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The Voting Game Party Game Rules Explained With Pictures

The Voting Game Party Game Rules Explained With Pictures

Objective of The Voting Game

The objective of The Voting Game is to collect the most question cards by having players vote for you.


  • Each player takes a Player ID and places it in front of themselves. This number is how players will refer to the other players when voting.
  • Every player takes a number of voting cards equal to the number of players. They should have a voting card that matches the Player ID of every player except for themselves.
  • The player who most recently called their mother is the first reader.

Rules for Playing The Voting Game

The current reader randomly draws one of the black question cards. They read the card out loud to the rest of the players. If the card has a blank space in the text, the reader chooses a word/phrase to fill in the blank space.

Card from The Voting Game
For this round the players will vote for the player that they think has completed the most on their bucket list.

All of the players will then think about which of the other players that the question that was just read fits the best. You will then find the voting card that matches the number of the player that you want to vote for. All of the players including the reader have to vote for one player. When you have chosen your voting card you place it face down in the middle of the table.

Choosing a player to vote for
This player has decided to vote for player two.

Determining the Winner of the Round

Once everyone has submitted a card, the reader gathers up the cards. They will reveal the votes one at a time. Once all of the votes have been revealed, the players determine who received the most votes.

Starting with the player to the left of the reader each player that received votes should guess who voted for them. For each vote you receive you can pick one other player that you think voted for you.

The player that received the most votes wins the round. They will collect the question card and place it in front of them. If there is a tie, the reader determines which of the tied players win the round.

Determining who got the most votes
The players reveal their votes for the player who has completed the most on their bucket list. Player two received the most votes so they get to take the card.

You will then play another round. The player to the left of the reader becomes the reader for the next round.

Winning The Voting Game

The game ends when one player collects their sixth card. The first player to collect six cards wins the game.

Winning The Voting Game
This player has collected six cards. They have won the game.

Alternative Ways of Determining the Winner of The Voting Game

If you don’t want to decide the winner by the player who receives the most votes each round, the rules have a number of different ways to determine the winner of the game. You can choose any of the following options to determine who won the game.

Guess The Vote

You could decide to give points each time a player correctly guesses one of the other players that voted for them. For each vote you receive, you can pick one player who you think cast that vote. Each time you correctly guess one of the players who voted for you, you receive one point. The first player to earn 25 or more points wins the game.

Majority Rule

Determine who received the most votes each round. Each player that voted for the player that received the most votes, reveals that they voted for the player. They receive one point for voting for the player that got the most votes. The first player to score ten or more points wins the game.

Using majority rules to determine who scores points
Player one was determined to be the player who has gotten the most upset during a game of Monopoly. All of the players that voted for player one receive a point.

Own It

The player that wins the game can post a picture of all of the question cards they won and post it to social media.

For Fun

Finally you can just play the game for fun. You can play as many rounds as you want without keeping score.

The Voting Game House Rules

There are a number of house rules that you can choose to use while playing The Voting Game.

Originals Only

If you choose to use this house rule, you will not use any question cards during the game. The reader each round comes up with their own question to ask the players.

On the Spot

The reader can choose on their turn to either draw a question card, or come up with their own question.

Straight Up

Instead of each player playing their vote face down to the table, each player holds their chosen vote card in their hand. When everyone is ready a countdown from three is started. At the same time all of the players reveal their votes.


If there are less than ten players, you can assign the extra Player ID cards to public figure/celebrities or mutual friends who aren’t playing the game.

Draw 3

The reader draws three cards at the start of the round. They choose which of the three cards they want to use in the round. They will return the other two cards to the deck.


Each player takes a voting card matching their own number. During the game you can vote for yourself.

The Voting Game FAQ

If you have any questions about how to play The Voting Game, leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Components for The Voting Game


  • 10 Player ID cards
  • 90 voting cards
  • 200 question cards
  • Instructions

Year: 2014 | Publisher: Buffalo Games | Designer: Tom Rohlf

Genres: Party

Ages: 17+ | Number of Players: 5-10 | Length of Game: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Moderate

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