same time. Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1 is a fun game with interesting puzzles which unfortunately is on the easier and short side.

In Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1 you play as Rafi and Sam. In the game’s world only a select few are born with special abilities. The Hexacells company has rounded up as many children as they can with these abilities to extract their energy for the rich and powerful. After a power surge the containment cells for Rafi and Sam are powered down giving them the opportunity to escape. They must work together and use their special abilities in order to try and escape the facility.

Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1 is basically a puzzle game to its very core. The gameplay mostly revolves around solving the puzzles that prevent you from moving onto the next room. Rafi has the ability of telekinesis. Certain objects in the environment can be selected, rotated and moved through the air. Rafi can also use her ability to activate switches/levers from a distance. Sam has the ability to teleport. He has a little cube (looks a lot like a Rubik’s Cube) that he can throw. After throwing the cube he can teleport to the location where it lands. After a brief tutorial section for each of the characters, you will get to control both of them at the same time to use both of their abilities together.

To solve most of the game’s puzzles you must use these two abilities in tandem. Rafi mostly uses her ability to clear the way for Sam who then uses his ability to reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. The game gives you as much time as you need to solve the puzzles as there is no combat or time pressures. The only danger is the various security lights which will just teleport you back to your last safe point if you should get spotted by them.

I had no expectations when I first started playing the game as I hadn’t really heard much about it. I wouldn’t say that Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1 is the most original puzzle game. Elements such as teleporting and manipulating objects have been utilized in a number of other puzzle games. Despite the game not being the most original, I still enjoyed my time with it.

I think the main reason is just that the gameplay itself is quite enjoyable. The gameplay itself is quite straightforward. One character is basically responsible for moving objects around while the other teleports to areas that otherwise would be inaccessible. Despite the gameplay being quite straightforward, it just works. The two characters’ abilities work well together. Sometimes you use one character’s ability and then move onto the other’s. In other cases you need to use both abilities at the same time. For example you may need to use Rafi to lift Max up with an object or to block a spotlight, while Max teleports into an area. This gameplay is quite satisfying.

Complimenting this is the game’s puzzle design. I generally thought the puzzle design was quite good. The game does a good job forcing you to take advantage of both characters’ special abilities. When you are presented with an obstacle you need to analyze your surroundings and how the two characters’ abilities could be used together in order to overcome the obstacle. This requires you to sometimes think outside of the box. If the game’s premise interests you at all, I think you will enjoy the game’s puzzles.

Before I talk about the game’s difficulty I want to quickly say that I do play a lot of puzzle games. I bring this up because it might have had an impact on my thoughts on the game’s difficulty. With that said I found the game to be pretty easy. I thought the game did a good job utilizing the mechanics, but the puzzles aren’t all that difficult as they are quite straightforward. The hardest parts of the game came from just not noticing something that I could interact with. Sometimes when interacting with objects the controls don’t always work great either. Otherwise I kind of breezed through the puzzles.

Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1 being pretty easy doesn’t mean that it is a bad game. I still enjoyed playing it even if I wasn’t particularly challenged by it. People who play a lot of puzzle games will likely feel similar. The good news with the simpler puzzles is that it makes the game more accessible to children and those who don’t play many puzzle games. I see no reason why children would have any trouble playing the game.

The biggest problem with Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1 is just the fact that the game is quite short. The length will somewhat depend on how fast you solve the puzzles, but I would guess that most players could beat the game within 1.5-2 hours. The game just ends kind of abruptly where Chapter 1 feels like more of an introduction to the main game. With a title that has “Chapter 1” in it, I am guessing this is meant to be part of a larger game, but the length is kind of underwhelming. This is especially true since the game was really starting to pick up when it ended. The one thing that makes the short length a little better is that the game only retails for $9 so it is pretty cheap.

At the end of the day Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1 is a fun little puzzle game with a few issues. The gameplay is pretty fun. Switching between the two characters to utilize each power is fun. The puzzle design is pretty good as it utilizes the abilities well and requires some out of the box thinking at times. Fans of these type of puzzle games will likely have fun with the game. It is on the easier side though where regular puzzle game players likely will solve most of them pretty quickly. This leads to a game that can be quite short as most people can probably beat it in 1.5-2 hours. This is shame as the game was really starting to pick up when it ended.

Ultimately I enjoyed Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1. My recommendation comes down to your thoughts on the premise and puzzle games in general. If you aren’t a fan of puzzle games or don’t think the game sounds like your type of game, it isn’t going to be for you. Otherwise I think you will enjoy the game. Whether you should pick it up now or wait for a sale depends on your thoughts on the game’s difficulty and length. I would recommend checking it out at some point though.

Buy Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1 online: PlayStation 4/5

We at Geeky Hobbies would like to thank Flaming Llama Games and Gammera Nest SL for the review copy of Twogether: Project Indigos Chapter 1 used for this review. Other than receiving a free copy of the game to review, we at Geeky Hobbies received no other compensation for this review. Receiving the review copy for free had no impact on the content of this review or the final score.