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Monopoly Knockout: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Monopoly Knockout: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Objective for Monopoly Knockout

The objective of Monopoly Knockout is to collect the most cash by sliding your tokens onto spaces that earn you money.

Setup for Monopoly Knockout

  • Place the gameboard on the table.
  • Set the In Jail and reference card next to the board.
  • Sort the money by its value and place it next to the board. This money belongs to the Bank.
  • Choose a player to be the Banker. The Banker passes out money throughout the game.
  • The Banker takes M500 from the Bank and places it above the Free Parking space.
  • If there are 2-4 players, each player chooses a color. They will take all of the tokens and the turn marker matching the color they chose.
  • If there are 5-8 players, the players should divide into teams of two. Each team chooses a color and takes all of the tokens and turn markers that match their color. The players on a team will take turns sliding tokens during the game.
  • Any tokens and turn markers not used are set aside.

Determining the First Player/Team

Each round a different player/team will start the round. You will play as many rounds as there are players. During the game each player/team gets to start one round.

To determine the first player for the first round you will follow these steps:

  • Turn all of the turn makers face down and mix them up.
  • The Banker randomly chooses one turn marker and flips it over. This token is placed in the top spot on the reference card.
  • They will repeat this for the remaining turn markers.
Determining the First Player in Monopoly Knockout
For the first round the green player/team goes first. They will be followed by the red, blue and the yellow player/team.

Playing Monopoly Knockout

Starting with the player/team at the top of reference card, the players/teams will take turns.

On your turn you will select one of your tokens that you haven’t slid yet this round. You will stand at the end of the board and place your token behind the GO! line.

Sliding your Monopoly Knockout piece
The green player is ready to start their turn. They will slide one of their pieces down the board. They must let go of their piece before it crosses the GO line.

Aim your token and slide it down the board. You must let go of your token before it passes the GO! line.

If your token slides off the board, it is removed for the rest of the current round. If your token knocks another token off the board, the token that slid off the board is removed for the rest of the round.

Sliding a piece off the board
The blue player has slid one of their tokens off the board. The token will be set aside and won’t be used for the rest of the current round.

Note: You can choose to use a variant rule for when tokens slide off the board. With this variant players can decide to slide their token again. They have to pay M100 to slide the token again though. You can also choose to let people slide their tokens again for free if all of the players agree. If the player’s token hits another token before it slides off though, you cannot slide it again.

Determining What Space Your Token Landed On

Should you slide your token and it stops on the Go to Jail space, you immediately place the token on the In Jail card. If your token is bumped onto the Go to Jail space, you also move your token to the In Jail card.

Landing on the Go To Jail space
The yellow player’s token has landed on the Go To Jail space. They will add their token to the In Jail card, and determine what they want to do with it.

If your token lands on any other space, leave it there for the rest of the round. On a future turn you or another player may hit the token moving it to another space.

Should a token stop on two different spaces or fall over, see which space it is more on. That is its current space. If a token falls over, you should stand it back up in the approximate spot where it fell down.

Determining which space a piece landed on in Monopoly Knockout
This red token is currently on two different spots. As more of it is on Tennessee Avenue, the piece is currently counted as being on Tennessee Avenue.

The next player in turn order then slides one of their tokens. This continues until all of the tokens have been slid.

In Jail

If one of your tokens end up landing in Jail you have two options.

First you can leave the token on the In Jail card until the end of the round. At the end of the round you can retrieve your token for free.

Otherwise you can choose to pay to get out of Jail. You can pay M100 immediately after your token lands on the Go to Jail space. You will then get to slide the token again.

Getting Out of Jail in Monopoly Knockout
The yellow piece is currently in Jail. They can decide to keep their piece in Jail for the rest of the current round. Otherwise they can pay M100 in order to slide their piece again.

Scoring in Monopoly Knockout

Once all of the players/teams have slid all four of their tokens, the round ends. Players will then score their tokens. Scoring is conducted in a number of steps. The player/team on the top of reference card does each step followed by the next team on the card and so on.

Turn order
This is what the turn order looks like for this round. When performing the various steps of scoring, the green player takes each step first followed by the red, blue and yellow players/teams. The green player completes the entire first step before the red player takes the step and so on.


First look for your tokens that landed on the Chance space. You will take each token and slide it again from behind the GO space. The player highest in turn order (with tokens on the Chance space) takes their tokens off the space and slides them. Then the next player highest in turn order removes their tokens and slides them. This continues until all of the tokens on the Chance space have been slid. If the token lands on Chance again, you do not get to slide it again.

Chance space in Monopoly Knockout
The green and blue players had one of their pieces land on the Chance space during the round. The green player slides this token again since they are higher in turn order. The blue player then slides their token.
Railroad space in Monopoly Knockout
The red and yellow players each had one of their tokens land on the Railroad space.


For each token that lands on a Railroad space, you get to move it to another unoccupied property space. You cannot move your token to any of the following spaces:

  • Houses
  • Free Parking
  • Chance
  • Jail
  • Luxury Tax
Moving a token using the Railroad
The red player has decided to move their token from the Railroad space to Boardwalk.

Collecting and Paying Cash

Next you will earn cash for your tokens that landed on a property space.


