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Puzl It Card Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Puzl It Card Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Objective of Puzl It

The objective of Puzl It is to be the last player left with cards.


  • Remove the Blocker card from the deck. You should place the Blocker card on the table where everyone can reach it. If there are only two players return the Blocker card to the box as you won’t use it in the game.
  • Shuffle the rest of the cards and deal them out so each player receives the same number of cards. Each player will keep their own personal face down draw pile.
  • If there are extra cards after everyone has received the same number of cards, you will not deal out the remaining cards. Use the picture guide on the back of the instructions to place the remaining cards in the approximate right spot on the table for where they belong in the puzzle.
  • Each player adds the top five cards from their draw pile to their hand. You can look at your own cards, but shouldn’t show them to the other players.
  • The youngest players starts the game. Play moves clockwise throughout the game.

Playing Puzl It

On your turn you will follow these steps:

  1. Play A Card(s)
  2. Make Connections
  3. Steal Cards
  4. Draw Cards

Play A Card(s)

On your turn you will try to play cards from your hand to the table. You will play at least one card, but can potentially play several cards.

Your first option for playing a card is to play one that doesn’t touch any previously played cards. You will consult the finished picture to place the card in the approximate right position. You can choose a card from anywhere in the puzzle.

Playing a Card in Puzl It
This player decided to play this one card from their hand. This card does not connect to any of the cards that have already been played.

Your other option is to play a card next to one that has already been played. To play a card in this way, it must match the picture of the card that you play it next to.

Playing a Card
The current player played the card on the right. This card could be played because it matches the card that it was played next to.

In either case you have the option to play multiple cards from your hand if you can play them next to one another. Each card you play must touch another card that you played on this turn.

Playing Multiple Cards in Puzl It
In this case the current player played the two cards on the right. These cards can both be played as they match along one of their sides. They can be played next to the card on the left as the picture lines up.

After you play a card(s), you will move onto determining how many connections you made.

Make Connections

Puzl It is built around “connections”. When you play a card(s) you are trying to make as many connections as possible. The number of connections you make determine how many cards you can steal from another player.

Here is how you determine the number of connections you made while playing a card(s).

By playing a card anywhere, you automatically make one connection. If you play multiple cards on your turn, you will make one connection for each card that you play.

You can also make connections by playing cards next to previously played cards. For each side of the card(s) that you played this turn that touches the side of a card already in play, you make one connection. Connecting a card to a previously played card only at a corner does not count as a connection. If you play two or more cards on your turn, you do not make connections from the sides that these new cards share with one another.

Determining Connections in Puzl It
This turn the current player played the two cards at the top. They made two connections since they played two cards. They also made two more connections as the cards they played touch two sides of cards that were already played. This player made a total of four connections.
Determining Connections
The current player played the three cards in the top right corner of the picture. They made three connections from the three cards they played. They also receive two connections since the cards they played touch two sides of cards that were already played.

Steal Cards

After you have determined the number of connections you made, you will get to steal the corresponding number of cards.

Choose one of the other players that you want to steal from. You can choose any other player that doesn’t currently have the Blocker card in front of them. You will start by taking cards from the chosen player’s draw pile. If they don’t have enough cards in their draw pile, you will take cards from their hand. The cards you steal will be added to the top or your own draw pile. You may not look at the cards that you stole from the other player.

Stealing Cards in Puzl It
As shown in the example above, this player made five connections. They chose another player, and stole five cards from them.

Should you run out of cards in your draw pile and hand, you are eliminated from the game. You will not take anymore turns for the rest of the game.

Acquiring the Blocker Card

Throughout Puzl It players will acquire the Blocker card. The Blocker card prevents other players from stealing cards from you.

Blocker Card in Puzl It
This player has acquired the Blocker card. The other players cannot steal cards from this player as long as this card is in front of them.

Should you play a card on your turn that features the Blocker symbol and it touches at least one other card in the puzzle, you will take the Blocker card. Place the card in front of you so the rest of the players can see that they can’t steal cards from you.

Receiving the Blocker Card
The current player played the two cards on the right. The middle card features the Blocker symbol. As it was played next to another card, the player who played it takes the Blocker card.

Normally you will keep the Blocker card until the start of your next turn. Should another player meet the requirement to take the Blocker card, they will take it from you and place it in front of themselves.

Draw Cards

After you have stolen cards from another player, you will draw new cards for your hand. You will draw cards from your draw pile until you have five cards in your hand.

Winning Puzl It

Players will keep taking turns until only one player has cards left in their hand and draw pile. The last player with cards left wins the game. The winner of the game should complete the puzzle with the cards in their hand and draw pile.

Completed Puzl It Puzzle
The winner of the game has used their remaining cards to complete the puzzle.
Puzl It Components

Year: 2023 | Publisher: Hasbro

Genres: Card, Family, Puzzle, Tile Placement

Ages: 7+ | Number of Players: 2-6 | Length of Game: 20 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Moderate

Components: 72 puzzle cards, Blocker card, instructions

Where to Purchase: Amazon, eBay Any purchases made through these links (including other products) help keep Geeky Hobbies running. Thank you for your support.

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