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Ted Lasso Party Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Ted Lasso Party Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Ted Lasso Party Game How to Play Quick Links:  |  Objective  |  Setup  |  Preparation  |  Playing the Game  |  End of Round  |  End of Game

Objective of Ted Lasso Party Game

The objective of the Ted Lasso Party Game is for the players to work together playing cards to raise the team’s morale above 45 points by the end of the game.

Setup for Ted Lasso Party Game

  • Place the game board and the Location mats in the center of the table. You should leave space below each location so you can play cards below them.
  • Shuffle the Event cards and randomly draw four of them. Place the four cards face down on a stack in the middle of the game board. The rest of the Event cards should be returned to the box.
  • Separate the Character cards from the Believe cards. Shuffle each deck separately. Place each deck face down near the game board.
  • Draw Character cards from the deck for each Location mat. Place one card face up on each location. Should you draw a character that is already present at another location, move the card to the bottom of the deck. Then draw another Character card.
  • Place all of the Trouble tiles into the Biscuit Box. Mix up the Trouble tiles.
  • Each Character card shows a number of tiles below their picture. Randomly draw one Trouble tile for each pictured tile and place them face up along the bottom of the corresponding Location mat. You will do this for each location.
Placing Trouble Tiles on a Location
This Dani Rojas card has four tile icons below the picture. Therefore four Trouble tiles are added to the Location Mat.
  • Place the Coach Lasso mover on the Coach’s Office Location mat. Place Coach Beard on the Training Pitch Location mat.
  • Remove the cardboard divider from the bottom of the box. Place the bottom of the box on the table and place the Football die inside. One of the players should place the scoring clip on the zero space along the Morale Track.
  • Place the reference card on the table.
  • Choose to either use the Ted Lasso Party Game app or a two minute timer in order to keep track of time during the game.
Setup for Ted Lasso Party Game

Preparing for the Next Round

The Ted Lasso Party Game is played over four rounds. Before you start each round you need to setup the round.

To begin you will look at all of the Location mats to see if you cleared out any on the previous round. Should a Location mat not have a Character card, you will draw a new Character card and add the associated number of Trouble tiles. This step can be skipped for the first round of the game.

Empty Location Mat
There is no Character card on this Location. A new Character card will be drawn and new Trouble tiles will be added.
A new Character card is drawn for the location.
A new Character card was drawn for the Location. Due to the card that was drawn, four Trouble tiles are also added.

Next you will flip over the top Event card. One of the players reads the card out loud. Whatever is printed on the Event card affects the current round. It may make the next round easier or harder.

Flipping over an Event card in Ted Lasso Party Game
The Event card for this round has been flipped over. In this round if you score exactly two characters, you will double the Morale of the completed Character card with the lower Morale.

Choose a player to be the dealer. They will count out 24 Believe cards from the deck. They will deal these cards out to all of the players face down. All of the players may not receive the same number of cards. Players should not look at their cards yet.

Read each of the active Character cards. Each card may have an effect on cards played to their location.

A card's effect in Ted Lasso Party Game
For this Character card the players can ignore one of the purple symbols on the Trouble tiles. Therefore players should make sure to ignore one of the purple symbols when playing cards to this location.

Players can discuss strategy for the upcoming round. Once everyone is ready someone starts the two minute timer and the round begins. All of the players can now look at their Believe cards.

Playing A Round of Ted Lasso Party Game

Once a round has begun the players have two minutes to play all of the cards from their hand. Players will take turns starting with the player that dealt the cards.

On your turn you will choose one color of cards.

A player's hand of cards in Ted Lasso Party Game
This player has these six cards in their hand. They will have to choose one color of cards to play.

You will play all of the cards of that color that you have in your hand. This is not optional. You must play all of the cards from your hand of the color you chose.

Biscuit cards are considered wilds so they can be played along with any other color, or you can play them all at the same time.

A player choose to play two blue and one Biscuit card from their hand.
This player decided to play two blue cards and the Biscuits card from their hand.

Once you have played all of your cards of one color, you will choose how you want to use them. You can use each played card in one of three different ways. You may choose to use all of the cards for the same action, or you can use them for different actions.

Once you have taken an action for each of the cards that you played, the player to your left chooses a color of cards to play. They can choose a different color than the previous player. Players should take their turns as quickly as possible as the round only lasts for two minutes. If a player whose turn is up no longer has any cards left in their hand, they will skip their turn.

Be Kind

Your first option is to play a Believe card for the Be Kind action.

When you take this action you will play a card(s) to one of the Location mats. You can only play a Believe card to a Location mat that has either Coach Lasso or Coach Beard on it. You may not take this action with any of the other locations until you move one of the two coaches to that location.

Once you have chosen what Location mat that you want to play the card to, you will place it face up below the corresponding mat.

Playing three blue cards to the Coach's Office Location.
This player has decided to play their two blue cards and Biscuits card to the Coach’s Office Location.

Move A Coach

To use this action you will play one of your cards face up to the Move A Coach space on the game board.

Playing a card to the Move A Coach space.
This player has played a card to the Move A Coach space. They will now be able to move one of the two coaches to a different Location.

