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Loaded Questions Adult Party Game: Rules for How to Play

Loaded Questions Adult Party Game: Rules for How to Play

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The objective of Loaded Question Adult is to reach the finish line before the other players and successfully match at least three of the responses to the player who wrote them.


  • Place the gameboard in the middle of the table along with the box of question cards.
  • Each player selects a playing piece and places it on the START space.
  • All of the players take an answer sheet and a pencil to write with. Each player should write their name at the top of their sheet.
  • The shortest player starts the game. Play moves clockwise throughout the game.

How to Play Loaded Questions Adult

You will begin each of your turns by rolling the die. The player that rolls the die each turn is referred to as the “roller.” You will move your playing piece forward the corresponding number of spaces.

Moving three spaces after rolling a three on the die
The first player rolled a three on the die. They will move their playing piece forward three spaces on the board.

After you move your playing piece, you will draw a card. The icon displayed on the space you landed on determines which question you will use this round. The different categories in Loaded Questions Adult are as follows:

Questions from this category are about sex and adult lifestyle.

These questions can only be answered by looking in your “little black book.”

This category is a little more risqué, and more personal.

The roller looks at all three questions on the card and chooses which they would like to play.

Writing Down Answers

After you have read out the current round’s question, the rest of the players will write down their answer to the question. The roller does not write down an answer. Players can write down any answer they want, but it should be personal. To make it harder for the roller to guess, you shouldn’t be too specific in the answer you write down.

A sample card from the game
Depending on what space the current player landed on, all of the players will be asked one of these three questions. Based on the space that the purple player landed on above, they will ask the third question from the card. All of the players (except for the current player) have to write down their answer to the question.

Figuring Out Who Wrote Each Answer

After everyone has written down their answer, they will pass their sheet to the player to the right of the player that rolled the die this round. They will mix up the order of the sheets after they receive all of them.

The player with all of the sheets will then start reading off the answers. It is recommended that you first read off the question again. As the answers are read off, players should not give an indication of who wrote what.

After all of the answers have been read out loud, the roller needs to try and guess who wrote each answer. Players should not give any indication about whether the roller has guessed correctly until they have made a guess for each answer.

Once the roller has guessed a player for each answer, the reader reveals who wrote down each answer. The roller moves their playing piece forward one space for each correct answer. There is no penalty for incorrectly guessing who wrote down an answer.

Moving your playing piece after guessing the other players' answers
The purple player correctly guessed what two of the other players wrote down. They will move their playing piece forward two spaces.

Winning the Game

The players will keep taking turns. The objective is to reach the WIN! space before the other players. You do not have to reach the space by exact count.

To win the game you need to reach the WIN! space while correctly guessing at least three of the other players answers. If you guessed at least three answers correctly, you win the game.

Winning Loaded Questions Adult
The orange player has reached the WIN! space. If they correctly guessed three or more of the other players’ answers, they have won the game. If they didn’t, they will have to try again on their next turn.

The rules do state that the rest of the players have an opportunity to also win the game. The rules are not specific on how this works. I would assume each player has one turn to try and reach the WIN! space and match enough answers to also win the game. If this happens the game doesn’t say if multiple players win, or if there is some sort of tiebreaker.

If you reach the WIN! space but you did not correctly guess three or more of the answers, you will keep your playing piece on the WIN! space. The other players will then take their turns normally. When it becomes your turn again, you will once again try to correctly guess three or more of the other players’ answers. You will keep doing this until you get enough matches or another player wins the game.

Loaded Questions Adult FAQ

If you have any questions about how to play Loaded Questions Adult, leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Components for Loaded Questions Adult


  • Gameboard
  • 110 Cards
  • Answer Pad
  • Die
  • 6 Pencils
  • 6 Playing Pieces
  • Instructions

Year: 2007 | Publisher: All Things Equal Inc

Genres: Party

Ages: 18+ | Number of Players: 3-6 | Length of Game: 45 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Moderate-High

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