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Linkee! Party Game Rules Explained With Pictures

Linkee! Party Game Rules Explained With Pictures

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Objective of Linkee!

The objective of Linkee! is to be the first team to find the links on enough cards in order to spell out the word Linkee.

Setup for Linkee!

  • Choose a player to be the Question Master (QM).
  • The Question Master grabs a stack of Question Cards and places them in the Card Holder.
  • The rest of the players split into teams.
  • Each team takes a pencil/pen and some paper.

Playing Linkee!

You will play Linkee! over a number of rounds. Each round begins with the Question Master drawing a card from the Card Holder. They will hold the card so the other players only see the letter on the back of the card.

Question card for Linkee
For this round the players will use this card. There are four different questions that will be read out along with a clue. The answers to all of these questions are connected by the game chess.

The Question Master then reads the first question on the card. All of the teams try to figure out the answer to the question. They will write their answer down on a sheet of paper. The Question Master should never reveal the answer to the question.

Answering a Question
The first question on this card is “What kind of payment method “bounces” if there isn’t enough money in your bank account?” The answer to the question is “check”.

After the teams have had some time to try and figure out the answer, the Question Master moves onto the second question. The teams try to figure out the answer to the second question and write down their answer. This continues with the third and fourth question.

Answering a Few Questions
The second and third questions have been asked. This player has wrote down an answer for all three questions that have been asked.

The answers to each of the questions are connected in some way. The objective of each round is to try and find the connection.

If there are still teams remaining and the Question Master has read all four questions, the Question Master will read out the clue. At this point all of the teams might as well make a guess as there is no punishment for an incorrect guess.

At any time during a round a team can decide to try and guess the link between all of the answers. When you think you know the link, you will shout out “Linkee!”. You will then say what you think the link is between all of the answers. Once you say “Linkee!” you must provide an answer even if you changed your mind.

If you are correct, your team takes the card and places it in front of you. Place the card so the letter on the back is visible.

Finding the link in Linkee
One of the players successfully figured out that the link was “chess”. They will take the question card and turn it to the letter side. This player now has the letter N.

Should you guess wrong, your team is eliminated for the rest of the current round. You can no longer guess the link for the rest of the round.

If all of the teams except for one have been eliminated, the Question Master reads off the rest of the questions as well as the clue. At this point the final team might as well make a guess as there is no punishment for a wrong guess.

Should no team guess the link, discard the card and start a new round.

Trading Letters

Based on how you play Linkee!, you likely will end up with duplicate letters. You only need one of each letter in order to win the game. For the two E’s, you need one orange and one green E.

If you have duplicate letters that you don’t need, you can decide to trade them in. You can never trade in a letter that you need to win the game. You may trade in letters at any time except when a team is trying to answer with the link is for the current round.

Duplicate letter cards
This player currently has two K cards and two green E cards. They can trade in the duplicate cards in order to take a special action.

Two Letter Trade

The first way that you can trade in spare letters is to give two cards to the Question Master. You can then choose a letter in front of another player. Remove the chosen letter card from the game.

Trading in cards to steal a card from another player
The top player had two duplicate cards to get rid of. The bottom player is close to winning the game. The player decides to trade in two of their cards to force the bottom player to discard one of their letter cards. The player who traded in the cards chooses which card they want discarded.

Three Letter Trade

Otherwise you can trade in three spare letter cards to the Question Master. You will then choose a letter that you want. The Question Master finds a card from their stack of cards that has the letter that you want. You will place the card in front of you.

Trading in three letter cards to pick a letter
This player had three duplicate cards. They will trade in the three cards in order to pick a letter card that they want. Since they need an orange E, they will find one in the deck and add it to their set of cards.

Winning Linkee!

To win the game you need to acquire cards throughout the game that spell “Linkee”. You need both an orange and green E. The first player that can spell Linkee with their cards wins the game.

Winning Linkee!
This player has acquired all of the letter cards required to spell out Linkee!. They have won the game.

Two Player Game

You will play the two player game similarly to the normal game.

Both players will take a card at the same time and act as the Question Master for the other player. One player starts by reading the first question to the other player. The other player then reads the first question on their card to the other player.

This continues back and forth until one of the players guess the link on the card the other player is holding. The player that guesses correctly gets the card in the other player’s hand.

The first player to spell out Linkee wins the game.

Linkee! FAQ

If you have any questions about how to play Linkee!, leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Components for Linkee


  • 200 cards
  • 2 pads of paper
  • Card Holder
  • Postcard
  • Instructions

Year: 2012 | Publisher: Big Potato Games, Linkee | Artist: Ben Drummond

Genres: Party, Trivia

Ages: 12+ | Number of Players: 2+ | Length of Game: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Light-Moderate

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