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How to Play Monopoly Barbie: Rules and Instructions

How to Play Monopoly Barbie: Rules and Instructions

Objective of Monopoly Barbie

The objective of Monopoly Barbie is to collect the most money by acquiring streets and charging rent to the other players.

Setup for Monopoly Barbie

  • Choose a player to be the Banker. The Banker can also play the game, but they must keep their money, Title Deeds, etc separate from the Bank. The Banker is responsible for the Bank’s:
    • Money
    • DreamHouses
    • Title Deed cards
    • Auctions
  • Each player receives the following money to start the game.
    • 5 – M1
    • 1 – M5
    • 2 – M10
    • 1 – M20
    • 1 – M50
    • 4 – M100
    • 2 – M500
  • Shuffle the Dream Closet cards and place them facedown on the corresponding spot on the gameboard.
  • Shuffle the Dream Career cards and place them facedown on the corresponding spot on the gameboard.
  • Each player chooses a token and places it on GO. Return any unused tokens to the box.
  • All of the players also choose a Be Anything card and places it in front of them. They will use this card throughout the game. Return any unused Be Anything cards to the box.
  • Each player rolls the die. Whoever rolls the highest number starts the game. The Barbie symbol counts as zero. Play moves clockwise throughout the game.
Setup for Monopoly Barbie

Playing Monopoly Barbie

You will begin your turn by rolling both dice.

Rolling the Barbie Symbol

Check to see if your rolled the Barbie symbol on one of the dice. If you rolled the symbol you will look at your Be Anything card and take the corresponding action. In most cases you will take the action printed on the card and then take the rest of your turn normally. If the action changes how you move though, you will take that action instead of moving normally. See the Be Anything section below for more details.

Using a Be Anything card
This player has rolled a Barbie symbol. Therefore they can use their Be Anything card. They can either add up to five to their die roll, or collect M50 from the Bank.


After you have checked for the Barbie symbol on the dice, you will move your playing piece clockwise around the board. You will move your piece a number of spaces equal to the number you rolled. The Barbie symbol counts as zero when moving. If your Be Anything action moved your playing piece, your movement is based on what the card says.

Movement in Monopoly Barbie
This player rolled a seven on the dice. They moved their playing piece seven spaces clockwise around the board.

Depending on what space you landed on, you will take an action. See the corresponding Monopoly Barbie Board Spaces section below for more details.

If you ended up rolling doubles on the dice, you will take another turn. Should you roll doubles three times in a row, you will ignore your third turn. Instead you will immediately move your playing piece to the Jail space.

Rolling doubles
This player has rolled two on both of the dice. After they complete their current turn, they will get to take another turn.

End of Turn

After you have completed your turn, you will pass the dice to the player on your left. They will take the next turn.

Monopoly Barbie Board Spaces

Unowned Space in Monopoly Barbie

Unowned Street

If you land on a street space, you will look to see if a player owns it. If no one owns it, you have a decision to make.

Purchasing the Street

If you want the street, you will pay the price printed on the space to the Bank. You will then take the corresponding Title Deed card from the Bank.

Purchasing a street property
The current player landed on Pacific Coast Hwy. No one owned the property, so they decided to purchase it. They will pay M100 to the Bank and take the corresponding Title Deed card.

Auctioning the Street

If you don’t want to purchase the street, you have to auction it. The Banker starts the auction. Bidding for each street starts at M10.

There is no turn order for the auction. Players can increase the current bid in any order. Each bid needs to be at least M1 higher than the previous bid.

When no one wants to increase the bid, the auction ends. The player that bid the most wins the street. They will pay the Bank the amount they bid. They will then take the corresponding Title Deed card.

If no one bids on the street, the auction is canceled. No one has to pay anything, and the Title Deed remains with the Bank.

Acquiring a Color Set

If you acquire both Title Deeds of a color, you have completed the color set. When you create a color set you receive two benefits.

First you will double the rent of both streets when players land on them.

Acquiring a color set
One of the players purchased both Malibu Ave and Pacific Coast Hwy. They now own the light blue color set. They will now be able to charge M200 when players land on either space.

Second you can build DreamHouses on the two street spaces if you own the complete color set. You can place a DreamHouse at anytime even if it is not your turn. Pay the Bank the DreamHouse cost printed on the Title Deed card that you want to place it on. You will then take a DreamHouse and place it on the corresponding street space. Each street space may only have one DreamHouse. 

Buying a DreamHouse in Monopoly Barbie
After acquiring both light blue properties, this player decides to place a DreamHouse on one of the two properties. They will pay M125 as shown on the card to purchase the DreamHouse. They then place it on Pacific Coast Hwy.
Owned Street Property in Monopoly Barbie

Owned Street

If you land on a street that another player owns, you may have to owe them rent.

