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Psych! Party Game: Rules for How to Play

Psych! Party Game: Rules for How to Play

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The objective of Psych! Party Game is to be the first player to reach the finish space by guessing the correct answers and fooling the other players.

Set Up

  • Separate the cards by their types and shuffle each type of card separately. Place all four stacks facedown near the gameboard. You could also choose to mix all of the cards together in order to get a more randomized game.
  • Each player chooses a playing piece and places it on the start space. Any extra playing pieces are returned to the box.
  • Choose a player to be the first host. The role of host rotates through the game. The host takes the magnetic answer board and one magnet for each player.
  • Each player takes an answer sheet.

How to Play Psych! Party Game

To start each round the host draws a card. If you separated the different types of cards, the host chooses which category of cards they would like to use this round. If you mixed up all of the cards, the host draws the top card. Each type of card is played slightly different so check out the corresponding section below.

The card used for the current round
For this round the host reads off the fact at the top of the card. The actual answer is hippos which the host won’t read off to the other players.

The host reads out the card making sure not to read the correct answer at the bottom of the card. All of the players beside the host make up an answer. They want to come up with an answer that is believable enough that the other players may think it is the correct answer. They will write their answer down on an answer sheet. While the other players are writing down their made-up answers, the host writes down the answer from the bottom of the card. If you are playing a The Truth Comes Out card, the host writes down how they would answer the question as there is no correct answer.

Writing down an answer
This player has decided to write down bears.

Once all of the answers have been written down, each player passes their answer sheet to the host. The host mixes up all of the answers and places them on the answer board using a magnet to hold each answer in place. They re-read the card and then each of the submitted answers including their own. The host should make sure to read each answer in a way so they don’t give any indication of who wrote each.

All of the submitted answer placed on the answer board
All of the players including the host have wrote down their answers. The hosts randomly places the answers on the answer board. They will then read them off to the other players.


After all of the answers have been read, all of the players besides the host close their eyes. The host then repeats all of the answers again. When each player (besides the host) hears the answer they think is correct, they should raise their hand. No player may vote for their own answer. For each answer the host should put the initials of the player(s) that voted for it.

Voting for the answer you think is correct
All of the players have voted for the answer that they think is correct. Two players voted for hippos, one voted for zebras, and one voted for bears.

For The Truth Comes Out rounds, the players will vote for the answer that they think will get the most votes. The answer that gets the most votes becomes the correct answer. In these rounds the host also gets to vote. They must choose which answer they will vote for before any of the other players vote. In this category none of the players may vote for their own answer.

After all of the players have voted, the host reveals who voted for each answer and which answer was correct. The game then moves onto scoring.


Players can score points in two ways.

Should you vote for the correct answer, you will move your playing piece forward two spaces.

For each player that votes for your made-up answer, you get to move your playing piece forward one space.

Scoring in Psych! Party Game
The green player correctly guessed the correct answer which earns them two spaces. One of the other players also picked the answer they submitted which gave them the third space. The yellow player guessed the correct answer so they earned two spaces. Finally the red player had one of the players pick their answer which earns them one space.

The scoring for The Truth Comes Out cards are slightly different. Determine which answer got the most votes. All of the players that voted for the most popular answer move their playing piece forward one space. The player that wrote down the most popular answer also moves their playing piece forward one space.

After you have finished scoring the round, discard all of the used answer sheets and place the card into the center of the box. The answer board is passes to the player to the left of the current host. That player becomes the host for the next round.

The Categories of Psych! Party Game

Is That A Fact? card

Is That A Fact?

Each Is That A Fact? card features a trivia fact and an answer at the bottom that completes the fact. The answer at the bottom of the card is the correct solution. All of the players beside the reader have to make up their answer. You want to come up with answer that sounds true enough to fool the other players.

Movie Bluff! card

Movie Bluff!

Each Movie Bluff! card lists the title to a real movie. Along the bottom is the log line/general description of the movie’s plot. All of the players beside the reader have to make up their own premise to the movie based on just the movie’s title.

Word Up! card

Word Up!

The Word Up! deck features the definition to real words. Along the bottom of the card is the actual word that matches the description. All of the players besides the reader have to make up a word for the definition to trick the other players.

The Truth Comes Out! card

The Truth Comes Out

These cards are different than the other categories. Each card features a scenario. The scenario applies to the player that is the current reader. All of the players write down how they would answer the scenario in regards to the current reader.

Winning the Game

The first player to reach the finish space wins the game.

Winning the Game
The green player has reached the finish space. They have won the game.

Psych! Party Game FAQ

If you have any questions about how to play the game, leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Components for Psych! Party Game


  • Gameboard
  • 2 Answer Sheet Pads
  • 50 Is That a Fact? Cards
  • 50 Movie Bluff! Cards
  • 50 Word Up! Cards
  • 50 The Truth Comes Out Cards
  • Magnetic Answer Board
  • 8 Magnets
  • 8 Movers
  • Instructions

Year: 2021 | Publisher: Spin Master

Genres: Bluffing, Party, Trivia

Ages: 12+ | Number of Players: 3-8 | Length of Game: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light-Moderate | Luck: Moderate

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