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Quelf Board Game Rules Explained With Pictures

Quelf Board Game Rules Explained With Pictures

Objective of Quelf

The objective of Quelf is to be the first player to reach the final space on the board.


  • Separate the cards by their type/back. Shuffle each set of cards separately.
  • Place all of the decks of cards face down near the gameboard.
  • Place the timer, die, a pencil, and paper nearby.
  • Each player chooses a mover and places it on the Start space.
  • All of the players roll the die. The player who rolls the highest number starts the game. Play moves left/clockwise throughout the game.
Setup for Quelf

Playing Quelf

To start your turn you will roll the die. You will move your game piece forward the corresponding number of spaces.

After moving check what color space your playing piece landed on. You will draw a card the matches the color of the space you landed on.

Movement in Quelf
The orange player rolled a three on the die. They move their playing piece forward three spaces on the board. They landed on a blue space so they will draw a Roolz card.

Read the card you drew out loud and obey what the card says. The one exception to this is if you are on a green space. If you are on a green space, the player on your right draws the card and reads it to you. See the corresponding card section below for more details on what you have to do for each type of card.

After you complete what is written on the card, your turn ends. Play passes to the player on your left.

Anatomy of a Quelf Card

The cards in Quelf have a few unique instructions which might come into play. If a card has one of these instructions, you must follow them.

Timed Cards

When a card says that it is a “Timed Card” you will flip over the timer after you have finished reading the card. Whatever is written on the card has to be completed before time runs out.

Timed card
For this card the player has until the timer runs out to find two of the items listed. If they don’t complete the task in time, they will lose two spaces.

Classified Cards

Should you see that a card says “Classified Card” you will read the card only to yourself. When you complete the card, you will discard it without letting anyone see.

Classified Card
For this card the player has to take the action at the top of the card without telling the other players what they are doing.

Special Rules

Should a card have a special rule printed on it, you must follow the rule.

Special Rule card
For this card if you can find and wear a real tutu, you get to move your playing piece forward two spaces.


All of the cards have a penalty printed along the bottom. Should you not be able to complete the card or you answer the question wrong, you will move your playing piece back spaces equal to the penalty printed on the card.

Penalty card
The player that is forced to take the penalty from this card normally would move their playing piece back three spaces. They can avoid the penalty though if they find a plunger and hold it like a sword for the rest of the game.

Cards of Quelf

Roolz card in Quelf


Whenever you draw a Roolz card, it will add an additional rule to the game you must follow. This rule does not just last for the current turn. It will remain in play for the rest of the game or until it is discarded. If you do not follow the rule you will lose spaces equal to the card’s penalty. Should no one catch you breaking the rule though, you do not lose the spaces.

At any time in the game you can decide to discard all of your Roolz cards. To do this though you need to return your playing piece to the Start space.

There are three types of Roolz cards.

Global Roolz

Global Roolz are applied to all of the players. When you draw one you will place it in the middle of the gameboard. All of the players must follow the rule all of the time. Should any of the players break the rule, they will lose spaces equal to the penalty.

The only way to get rid of a Global Roolz card is when another Global Roolz card is drawn. When you draw a new Global Roolz card it replaces the previous card that was in play.

Global Roolz card
When this Global Roolz card is in play, all players that share a space must hold hands. Any player breaking this rule has to move their playing piece back one space.

Talking Roolz

Talking Roolz cards only apply to the player who drew the card. Place the card face up in front of you so everyone can see the new rule that you must follow. Each player can only have one Talking Roolz card apply to them at a time. If you already have one of these cards in front of you, discard your old rule and replace it with this new rule.

If you ever break a Talking Roolz card that is in front of you, you will lose spaces equal to the penalty printed on the card.

Talking Roolz card
The player who draws this card has to say “I command you to be silent” whenever a player laughs in the game. If they fail to, they will move their playing piece back one space.