The owner of the street has to ask for rent. If they don’t ask for rent before the next player rolls the dice, you no longer owe rent for landing on the space.

The amount of rent you owe depends on the Title Deed card and whether you own both streets of that color and if you have a DreamHouse on the space. The player that lands on the space pays the owner the amount printed in the corresponding section of the Title Deed card.

Paying rent on a single street property
The current player landed on Brooklyn Gardens which was owned by another player. That player did not own the other yellow property. The current player owes the owner M260.
Paying rent on a color set
The owner of Brooklyn Gardens also owns California Ave. Since the player owns the color set, the current player owes M520 in rent.
Paying rent for landing on a DreamHouse space
The current player landed on a space that has a DreamHouse on it. The player owes the owner M1150.
Dream Career space in Monopoly Barbie

Dream Career and Dream Closet

These two spaces replace Community Chest and Chance from the original Monopoly.

When you land on one of these two spaces you will draw the top card from the corresponding pile.

Landing on Dream Closet space
This player has landed on a Dream Closet space. They will draw the top card from the Dream Closet deck.

Read the card to see if you have to play it immediately. If you have to play the card immediately you will take the action printed on the card.

Drawing a Dream Closet card
The current player drew this Dream Closet card. They will have to pay M50 to the bank.

Keeping Dream Closet and Dream Career Cards

If the card does not need to be used right away, you can hold it to use it another time. You may keep up to two Dream Career or Dream Closet cards at a time.

Keeping a Dream Career card
This card does not need to be used right away. The player can choose to use the card on a future turn. With this card they can either collect M100 from the Bank, or force another player to trade a property with them.

Should you draw a Dream Career or Dream Closet card and you already are keeping two cards, you have a decision to make. If the new card you drew has to be played right away, you can keep the two cards you already. If this new card can also be kept for later, you need to choose one of the three cards to either play or discard to the bottom of the corresponding deck. You can either play/discard the card you just drew or one of the cards you were already holding.

Choosing which card to use
This player has three Dream Career/Closet cards. These cards can normally be held and used on future turns. They can only keep two cards though, so they will either have to play or discard one of the three cards.
Free Parking Space in Monopoly Barbie

Free Parking

Should you land on Free Parking, you take no special action on your turn.

GO space in Monopoly Barbie


When you move past or land on the GO space, you collect M200 from the Bank.

Go to Jail space in Monopoly Barbie

Go to Jail

Should you land on the Go to Jail space, you will move your token to the Jail space. You will not collect M200 for passing GO. Your turn then ends.

Placing a Token in Monopoly Barbie
The boat player has been sent to jail.

When in Jail you can still earn rent from other players, bid on auctions, buy DreamHouses, and trade with other players. You may not use your Be Anything card when in Jail though.

How to Get Out of Jail

You can get out of Jail in three ways.

First you can pay M50 to the Bank at the beginning of your turn. You will then roll the dice normally and move out of the Jail space.

Second you can use a Get Out of Jail Free card. You can either use one you drew yourself, or you can buy/trade for one that another player has. Place the card on the bottom of the corresponding pile. You will then roll the dice and take a normal turn.

Finally you can try to roll for doubles to get out of Jail. If you roll doubles you leave Jail immediately and move spaces equal to the number you rolled.

Getting out of jail
The boat player has three different ways they can get out of Jail. They can either pay M50, use a Get Out of Jail Free card, or roll doubles.

You have up to three turns to try and roll for doubles. If you fail to roll for doubles on your third attempt, you must pay M50 to the Bank. You will then use your last roll to move out of Jail.

Just Visiting space in Monopoly Barbie

Just Visiting

Landing on Just Visiting does not have a special action. Place your token on the Just Visiting section, and then your turn ends.

Transport Space in Monopoly Barbie


When you land on a Transport space, you will choose a space between your current location and the next Transport space. You will move your playing piece to the space you chose. You will then take the corresponding action from the space that you landed on. If you pass GO, you will collect M200.

Using a Transport space in Monopoly Barbie
The roller skate player has landed on the Dream Camper space. They can move their piece to any of the spaces between the Dream Camper and the Dream Plane space.

Trading in Monopoly Barbie

At any time you may choose to trade with other players in the game.

To trade a property that has DreamHouses on it, you must first sell all of the DreamHouses back to the Bank. You cannot sell or trade DreamHouses to another player.

When trading with another player you can trade cash, Title Deed cards, and/or Get out of Jail Free cards. The players can make any deal they want as long as both players agree to it.

Bankruptcy in Monopoly Barbie

If you owe money to the Bank or another player and don’t have enough to pay, you have to try and raise some money. To raise money you can either sell DreamHouses or Title Deed cards.

