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Kwazy Quilt Puzzle Game Review and Solution

Kwazy Quilt Puzzle Game Review and Solution

First created in 1975 Kwazy Quilt is a puzzle game where you are given thirteen pieces and your goal is to fit all of them within the provided frame. Eventually added to the Hi-Q collection, Kwazy Quilt has been published by Gabriel, Ideal and Kohner. In the 1970s and 1980s Gabriel, Ideal and Kohner made quite a few of these type of puzzle games where you were given a group of shapes that you had to arrange in order to fit inside a frame. According to some of the boxes for Kwazy Quilt there are hundreds to thousands of different ways to correctly solve Kwazy Quilt. While I didn’t come close to finding all of the different solutions, Kwazy Quilt was still a fun little puzzle game.

My Thoughts on the Kwazy Quilt Puzzle Game

When you look at Kwazy Quilt there is not a lot to say about it. Basically the game is just a set of puzzle pieces that you have to try and arrange to fit into the frame included with the game. There was a surprising number of these puzzle games that were created in the 1970s and 1980s. Basically the only significant difference between the puzzles was the shape of the pieces and the frame you had to fit them in.

While it might not be the most engaging puzzle, I had some fun with Kwazy Quilt. It is the type of puzzle that is easy to pick up for a while to try and solve. You don’t really have to put a lot of thought into the puzzle so it works pretty well as a puzzle that you can try to solve while relaxing. If you like these type of puzzles I think you will probably enjoy Kwazy Quilt.

The basic premise of the puzzle is quite simple. While there is a little strategy, which I discuss in the “How to Solve” section, Kwazy Quilt mostly revolves around a lot of trial and error. Outside of determining an area where only some of the pieces can be placed, there really is not a lot of strategy involved. The puzzle mostly revolves around patience as you work through all of the different combinations as you try to find one that works.

Component wise the puzzle is nothing special. The pieces are pretty thick plastic which is nice. I also like that the frame was made out of plastic as well. The problem is that the pieces like to slide underneath the frame which makes it harder than it should be to keep the pieces in place as you are trying to solve the puzzle. Basically if you aren’t using a flat surface it can be a difficult to keep the pieces in position.

How to Solve the Kwazy Quilt Puzzle Game

Are you interested in being able to figure out how to solve the Kwazy Quilt Puzzle Game without just looking at a picture online and copying it? While I couldn’t figure out a strategy that will lead you to completely solving the puzzle, I do have one tip that will give you a great start to the puzzle. If you want to avoid spoilers on how to solve the puzzle I would recommend skipping the rest of this section.

In my opinion the best way to approach Kwazy Quilt is to look at the pieces to determine where certain pieces can and can’t be played. After searching through the pieces I discovered that there are five special pieces in Kwazy Quilt. These five pieces are pictured below. What is unique about these five pieces is that they can’t be played on the right or left side of the board. Due to how they are shaped they can’t be placed on either end because they will leave a least one gap in the frame.

Special Pieces in Kwazy Quilt

Here are the five special pieces in Kwazy Quilt that can’t be played along the left and right side of the puzzle.

Since these five pieces can’t be played on the right or left side, they must be placed in the middle section of the frame. Due to how they are shaped they also can’t be placed next to one another if placed on the outside of the frame. There are a total of seven spaces in the middle of the board with four of the spaces on the outside and three on the inside. Since none of these pieces can be placed next to one another on the outside of the frame, this means that two of the five pieces have to be placed on the outside while the other three pieces will fill in the inside of the puzzle. These five pieces can be put in quite a few different combinations which gives you quite a bit of flexibility. With this tip you should have a good start towards solving the rest of the puzzle.

Step One in Kwazy Quilt

The problem is that I really couldn’t figure out a strategy that will give you more than those five pieces.While I would recommend trying to use the more awkward looking shapes as quickly as possible, I don’t think there is much strategy to solving the rest of the puzzle. The rest of the puzzle mostly relies on trial and error. One you have the first five pieces in place you need to experiment with the other pieces until you find a combination that works. There might be a more direct way of solving the puzzle but it would rely on more complex methods. I wish there was a better way to approach the puzzle as I am not a big fan of trial and error. If anyone has a solution to eliminate or significantly reduce the reliance on trial and error I would love to hear it in the comments section.

For those of you interested here is one of the solutions to the Kwazy Quilt puzzle.

Complete Kwazy Quilt

Should You Purchase Kwazy Quilt?

There are things that I liked and didn’t like about Kwazy Quilt. The puzzle is pretty simple little puzzle to work on when you have a little free time. It is somewhat fun to put together and it is satisfying when you complete the puzzle. The main problem that I have with the puzzle is that it relies pretty heavily on trial and error. While you can get a pretty good idea of how to place five of the pieces, the rest of the pieces rely pretty heavily on trial and error to find a way to arrange them where they fit with the other pieces.

If you are not a big fan of these type of trial and error puzzles I don’t see you really enjoying Kwazy Quilt. If you are looking for a simple little puzzle game and don’t mind a little trial and error you could have some fun with Kwazy Quilt.

If you would like to purchase Kwazy Quilt you can find it online: Amazon (1972), Amazon (1975), Amazon (1984), eBay

Randy Kerchmar

Tuesday 29th of June 2021

A bit more info:

The Pentominos was 'Hexed'.

A note: "Pythagoras (Outside the Scope of BGG - Tangrams)" says the Tangrams puzzle was 'Pythagoras'; now that I'm reminded, I can confirm it.

There was a fourth similar puzzle, 'Euclid', but I do not recall the puzzle.

Randy Kerchmar

Tuesday 29th of June 2021

I had this as a kid, 1960s. I do not recall the manufacturer, but I'm pretty sure Gabriel bought the rights, guessing the original manufacturer became defunct. I see a difference, mine has a full one piece, one color base, a plastic shell about 1/8 or 3/16 inch thick; yours looks like a plastic frame with a cardboard bottom (glued on?).

The one I had, the manufacturer had a small line of puzzles including classic Tangrams and classic Pentominos, all in similarly sized boxes with high quality pieces. One of them was branded 'Euclid' on the box.

Per Google, Tryne was the manufacturer of the Hi-Q peg puzzle. I had that as well, don't recall Kwazy Quilt being from the same source. I could be wrong, but I'm guessing the rights drifted a bit.

I recall the awkward pieces first strategy being effective on this puzzle.

Delafield DuBois

Tuesday 24th of March 2020

I have a Quazy Quilt Puzzle in it's original box that is older than the dates you mention. It is the same puzzle, 13 plastic pieces. Copyright 1957 by Tryne Products Inc. Mineola N. Y.

Eric Mortensen

Wednesday 25th of March 2020

That is interesting. I am guessing Tryne Products Inc was the first company to produce the puzzle game. I am guessing what eventually happened was that either they sold/lost the rights to he puzzle game that became Kwazy Quilt to Gabriel/Ideal/Kohner or there is a chance that the whole company was bought up by one of the others as it seems to have stopped making games around 1960.

Thanks for the info. I have updated the information on the sidebar to reflect this information.