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Taboo Kids Vs Parents Board Game Rules Explained With Pictures

Taboo Kids Vs Parents Board Game Rules Explained With Pictures

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Objective of Taboo Kids Vs Parents

The objective of Taboo Kids Vs Parents is to have your team score the most points by correctly guessing the words on cards without saying any of the Taboo words.


  • The players should divide into two teams. Usually it is best to have kids on one team and parents on the other team. You can have a mix of kids and parents on each team though.
  • After you have divided into teams, the players should sit where the teams alternate spots.
  • Sort the cards by the color. Create a deck for each color of cards.
  • Choose which color of words you are going to play during the game. Place each deck of cards so the chosen word color is not visible.
  • Decide on how many rounds you are going to play. All of the players should play the same number of turns as the describer.
  • Choose which team will start the game.

Rules for Playing Taboo Kids Vs Parents

To start each round the current team chooses which of their players will be the describer. Players should rotate taking the role of describer so everyone gets the same number of turns. The describer will use cards from the deck corresponding to their age. Children describers should use words from the children deck (yellow). Adults should use cards from the adult deck (blue).

The other team chooses a monitor. The monitor will look over the describer’s shoulder throughout the turn to make sure the player doesn’t use any of the Taboo words. They will take the squeaker and be ready to use it if the describer should break any of the rules.

Describing the Word

When the players are ready, the monitor flips over the timer. This starts the turn. The describer flips over the top card from their corresponding deck.

As the describer you will look at the current card. The word in the color you chose for the game is the Guess Word. You are trying to get your teammates to say the Guess Word. Underneath that word is a number of words that are Taboo words. You cannot say any of these words when you are describing the Guess Word. There are only a couple of rules that you need to follow when describing the Guess Word. See the Squeaking a Word section below for details. As long as you don’t break one of the rules, you can describe the Guess Word however you want.

Describing a word on a kid's card
The current describer has to try and describe to their teammates the word “pirate”. While describing the word they can’t use the words “matey” or “ocean”.

Should one of your teammates say the Guess Word, you will set the card aside into a score pile.

If you want to give up on a card, you can skip it at any time. You will set the card aside into a pile of cards you weren’t able to complete.

Whenever you are finished with a card, draw a new card. You will then try to describe the Guess Word on the new card. This continues until the timer runs out.

Squeaking a Word

While the describer is trying to describe the Guess Word on the current card, the monitor needs to keep track and make sure the describer is not breaking any of the rules. There are a few rules that must be followed when describing words.

First you can never say any of the Taboo words printed on the card. If the describer says any of the Taboo words, the monitor should squeak them immediately. The describer sets the card aside into a pile of cards they missed/skipped. They will then draw a new card and start describing the word on the card.

Using a taboo word
When trying to describe “olive oil”, the describer ended up using the word cook. The monitor will squeak the word. The card is placed in a pile along with other missed words.

There are a few other rules that the describer needs to follow or the monitor will squeak them.

  • You can never say part of the word printed on the card. If there are multiple parts to the word/phrase, you cannot say any of those parts as part of your clue.
  • Plurals of the word printed on the card cannot be used.
  • You may not use gestures or make noises or sound effects.
  • Players may never use clues that start with “sounds like”.
  • You may not use abbreviations.

Scoring a Round

The round ends when the timer runs out. If you are currently playing a card, return it to the bottom of the deck.

You will then score points for the cards that you successfully got your teammates to guess. Count the cards that were successfully guessed. You score one point for each card.

Then count up the number of cards in the pile that were skipped or squeaked. The other team scores one point for each card in the pile.

Scoring in Taboo Kids Vs Adults
The current describer got their teammates to successfully guess three of the words. Their team scores three points. They used a Taboo word on one of the cards though. The other team scores one point for the missed card.

Play then passes to the other team.

Winning Taboo Kids Vs Parents

The game ends when all of the players have taken the same number of turns as the describer.

Each team counts up how many points they earned during the game. The team that scored more points wins the game. If there is a tie, you will keep playing.

Winning Taboo Kids Vs Adults
The top team scored more points. They win the game.

Taboo Kids Vs Parents FAQ

If you have any questions about how to play Taboo Kids Vs Parents, leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Components for Taboo Kids Vs Adults


  • 130 kids cards
  • 130 parents cards
  • Squeaker
  • Timer (approximately one minute)
  • Score Pad
  • Instructions

Year: 2018 | Publisher: Hasbro, Hersch and Company | Designer: Brian Hersch

Genres: Family, Party, Word

Ages: 8+ | Number of Players: 4+ | Length of Game: 20-30 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Moderate

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