For each of your tokens that land on a property space, you will collect money. The amount you will collect for each property is printed on the space.

Collecting rent from a property in Monopoly Knockout
The green player had one of their tokens stop on Tennessee Avenue. They will receive M200 from the token.

The catch is that only one player/team can receive cash from each property space. The first player in turn order to land on a property is the only player that can collect cash from the property.

Determining who gets rent from a space
Both the green and yellow players have a token on Tennessee Avenue. To determine who collects rent from the space you consult the turn order board. Since green is higher on the turn order board, they receive M200 from their token. The yellow player receives nothing.

If two of your tokens land on the same property space, you will only collect cash from the space once.

Should one of your tokens land on each space of a color, you will receive a bonus. You will receive cash for each property individually. You will then receive a bonus for completing the set. Check the bottom of the board for the bonus you receive for completing each set.

Getting a Monopoly
The red player has a token on all three yellow properties. They will collect M250 from each of their tokens. Next they will look at the bottom of the board to see the additional money they receive for completing the Monopoly. In addition to the M750 from the spaces themselves, they receive an addition M1,500 for the Monopoly. They will receive a total of M2,250 from the Monopoly.
House Space in Monopoly Knockout
One of the blue player’s tokens landed on a House space.


If one of your tokens land on a House space, you will choose a property that one of your other tokens landed on. You will collect the cash for that property a second time. Basically it doubles the rent from that property.

Using a House to double rent
One of the blue player’s tokens landed on a House space. The blue player decided to use it for their token on Park Place. The blue player earns M500 for landing on Park Place, and an additional M500 since they used the token that landed on the House space.

If you have two tokens on a House space, you only get to double the rent of one property.

Luxury Tax

When a token lands on the Luxury Tax token, you will have to pay M100 for each of your other tokens that landed on a property that you received cash from. You will add the money you owe to the money above the Free Parking space.

Luxury Tax Space in Monopoly Knockout
The yellow player slid one of their tokens onto the Luxury Tax space. They ended up earning rent from two of their other tokens. Due to the Luxury Tax space, they will pay M200 to the Free Parking space.

If you have multiple tokens that land on the Luxury Tax space, you only pay the cost once.

Free Parking

After all of the players have collected and paid cash from the previous step, you will move onto Free Parking. Each player counts up how many tokens they have on the Free Parking space. The player that has the most tokens on the space collects all of the money above the Free Parking space.

Determining who receives the money from Free Parking
The blue player has two tokens on Free Parking while the red player only has one token. The blue player takes all of the money placed above Free Parking.

If there is a tie, all of the tied players split the money evenly. If you can’t fully split the money, any remainder remains above the space for the next round.

Prepare for Next Round

To prepare for the next round, each player/team gathers all of the their tokens. This includes tokens in Jail.

If there is no money above the Free Parking space, take M500 from the bank and place it above the space. If there is any money above the space, do not add more.

Take the turn marker from the top of the reference card. Move each turn marker up one space. Place the turn marker that started the last round at the bottom.

Changing the turn order for the next round
The green player/team was first in the previous round. Their marker is moved to the bottom of the turn order track. The rest of the markers are moved up one spot.

Winning Monopoly Knockout

The game ends when you have played as many round as there are players/teams.

Each player/team counts up how much money they collected during the game. The player/team that earned the most cash wins the game.

Winning Monopoly Knockout
At the end of the game the players count up how much money they collected during the game. The players earned the following money: M2800, M2450, M2250, and M2000. The top player earned the most money so they won the game.

Monopoly Knockout FAQs

If you have any questions about how to play Monopoly Knockout, leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Components for Monopoly Knockout


  • Gameboard
  • 16 tokens (4 of each color)
  • In Jail Card
  • Reference Card
  • 4 Turn Markers (1 of each color)
  • Play Money
    • 30 – M50
    • 30 – M100
    • 30 – M500

Year: 2023 | Publisher: Hasbro

Genres: Action, Dexterity, Family

Ages: 8+ | Number of Players: 2-8 | Length of Game: 20 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Moderate

Where to Purchase: Amazon, eBay Any purchases made through these links (including other products) help keep Geeky Hobbies running. Thank you for your support.

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Sunday 31st of March 2024

In the first round, is there no way to pay out of jail during the entire round since no one has money until the very end?

Eric Mortensen

Monday 1st of April 2024

The instructions say that the only ways to get out of jail is to pay M100 or to wait until the end of the round to take back your token. Since you get no money to start the game, you can't pay to get out of jail. Unfortunately if one of your tokens end up in jail in the first round, I believe you lose it for the rest of the first round. Losing a token in the first round can be costly. In later rounds you can at least consider whether to pay the money to slide the token again.


Saturday 13th of January 2024

If 2 tokens land in railroad and both park place and boardwalk are open do you get the bonus as well or just 1000 dollars?

Eric Mortensen

Monday 15th of January 2024

I believe you get the money for the individual spaces as well as the bonus. I think this is the case since the only thing it says in the bonus section is that you need to collect cash for each property in a color set. Therefore if you collect rent from both Park Place and Boardwalk (which you should if you move both of your tokens to each of the spaces), you should also get the 2,000 bonus.