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The Complete List and Guide Introduction Post and List of Lists

The Complete List and Guide Introduction Post and List of Lists

“The Complete List and Guide” is a post series where I hope to organize, write about, and review as many movies, TV shows, video games, board games, and other media as I possibly can. Everything from Halloween and Christmas TV specials, movie and TV genres, board game publishers and designers, franchises, and even more niche categories like documentaries about Walt Disney and LEGO films and specials will be covered in this post series. The ultimate goal of this post series is for it to eventually become a comprehensive guide to media similar to Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide, only organized into both broad and extremely specific categories (even topics as specific as movies and shows starring Dracula). Each post in this series will contain a complete list of everything that fits the topic along with a short description of each title. I also will try to review and give recommendations for as many titles as possible since I know there are just so many new movies, TV shows, video games, board games, and so on being released nowadays. There are so many great options for things to watch and play and I hope to help guide you to the best each genre, franchise, category, publisher, etc. have to offer. For example, did you know there are already over 200 video game documentaries out there? With so many options to consider, this post series will hopefully help you pick out which of those video game documentaries you should watch.

I will try to add new Complete List and Guide posts to this blog as often as possible (hopefully at least one or two new ones per week). At first, each post will mostly be made up of short descriptions of each title that fits the category but as I watch and can review more and more titles on each list, I will do so. Also, whenever new titles are released that fit a category that I have already posted (for example a new documentary about Walt Disney), they will be added to the list to keep it up to date. The following is a list of all of the lists I have posted so far:

Movie Lists:

Documentaries By Subject: