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How to Play OranguTwang Board Game: Rules and Instructions

How to Play OranguTwang Board Game: Rules and Instructions

Objective of OranguTwang

The objective of OranguTwang is to place fruit and animals on the Orangutan without knocking it off the string.


  • Attach the two base pieces together.
  • Insert one of the trees into each end of the base. Attack a top to each of the trees.
  • Pull up on the Toucan Lever until you hear a clicking noise. You should hold the Toucan up for at least a second.
  • Place the Orangutan on the string so it hangs from its top hand.
  • Add all of the remaining game pieces to the dishes in the base.
  • Place the die in the playing area where everyone can reach it.
  • The player who can say “banana” five times first without messing up gets to go first. Otherwise you can let the youngest player go first.
Setup for OranguTwang

Playing OranguTwang

You will begin your turn rolling the die. What you roll on the die determines what type of item you will play on your turn. For example if you roll a banana bunch, you will take one of the banana bunches.

Rolling a pineapple
This player rolled a pineapple on the die. They will have to add a pineapple to the orangutan.

If you roll the star, you will lose your turn. This is a good thing since you can’t lose the game on your turn.

Rolling a star
This player has rolled a star on the die. Their turn will end immediately.

Should you roll an item but all of the corresponding items have already been played, you will roll the die again.

After you have determined what item you need to add on your turn, you will attach the item to the Orangutan. You can hang it off the Orangutan in whatever way you want. It must completely hang off the Orangutan though. It cannot touch the string/vine. When you place an item you want to keep the Orangutan balanced so it doesn’t fall off the string.

Adding a piece to the Orangutan in OranguTwang
The player added the pineapple to the orangutan.

After you place your item, play passes to the player on your left. They will roll the die and place a piece.

Winning OranguTwang

OranguTwang ends when the Orangutan falls/jumps off the string/vine. The last player to successfully place a piece and the Orangutan stays on the string, wins the game.

Losing OranguTwang
The last player added a new piece to the orangutan. The new piece knocked it off the vine. The last player to successfully add a piece to the orangutan wins the game.

If you would like to play another game, follow the setup instructions to reset the game.

When you are done playing the game disassemble the game and return it and all of the game pieces to the box. To remove the trees from the base you should twist them so they come out of the base.

OranguTwang FAQs

If you have any questions about how to play OranguTwang, leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Components for OranguTwang


  • 2-Piece Base
  • 2 Palm trees attached by a string
  • Orangutan
  • 2 Pineapples
  • 2 Bats
  • 6 Banana Bunches
  • 2 Geckos
  • 2 Coconuts
  • Die
  • Instructions

Year: 2018 | Publisher: PlayMonster | Designer: Steven Towns

Genres: Children’s, Dexterity

Ages: 4+ | Number of Players: 2+ | Length of Game: 5-15 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Moderate

Where to Purchase: Amazon, eBay Any purchases made through these links (including other products) help keep Geeky Hobbies running. Thank you for your support.

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