Action Roolz

When you draw an Action Roolz card, it will only apply to you. Place the card face up in front of you. You can only have one Action Roolz card apply to you at a time. If you already have an Action Roolz card in front of you, you will discard your old card and replace it with the card you just drew. 

If you ever break the Action Roolz card that is in front of you, you will lose spaces equal to the penalty printed on the card.

Action Roolz card
When this card is in front of you, you cannot bend your arms or legs unless a card directs you to.
Quizzle card in Quelf


When you land on a green space, the player on your right draws the Quizzle card.

They will read the question out loud. If you answer the question correctly, you avoid the penalty. If you answer incorrectly, you move your playing piece back spaces equal to the penalty.

Providing the correct answer to a Quizzle card
The answer to this Quizzle card is neither since both weigh the exact same. If you answer incorrectly, you lose three spaces. For this card, if you get it right you can send another player back one space.

Most Quizzle cards also have an Extra Credit Question. You can try the Extra Credit Question whether you got the first question right or wrong. If you get the question correct, you will move forward one space.

Extra Credit Quizzle card
This Quizzle card has an Extra Credit question. If you get it right, you get to move your playing piece forward one space.
Showbiz and Stuntz cards in Quelf

Showbiz and Stuntz

Showbiz cards force you to sing, dance, do impressions, and other actions. When you draw a Stuntz card you will have to complete a certain challenge.

Showbiz and Stuntz card examples
The Showbiz card on the left forces the current player to hum their favorite TV theme song. The Stuntz card on the right forces you to make fake binoculars with your hands and say a phrase. If you complete the task, you stay on your current space. If you fail you move your playing piece back according to the penalty.

Should a Stuntz or Showbiz card say “Tell The Other Players to Guess”, you need to get one of the other players to guess the text on the card before the timer runs out.

If a Stuntz or Showbiz card ever tells you to do something that breaks one of the other rules, you can break that rule until you are done with the action from the Stuntz/Showbiz card. You then must follow the rule again.

Should you need an item for a card but you don’t have one nearby, you can improvise and use a similar item. If there are no similar items, draw a new card.

If a Stuntz or Showbiz card requires to do something that you can’t safely perform, draw a new card.

Scatterbrainz card in Quelf


When a Scatterbrainz card is drawn, all of the players get to play. Most of the cards have a category printed on them. If the card doesn’t have one, you get to choose the category.

The players will take turns giving an answer that matches the category. The player that draws the card starts and it passes to the player on their left. Keep giving answers until someone is unable to provide an answer. You have approximately 10 seconds to provide an answer. A player can never say an answer that has already been said. Whoever is unable to provide an answer moves their playing piece backward spaces equal to the penalty on the card.

Scatterbrainz card example
The player who drew the card chooses to either play “types of makeup a girl uses” or “movies that have won an Academy Award”. The first player who cannot name something that matches the chosen category loses three spaces. They can avoid the punishment by letting another player put makeup on them.

Winning Quelf

The players will keep taking turns moving their playing pieces and drawing the card corresponding to the space their playing piece landed on.

When you reach the final space, you will stop moving. You will then try to answer a final Scatterbrainz question. For each response you have to give two answers while the rest of the players only have to come up with one answer.

Winning Quelf
The purple player has reached the finish space. They have won the game.

If you complete the final Scatterbrainz question without having to take the penalty, you win the game. If you fail to complete the final Scatterbrainz question, your turn ends. You will have to try again on your next turn.

Quelf FAQ

If you have any questions about how to play Quelf, leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Components for Quelf


  • 300 cards in five types
  • 6 movers
  • Gameboard
  • Pad of paper
  • Die
  • Sand timer (approximately 30 seconds)
  • Instructions

Year: 2005 | Publisher: Imagination Games, Spin Master, Wiggity Bang Games | Designer: Robb Earnest, Jeremy Fifer, Matthew Rivaldi | Artist: Matt Luxich

Genres: Action, Party, Trivia

Ages: 12+ | Number of Players: 3-6 | Length of Game: 60 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Moderate

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