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Not Parent Approved Card Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Not Parent Approved Card Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Objective of Not Parent Approved

The objective of Not Parent Approved is to acquire the most blue cards during the game.


  • Each player draws seven red answer cards. You can look at your own cards, but you shouldn’t show them to the other players.
  • To determine the first “Burp Boss” each player burps. It can either be a real or fake burp. The player who wins gets to be the first Burp Boss.

Playing Not Parent Approved

To begin each round of Not Parent Approved the Burp Boss draw a blue question card. They will read out loud the question printed on the card.

The blue question card for the current round
The Burp Boss drew this blue question card. They will read the question out loud to the rest of the players.

All of the other players then look through the red cards in their hand. They are looking for the card that they think best fits the question. There is no criteria for what card you pick. You can pick the card that makes the most sense or you can pick the silliest card which will get the loudest laugh. Once you have picked your card, you will slide it face down to the Burp Boss. They should not look at the card.

Submitting a red answer card
This player decided to submit the red card “A talking dog” for the question about what would be the best thing to watch on a big screen TV. The player would normally submit the card facedown, but is it pictured face up for illustrative purposes.

Choosing a Winning Card

Once everyone (outside of the Burp Boss) has chosen a card, the Burp Boss shuffles all of the red cards without looking at them.

The Burp Boss first reads the question on the blue card. They will then read each red card.

Choosing the best answer card in Not Parent Approved
The Burp Boss was given six red cards by the other players. They need to decide which of the answers they like the most.

After the Burp Boss has read all of the cards, they will choose the red card that they liked the most. If they want they can also choose the second and third best answers.

The player who submitted the red card that was chosen as the best, takes the blue question card from the current round. They will set it aside as it is worth a point at the end of the game.

Choosing the best red card
The Burp Boss decides that the “A collection of haunted action figures that come to life at night.” was the best response for the blue card. The player that submitted the card takes the blue card which is worth one point at the end of the game.

Starting the Next Round

Before you start the next round, all of the red cards used in the current round are discarded. Each player who played a red card draws a new card to replace it.

The player to the left/clockwise of the current Burp Boss, becomes the Burp Boss in the next round.

Winning Not Parent Approved

The players will keep playing the game for as long as they want. To be fair to all of the players, it is recommended that all players are the Burp Boss the same number of rounds.

All of the players will count up how many blue cards they collected during the game. The player with the most blue cards wins the game.

Winning Not Parent Approved
At the end of the game the players collected these cards. The top player collected the most blue cards so they won the game.

Not Parent Approved FAQs

If you have any questions about how to play Not Parent Approved, leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Components for Not Parent Approved


  • 455 Cards
  • Instructions

Year: 2015 | Publisher: Not Parent Approved LLC | Designer: Stacy Katz, Maximina Revis

Genres: Card, Family, Party

Ages: 8+ | Number of Players: 4-10 | Length of Game: You Pick the Length

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Moderate

Where to Purchase: Amazon, eBay Any purchases made through these links (including other products) help keep Geeky Hobbies running. Thank you for your support.

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