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How to Play Guess Who? Card Game (Rules and Instructions)

How to Play Guess Who? Card Game (Rules and Instructions)

Originally released back in 1979, Guess Who? became a board game classic pretty quickly. I remember playing the game quite a bit when I was younger. Due to its success, there have been a lot of different versions of the game released over the years. Many Guess Who? games just change the cast of characters applying various pop culture themes. Released in 2018 the Guess Who? Card Game is a little different. Basically the game takes the original gameplay and turns it into a card game.

Year: 2018 | Publisher: Hasbro | Designer: NA | Artist: NA

Genres: Deduction, Family

Ages: 5+ | Number of Players: 2 | Length of Game: 5 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Light-Moderate

Components: 40 Face cards (20 of each color), 20 Mystery cards, instructions

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Objective of Guess Who? Card Game

The objective of the Guess Who? Card Game is to try and figure out your opponent’s Mystery Character before they figure out yours.


  • Each player takes one of the Face card sets (red or blue).
  • You should arrange your Face cards face up in a 4 x 5 grid.
Setup for Guess Who? Card Game
  • Shuffle the Mystery cards (yellow). Each player will then take one card from the top of the deck. You should look at your own card without letting the other player see it. Then place the card face down on the table next to your Face cards.
Mystery Card in Guess Who? Card Game
This player has drawn the Amy Mystery Card.
  • The rest of the Mystery cards are set aside. They won’t be used unless you play another game.
  • The player who seems more mysterious will start the game.

Playing Guess Who? Card Game

On your turn you will analyze the Face cards in front of you that are still face up. These cards show the people that you haven’t eliminated yet.

After analyzing the cards, you will ask your opponent a yes or no question. This question should only apply to some of the remaining Face cards.

If your opponent answers yes, you know now that what you asked about applies to their mystery character. You will turn over every Face card that doesn’t match you asked about.

If your opponent answers no, you know now that what you asked about doesn’t apply to their mystery character. You will turn over every Face card that matches what you asked about.

Play will then pass to the other player.

End of Game

If you know or have a good idea of what Mystery Character the other player has, you can choose to make a guess of their identity. You can only make a guess at the other player’s identity at the beginning of your turn. You will have to wait until your next turn if you have already asked a yes or no question.

If you correctly guess the identity of the other player’s Mystery Character, you will win the game. If you guess incorrectly, your opponent will win the game.

Winning the Game
This player has eliminated all but one of the Face cards. On their turn they will guess that the other player’s Mystery card is Amy. As the other player had the Amy card, the blue player has won the game.

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