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Trivial Pursuit Master Edition Board Game Rules Explained With Pictures

Trivial Pursuit Master Edition Board Game Rules Explained With Pictures

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Objective of Trivial Pursuit Master Edition

The objective of Trivial Pursuit Master Edition is to be the first player to receive a wedge of each of the colors and answer a final question correctly.


  • Place the game board in the middle of the table.
  • Set the cards, timer, die, and wedges to the side of the board.
  • Each player chooses a mover and places it on any space on the game board that matches its color.
  • Choose which player starts the game.

Rules for Playing Trivial Pursuit Master Edition

To start your turn you will roll the die. You will move your mover the number of spaces you rolled on the die. You can move in either direction, but you can only move in one direction on your turn.

Moving in Trivial Pursuit Master Edition
The orange player rolled a four on the die. They will move their playing piece four spaces in one direction.

If you land on a Roll Again space, you will roll the die again and move your playing piece to a different space.

Roll Again space

After moving your playing piece the player on your left draws a card. They will read out loud the question that matches the color of the space that you landed on. After reading the question they will start the timer.

Landing on a pink wedge space in Trivial Pursuit Master Edition
The orange player has moved their piece onto the pink wedge space. They will have to try and answer the pink question on the card.

The categories in Trivial Pursuit Master Edition are as follows:

  • Blue – Geography
  • Green – Science & Nature
  • Orange – Sports & Leisure
  • Pink – Entertainment
  • Purple – Art & Literature
  • Yellow – History

Answering A Question

Question card
Since the orange player landed on a pink space, they will have to answer the question “Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais created what British sitcom that spawned an American counterpart?”.

You have until the timer runs out to provide an answer to the question. What happens next depends on whether you provide the correct answer.

If you answer correctly before the time runs out, you get to take another turn.

Answer side of a question card
The answer to the above question is “The Office.”

Should you answer correctly and your mover is on a wedge space, you will take one of the corresponding colored wedges and add it to your mover. If you already have that color wedge, you do not take another wedge of the color. In either case you get to take another turn.

Adding a wedge to your playing piece
Since the orange player answered the pink question correctly, they will add a pink wedge to their mover.

If you answer incorrectly or you run out of time, your turn ends. Play passes to the next player. The rules do not state whether play passes left or right.

Winning Trivial Pursuit Master Edition

The players will keep taking turn answering questions and acquiring wedges. The goal is to acquire a wedge of all six colors.

Once you have acquired a wedge of all six colors, you will move towards the center space. You need to land on the space by exact count. Once you have landed on the center space with all six wedge colors, you will start the final question.

Reaching the final question in Trivial Pursuit Master Edition
The orange player has reached the final space after acquiring a wedge of all of the colors. They will now try to answer the final question in order to win the game.

The rest of the players draw a card and choose which category you will have to answer. If you answer this question correctly, you win the game.

Should you answer incorrectly, your turn ends. On your next turn you can try the final question again. You do not have to roll the die and move to the center space again.

Rules for Playing a Quicker Game

If you would like to make the game quicker, you can play where you acquire a wedge whenever you answer a question correctly. With this rule you do not have to land on wedge spaces in order to collect a wedge. You will collect a wedge matching the color of the space that you are on. You still can only collect one wedge of each color though.

Trivial Pursuit Master Edition FAQ

If you have any questions about how to play Trivial Pursuit Master Edition, leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Components for Trivial Pursuit Master Edition


  • 494 cards
  • 6 movers
  • 36 wedges
  • Game board
  • Timer
  • Die
  • Instructions

Year: 2009 | Publisher: Hasbro

Genres: Family, Party, Trivia

Ages: 16+ | Number of Players: 2-6 | Length of Game: 60 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Light-Moderate

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