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Pictionary Air: Kids vs. Grown-Ups Board Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Pictionary Air: Kids vs. Grown-Ups Board Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Objective of Pictionary Air: Kids vs. Grown-Ups

The objective of Pictionary Air: Kids vs. Grown-Ups is to draw/guess the words/phrases on cards better than the other team in order to score more points.

Setup for Pictionary Air: Kids vs. Grown-Ups

  • Download the Pictionary Air app onto an appropriate device.
  • Turn the switch on the pen from the off (O) to on (|) position. The tip of the pen should turn red once it is turned on.
  • The players should divide into two teams. The children should form one team while the adults form the other team. The kids team will start the game.
  • Switch the Pictionary Air app to the Kids vs Grown-Ups section.
  • Decide how many rounds that you will play and how long each team gets to draw during their round.
  • The kids team will start the game.

Playing Pictionary Air: Kids vs. Grown-Ups

Round Setup

To start each round one player is chosen to be the Picturist. The role should switch between the players on the team each round so everyone can play the role at least once.

The Picturist then draws a card and looks at the side corresponding to their team. The kids team will use the “kids” side which has easier words/phrases and also features pictures to give the Picturist an idea of what to draw.

Kids Card
For this round the kids’ Picturist needs to draw a head, a booger, and a sword.

The adult team will use the Grown-Up side which has harder words and no pictures.

Grown-Ups Card
For this round the current Picturist needs to draw a mullet, outlet, stew, bull riding, and two-face.

The Picturist can choose what order they want to do the word/phrases from the card. Each of the kids words are worth two points. The first four words on the adult side are worth one point while the last is worth two points. You will only get one card during each round.

During the kids turn, the players can choose to use the selfie mode. In this mode the Picturist can look at the device while drawing. Their teammates should sit so they can see the screen at the same time and the Picturist. The adult team can also choose to use selfie mode, but is is not required.

Playing the Round

When the Picturist is ready they will tell the player holding the device. This player presses the button which starts the timer.

To start drawing you will press the blue button on the pen. Make sure you point the tip of the pen at the device so it displays correctly on the screen. When you don’t want to draw you will let go of the button. You should draw large shapes to make them easier to see on the device.

While drawing you must follow a couple of rules:

  • You may draw anything no matter how directly it relates to the word/phrase that you are trying to get your team to guess.
  • You may use symbols and arrows, but you cannot use numbers or letters. Drawing dashes to indicate how many letters are in the word is also not allowed.
  • Drawing several different pictures to break a word down into syllables is allowed.
  • Outside of telling your teammates they are right or asking for your drawing to be erased, you cannot talk or make noises to help your teammates guess the word/phrase.
  • When drawing you can create props. Once you have created a prop, you can act with it. You cannot act/use gestures until you have drawn a prop.
  • You may not use sign language.
Drawing in Pictionary Air: Kids Vs. Grown-Ups
The current kids player is drawing a stick figure with an arrow pointing to the head. This player is trying to get their teammate to guess “head”. If their teammates guess correctly, they will score two points.

When your teammates guess the word/phrase correctly, you can let them know. The player holding the device presses the button with a number inside of a star. You will then move onto drawing another of the words/phrases.

If you want to reset your picture you will say “clear”. The player holding the device presses the button that looks like an erases. This will clear the screen and allow you to start from scratch.

You will keep drawing and trying to guess words/phrases until the timer runs out. Confirm the amount of points that the team scored in the round. Play then passes to the other team.

Winning Pictionary Air: Kids vs. Grown-Ups

The teams will keep taking turns until all of the rounds have been played. The team that scores more points wins the game.

Winning Pictionary Air: Kids Vs. Grown-Ups
During the game the kids team scored 16 points while the grown-ups team scored 15 points. The kids team scored more points so they won the game.
Components for Pictionary Air: Kids Vs. Grown-Ups

Year: 2020 | Publisher: Mattel | Designer: NA | Artist: NA

Genres: Drawing, Family, Party

Ages: 6+ | Number of Players: 2 Teams | Length of Game: 20-30 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Moderate

Components: pen, 112 cards, instructions

Where to Purchase: Amazon, eBay Any purchases made through these links (including other products) help keep Geeky Hobbies running. Thank you for your support.

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