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Pop for Sight Words Board Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Pop for Sight Words Board Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Objective of Pop for Sight Words

The objective of Pop for Sight Words is to collect as many popcorn cards as possible by the end of the game.


  • Place the popcorn box in the middle of the table.
  • Mix up the popcorn cards inside.
  • Choose a player to start the game.

Playing Pop for Sight Words

You will start your turn by randomly choosing one of the popcorn cards from the box.

Once you have taken one of the popcorn cards you will look at it. You will try to read the word printed on the card.

If you correctly read the word, place the card in a pile in front of you.

If you say the word incorrectly, you will place the card in a separate pile called the “un-popped” pile. Players will try to read these cards at the end of the game.

A word card featuring the word "well".
On their turn this player drew this popcorn card featuring the word “well”. If they can read the card properly, they can keep it. If they can’t they will add it to the “un-popped” pile.

Whether you read the card correctly or incorrectly, play passes to the next player.

POP Cards

Should you draw a card with “POP” on it, you will handle it differently than normal word cards.

Instead of trying to read the card, you have to return all of the popcorn cards you earned on previous turns to the box. Set the POP card aside as it won’t be used again for the rest of the game.

A POP card
This player has drawn a POP card. They will return all of the cards they have acquired to the box.

Winning Pop for Sight Words

Players will keep taking turns until all of the popcorn cards have been removed from the box.

Each player counts up how many cards they acquired. The player that acquires the most cards wins the game.

Determining the winner of the board game Pop for Sight Words.
At the end of the game the players have acquired these word cards. The players acquired the following number of cards: 20, 18, and 18. The top player acquired the most cards so they win the game.


After the game ends the players should go back through the cards set aside in the “un-popped” pile.

The players will try again to read these words.

Components for Pop for Sight Words

Year: 2009 | Publisher: Learning Resources

Genres: Children’s, Educational

Ages: 5+ | Number of Players: 2-35 | Length of Game: 10-20 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Moderate

Components: 100 popcorn cards, instructions

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