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Poop: The Game Card Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Poop: The Game Card Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

These rules apply to both Poop: The Game and Poop: The Game Party Pooper Edition. The only difference is the special actions on the Wild cards, the colors of the cards, and the numbers on the Toilet cards.

Poop: The Game How to Play Quick Links :  |  Objective  | Setup  |  Playing the Game  |  The Cards  |  Flushing  |  Winning the Game  |  Variant Games

Objective of Poop: The Game 

The objective of Poop: The Game is to be the first player to play all of the cards from your hand.


  • Separate the Toilet cards from the rest of the cards. Shuffle the Toilet cards and place them in a face down pile on the table.
  • Shuffle the Poop Cards and deal five to each player. Place the rest of the cards face down on the table to form a draw pile.
  • Flip the top Toilet card over.
  • The player to the left of the dealer starts the game. Turn order will start in a clockwise/left direction.

Playing Poop: The Game 

At the beginning of your turn you should look at the face up Toilet card. The card will have a number inside the lid. This is the number that you want to avoid.

Toilet card
The current Toilet card features a ten on the lid. Players will have to try and keep the running total below ten.

Total the numbers of all of the cards played to the table.

Choose a card to play.
The current total from the played cards is five.

You will then choose a card from your hand to play. You are trying to keep the total from all of the played cards below the Toilet card number. Skip, Reverse, and Wild (0) cards do not add to the total.

If you can play a card that does not raise the total to or above the number on the toilet lid, your turn ends. Depending on what you play you may be able to take a special action. See the Flushing and Cards section below.

Playing a card.
The current player decided to play a red two card. As this kept the total below ten, their turn will end.

Clogging the Toilet

If you cannot play a card that keeps the total below the toilet lid number, you will pick up all of the cards that have been played and add them to your hand. You will then flip over the next Toilet card. Immediately take another turn by playing one of the cards from your hand.

Clogging the toilet in Poop: The Game.
The current total is nine and the limit is ten. The current player’s lowest card left in their hand is a two. They are unable to play a card on their turn.
Take cards for clogging the toilet.
As this player was unable to play a card, they will have to take all of the cards that were played to the table. They will add the cards to their hand.

The Cards of Poop: The Game 

Skip card from Poop: The Game


The next player in turn order skips their next turn.

Reverse Card from Poop: The Game


The direction of play will reverse. If play was moving clockwise, it will now move counter-clockwise. If play was moving counter-clockwise, it will now move clockwise.

Wild card in Poop: The Game

Wild Cards

When you play a Wild (0) card, they will not add anything to the current total. When you play a Wild card though, you must take an action as described on the bottom of the card. You must perform this action on the turn that you play the card and all subsequent turns. For the card pictured above, you need to hold your nose on your turn.

Should a player catch you not performing the action, you will have to draw one card from the draw pile.

If you have played multiple Wild cards, you must perform all of the associated actions.

You will keep performing the associated actions on your turn until another player plays a Wild card with the same action. When this happens the other player has to start performing the action each turn.


Normally color doesn’t matter when you play a card. You do not have to play a card that matches the color of the previously played color.

Should three cards of the same color be played in a row though, the toilet will be flushed. This includes Reverse, Skip and Wild cards. Discard all of the cards that were played to the table. All of the players except for the player who played the card that flushed the toilet, draw one card. The flusher then takes another turn with the same Toilet card.

You may play a card that would normally take the total to or above the toilet lid number if it is the third card in a row of the same color.

Playing cards to flush the toilet.
Normally the last player wouldn’t have been able to play the last red two as it would make the total equal to the number on the toilet lid. However the last three cards played were red. This will flush the toilet. All of the played cards will be discarded.

Winning Poop: The Game 

The first player to play the last card from their hand wins the game.

Variant Games for Poop: The Game

In addition to the normal rules, there are a number of variant games that you can play with the cards. The additional rules that apply for each of these games are as follows:

The Bling Pooper and The Poop Patrol

For this variant game one of the players has to play as the “Poop Patrol”. This player is the only one that can see the value on the Toilet card.

The game is played the same as the normal game. None of the players can see the total that they are trying to avoid though.

When a player plays a card that puts the total above the toilet lid amount, the Poop Patrol alerts the players. The player that goes over the total has to take all of the played cards and add them to their hand.

The Poop Patrol is also responsible for catching players not performing their required Wild actions.

Flusher’s Delight

You will play this variant similarly to the main game.

Whenever the toilet is flushed (three cards of the same color are played in a row), all of the players pass the cards from their hand to the next player in turn order. If the player that flushed the toilet did so with their last card, they will pass their hand (consisting of zero cards) to the next player in turn order. That player will end up winning the game.

The Interceptor

This variant game uses the same rules as the main game with a couple tweaks.

If a Poop card is played and you have a card with the exact same number and color in your hand, then you can play the card immediately even if it is not your turn. Before you play the card you must shout “Interception” and play the card before the next player takes their turn. If you play a card in this way you can play it even if it would put the total above the toilet lid number. After you play the card to intercept, you will add it to the discard pile.

The Interceptor variant game
The previous player played a yellow four card. As another player also had a yellow four card in their hand, they played it immediately.

Should you intercept on a card that put the total above the toilet lid number, you will have to pick up the cards instead of the player who played the first card.

The player that intercepted also get to play another card.

Super Pooper

In this game the goal is to play cards that will take the total above the toilet lid number.

To start the game deal out all of the Poop cards to the players.

Players will not look at their cards. Instead the players will take turns flipping over the top card from their pile.

The player that flips over a card that puts the total above the toilet lid number, takes all of the cards played to the table. A new Toilet card is flipped over and this player flips over the next card from their pile.

If three cards of the same color are played in a row, all of the players race to slap the pile. The first player to slap the card gets to take all of the played cards. Normally a player that runs out of cards is eliminated from the game, but they can get back into the game by being the first to slap the pile.

Deep Doo Doo Remix

This variant is played the same as the normal game with one exception. A player can only trigger a flush if the colors of the cards match the color of the water on the Toilet card.

Deep Doo Doo Remix variant in Poop: The Game
The last three cards are red which match the color on the Toilet card. The last player flushed the toilet.

Drinking Rules for Poop: The Game

You can add these additional rules if you would like to play the game as a drinking game. Whenever a player increases the total above the toilet lid number, they will choose another player. They and the chosen player have to share a number of drinks equal to the number on the toilet lid.

Whenever a player flushes the toilet, all of the player must take two drinks.

If a player forgets to perform a Wild card action, they must take two drinks.

Components for Poop: The Game

Poop: The Game

Year: 2014 | Publisher: Feels Right Design, Breaking Games | Designer: Blaise Sewell | Artist: Blaise Sewell

Genres: Card, Family, Party

Ages: 5+ | Number of Players: 2-5 | Length of Game: 15 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: High

Components: 8 Blue Number cards, 8 Red Number cards, 8 Yellow Number cards, 6 Wild cards (2 of each color), 3 Reverse cards, 3 Skip cards, 11 Toilet cards, 4 Rule cards

Where to Purchase: Amazon, eBay Any purchases made through these links (including other products) help keep Geeky Hobbies running. Thank you for your support.

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