Once you play one of your card’s to the Move A Coach space, you can choose one of the two coach markers. You can move your chosen coach to any other Location mat on the table.

Moving Coach Beard in the Ted Lasso Party Game
After playing a card to the Move A Coach space, the current player has decided to move Coach Beard from the Training Pitch to Rebecca’s Office.

Self Care

When you play a card(s) that you don’t really have a use for, you can play it face down to the Self Care space on the game board. The action you will take with this space does not activate until the end of the round.

Playing a card for Self Care
The current player has decided to play one of their cards for Self Care. This card can be used later to remove a Trouble tile.

At the end of the round, you may discard five Self Care cards from the space in order to remove one Trouble tile of your choice from one location.

End of Ted Lasso Party Game Round

A round ends when either the players have played all of the cards that were dealt out, or the two minute timer goes off.

Adding Trouble Tiles

Check all of the different Location mats. If no Believe cards were played to a location, randomly draw a Trouble tile and add it to the location.

Adding a trouble tile to a Location Mat
Since the players didn’t play any cards to this Location mat, the players have to add another Trouble tile to the location.

Should a location receive its sixth tile, instead of drawing an additional Trouble tile, lose one morale by lowering the score marker on the Morale Track.

A sixth tile being added to a Location Mat.
A sixth Trouble tile is about to be applied to this Location mat. Instead of adding the tile, the players will instead lose one Morale.

Removing Trouble Tiles

Next check the Believe cards played to each Location mat and compare them to the Trouble tiles on the location. If the players played cards that match both symbols on a tile, return the cards to the Believe deck. The matched Trouble tile is also returned to the Biscuit Box. If multiple Trouble tiles are matched you can remove multiple tiles at the end of a round.

Removing Trouble Tiles from a Location in Ted Lasso Party Game.
During the round players played these seven cards to the Coach’s Office Location mat. They played a blue and purple card to get rid of the first Trouble tile. The second tile will be removed as one red card was played and the Character card’s special ability allows you to ignore one red symbol. The players also played enough cards to remove the other two Trouble tiles.

Self Care

If there are five or more Believe cards on the Self Care space, you may return five cards to the Believe deck. You can then choose one of the Trouble tiles from any one location to return to the Biscuit Box. You may do this multiple times if enough cards are added to the Self Care space.

Using Self Care cards in Ted Lasso Party Game.
The players have decided to use five of the Self Care cards in order to remove a Trouble tile from one of the Locations.

Earning Morale

Next check each Location mat. If all of the Trouble tiles have been removed from a mat, you completed the corresponding Character card. You will look at the Character card to see how much Morale you received for completing the card. In the top right corner of each card is a number. That is how many Morale points you earn for completing the card.

Scoring seven Morale from completing a Character card during the round.
The players completed this Character card during the round. For completing the card, the players will earn seven Morale.

If instead there is a football/soccer symbol, you will roll the die once for each symbol. The number(s) you roll on the die determines how much Morale you receive. 

Scoring a player's Character card with three soccer balls on it.
The players completed this Character card during the round. As it features three soccer balls, you will roll the die three times.
Rolling the die and score three Morale.
One of the players rolled the die. As they rolled a three, the players score three Morale from this roll.

Should you roll the red one, you will score one Morale for the roll and get to roll the die again.

Rolling a red one on the die.
As the red one was rolled, the players will earn one Morale. They will also get to roll the die again in order to potentially score more points.

For each Morale you receive you will move the scoring marker forward one space on the Morale Track.

Earning Morale in Ted Lasso Party Game
During the round the players ended up completing Character cards that earned them ten Morale. They will move the scoring marker to the ten space on the track.

Losing Morale

If the round ended due to time running out and at least one player still had cards left in their hand, the team loses three Morale.

You may never go below zero Morale.

Preparing for the Next Round

Discard the Event card from the last round.

Shuffle all of the Believe cards to form a new Believe deck. You will take all of the cards from players’ hands, cards still at locations, and cards from the Move a Coach space and shuffle them along with the cards still in the Believe deck. Cards on the Self Care space stay there until used to remove a Trouble tile.

End of Ted Lasso Party Game

The Ted Lasso Party Game can end in one of two different ways.

If at any point the team reaches 45 or more Morale, the team immediately wins the game.

The players have earned 45 Morale and have won the game.
The players have earned 45 Morale. They have won the game.

Should the fourth round end and the players fail to reach 45 Morale, all of the players lose the game.

Components for Ted Lasso Party Game

Year: 2022 | Publisher: Funko Games | Designer: Prospero Hall

Genres: Card, Cooperative, Party, Speed

Ages: 10+ | Number of Players: 2-6 | Length of Game: 20-30 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light-Moderate | Luck: Moderate

Components: Game Board, 5 Location Mats, 2 Coach Movers and Bases, 12 Event Cards, 14 Character Cards, 54 Believe Cards, 32 Trouble Tiles, Biscuit Box, Football Die, Scoring Clip, Reference Card, Instructions

Where to Purchase: Amazon, eBay Any purchases made through these links (including other products) help keep Geeky Hobbies running. Thank you for your support.

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