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Tonight’s Complete TV Listings: January 1, 2019 TV Schedule

Tonight’s Complete TV Listings: January 1, 2019 TV Schedule

The following is a list of every new TV episode airing on January 1, 2019. Titles are listed by time and then sorted alphabetically. Series and season premieres are in bold.

3/2 AM:

  • Comedians of the World (Netflix, Series Premiere)
  • Pinky Malinky (Netflix, Series Premiere)
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix, Season 3 Premiere)
  • Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (Netflix, Series Premiere)

6/5 AM:

  • Portrait Artist of the Year (Ovation, Season 4 Premiere)

7/6 AM:

  • Portrait Artist of the Year (Ovation)

10/9 AM:

  • Abby Hatcher (Nickelodeon)

1 PM/Noon:

  • Playstation Fiesta Bowl: LSU vs. UCF (ESPN)

2/1 PM:

  • Caribbean Life (HGTV)

2:30/1:30 PM:

  • Caribbean Life (HGTV)

3/2 PM:

  • Mediterranean Life (HGTV)

3:30/2:30 PM:

  • Mediterranean Life (HGTV)

4/3 PM:

  • Bahams Life (HGTV)
  • Your Worst Nightmare (ID, Season 5 Premiere)

4:30/3:30 PM:

  • Bahamas Life (HGTV)

5/4 PM:

  • Deadly Deception: Life Has No Fairytales (ID, One-Hour Special)
  • Off the Grid, On the Beach (HGTV)
  • Rose Bowl Game Presented by Northwestern Mutual: Washington vs. Ohio State (ESPN)

5:30/4:30 PM:

  • Off the Grid, On the Beach (HGTV)

6/5 PM:

  • AKC National Championship 2018 (Animal Planet, Four-Hour Special)
  • Deadly Secrets: Killer Colleagues (ID, One-Hour Special)
  • My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Countdown to the New Season (TLC, Two-Hour Special)
  • Pool in My House (HGTV, One-Hour Special)

7/6 PM:

  • Killing Time: Sleep No More (ID, One-Hour Special)
  • My Lottery Dream Home (HGTV)
  • Street Outlaws: Bristol – Road to $200k (Discovery Channel, One-Hour Special)

7:30/6:30 PM:

  • My Lottery Dream Home (HGTV)

8/7 PM:

  • Doctor Who: Resolution (BBC America, 90-Minute Episode)
  • Evil Lives Here: Let Her Rot (ID, One-Hour Special)
  • Lethal Weapon (FOX, Season 3.5 Premiere/New Time Slot)
  • Life Below Zero: Cold Confessions (National Geographic Channel)
  • Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club: Welcome to the Beach Club (MTV, One-Hour Special)
  • Married at First Sight: Looking for Love (Lifetime, One-Hour Special)
  • My Big Fat Fabulous Life (TLC, Two-Hour Season 6 Premiere)
  • Street Outlaws: Bristol – Race to $200k (Discovery Channel, Two-Hour Special)
  • We’ll Meet Again (PBS)
  • WWE SmackDown (USA Network)

8:45/7:45 PM:

  • Allstate Sugar Bowl: Texas at Georgia (ESPN)

9/8 PM:

  • American Nightmare: Apartment 23 (ID, One-Hour Special)
  • Burgers, Brew & ‘que (Cooking Channel)
  • Chopped (Food Network)
  • The Curse of Oak Island (History Channel)
  • Demon House (Travel Channel, Two-Hour Special)
  • The Gifted (FOX, Season 2.5 Premiere/New Time Slot)
  • Great Performances: From Vienna – The New Year’s Celebration 2019 (PBS)
  • Inside the NFL (Showtime)
  • Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath (A&E)
  • Life Below Zero (National Geographic Channel)
  • Married at First Sight (Lifetime, Two-Hour Season 8 Premiere)
  • Teen Mom OG: Unseen Moments (MTV, One-Hour Special)
  • Windy City Rehab (HGTV, Series Premiere)

9:30/8:30 PM:

  • World Darts Championship: Final (BBC America, Special)

10/9 PM:

  • Bad Chad Customs (Discovery Channel, Series Premiere)
  • Body Cam (ID)
  • House Hunters (HGTV)
  • I Am Jazz (TLC, Season 5 Premiere)
  • Life Below Zero (National Geographic Channel)
  • The Profit: An Inside Look – Courage B (CNBC, One-Hour Special)

10:30/9:30 PM:

  • House Hunters International (HGTV)

11/10 PM:

  • Demon House: Lost Footage (Travel Channel, One-Hour Special)
  • Hometown Homicide: All News Is Local (ID, One-Hour Special)

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