You can only sell DreamHouses back to the Bank. If you sell a DreamHouse, you will only receive half of its original cost from the Bank.

Selling a DreamHouse in Monopoly Barbie
This player has run out of money so they need to sell some things. They have decided to sell the DreamHouse on Roberts Road. Initially they paid M250 for it. They will sell it back to the Bank for M125.

When you decide to sell Title Deed cards, you can either sell them to another player or the Bank. If you sell it to another player (does not have to be the player you owe money to), you can sell it for whatever price the other player agrees to. Should you sell it back to the Bank, the Bank will pay half of its original cost.

Selling a Title Deed card
This player still needs money. They have decided to sell Roberts Road. If they can find another player that wants it, they can sell it for any amount of money that another player is willing to pay. Otherwise they will have to sell it to the Bank for M90.

If you are still in debt after selling Title Deeds and DreamHouses, you have to declare bankruptcy. The game immediately ends when any player has to declare bankruptcy.

Winning Monopoly Barbie

When a player declares bankruptcy, the rest of the players will determine who won the game. The player that declared bankruptcy can’t win the game.

Each player collects rent from the Bank for each of their properties. They will collect rent equal to what they would receive if a player landed on the space. If the street is part of a color set, you will receive double rent. If there is a DreamHouse on the street, you will receive the increased rent.

Earning rent at the end of Monopoly Barbie
At the end of the game this player owned both green properties. To determine their final cash they will receive rent from both properties (along with all of the other properties they own). They will receive M600 from Millicent Place as they have the color set. They will receive M1275 from Mariposa Ave since there is a DreamHouse on the space.

All of the players then count up how much cash they have. The player with the most cash wins the game.

Be Anything Cards from Monopoly Barbie

Be Anything Cards

To start the game each player chooses a Be Anything card. You can choose whatever card you want, but only one player can take each card.

One of the two dice has a Barbie symbol that replaces the one. When you roll this symbol at the start of your turn, you will get to take the action printed on your Be Anything card. These actions can give you money or help you move around the board.

After you take the action, you will continue your turn normally. If the action moved you to a new space though, movement on your turn is determined by your Be Anything card.

The Be Anything cards included in the game are as follows:

Astronaut: The Astronaut Be Anything card allows you to swap the position of your token with another player’s token. After swapping the two tokens, you will move normally.

Environmental Activist: When you use the Environmental Activist action you can either take M50 from the Bank, or you can force another player to pay you M10 for each property they own.

Fashion House CEO: You will draw two Dream Closet cards. Choose one of the two cards to use and return the other card to the bottom of the Dream Closet deck.

Pediatrician: Find the player that is closest to you on the board. If two players are equally close, choose one of the two players. That player owes you M50.

Pilot: You can either add up to five to your roll, or you can collect M50 from the Bank.

Teacher: Collect M10 from each player.

Monopoly Barbie FAQ

If you have any questions about how to play Monopoly Barbie, leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Components for Monopoly Barbie

Monopoly Barbie Components

  • Gameboard
  • 6 Tokens
  • 6 Be Anything Cards
  • 16 Title Deed Cards
  • 16 Dream Career Cards
  • 16 Dream Closet Cards
  • 16 DreamHouses
  • 2 Dice (one standard, one Barbie die)
  • Play Money (30 each of M1, M5, M10, M20, M50, M100, M500)
  • Instructions

Year: 2023 | Publisher: Hasbro

Genres: Economic, Family, Roll and Move

Ages: 8+ | Number of Players: 2-6 | Length of Game: 60-90 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: High

Where to Purchase: Amazon, eBay Any purchases made through these links (including other products) help keep Geeky Hobbies running. Thank you for your support.

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Saturday 28th of October 2023

Can you steal a property with a dream house on it that is not in a color set?

Eric Mortensen

Monday 30th of October 2023

That is an interesting question. I am assuming in this scenario a player placed the DreamHouse with a Dream Closet or Dream Career card and the player that wants to steal it is using a Dream Closet/Career card?

The instructions don't really give a clear answer to this scenario. I am guessing this scenario doesn't occur often in the game. As the instructions don't specifically say what you are supposed to do, I can only give my opinion on how I would handle the situation.

The cards specifically say that you can steal any property that is not part of a complete set. This would lead me to believe you could steal a property that has a DreamHouse on it as long as it was not part of a color set. The rules also say that you can't sell or trade properties that have DreamHouses on them. Before you can sell or trade them, you have to sell the DreamHouse bank to the bank. I would think this holds for stealing as well. Therefore I would say you could steal the property. Before you steal it though, the owner of the property sells the DreamHouse to the bank and they receive the money for selling the DreamHouse.

This is just my opinion based on how the rules and cards are printed. If your group agrees to handle it another way, I see no reason why you couldn't as the rules don't specifically say what you should do.