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How to Play Candy Land Ice Cream Party Board Game: Rules and Instructions

How to Play Candy Land Ice Cream Party Board Game: Rules and Instructions

Objective of Candy Land Ice Cream Party

The objective of Candy Land Ice Cream Party is to place toppings on the ice cream without making it fall over.


  • Assemble the spinner by attaching the arrow to the cardboard backing. Place the spinner where everyone can reach it.
  • Assemble the ice cream dish base as shown below.
  • Sort the toppings by their types so the players can quickly take the topping that they want. Place the toppings where everyone can reach them.
  • The youngest player starts the game.
Setting up the components

Playing Candy Land Ice Cream Party

To begin your turn you will spin the spinner. The number you spin on the spinner tells you how many toppings you have to add to the ice cream during your turn.

Spinning a two on the spinner
The current player has spun a two on the spinner. They will have to add two toppings to the ice cream.

You can choose any type of topping that you want. When you have chosen your toppings you will add them to the ice cream. You can attach the toppings wherever you want on the ice cream. The only rule is that the topping needs to be attached to an open slot in the ice cream or another topping. When placing toppings you want to balance the ice cream so it doesn’t tip over.

Placing toppings in Candy Land Ice Cream Party
After spinning a two on the spinner, this player had to add two toppings to the ice cream. They chose two toppings and added them to the ice cream.

After you have added all of your required toppings to the ice cream, your turn ends. Play passes to the next player. The instructions don’t mention if play passes clockwise/left or counter-clockwise/right.

End of Game

Players will keep taking turns adding toppings to the ice cream. The game can end in one of two ways.

If all of the toppings are added to the ice cream and it doesn’t tip over, all of the players win the game.

Winning Candy Land Ice Cream Party
All of the toppings have been added to the ice cream. All of the players have won the game.

If a player adds a topping to the ice cream and it tips over, the player that added the last topping loses the game.

Losing the game by tipping over the ice cream
The last player to add a topping knocked over the ice cream. They have lost the game.

Candy Land Ice Cream Party FAQ

If you have any questions about how to play Candy Land Ice Cream Party, leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Components for Candy Land Ice Cream Party


  • 3 Plastic Stands
  • 57 Cardboard Pieces
  • Spinner
  • Instructions

Year: 2021 | Publisher: Hasbro

Genres: Children’s, Dexterity

Ages: 3+ | Number of Players: 1-3 | Length of Game: 5-15 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Moderate

Where to Purchase: Amazon, eBay Any purchases made through these links (including other products) help keep Geeky Hobbies running. Thank you for your support.

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Tuesday 24th of October 2023

Does the whole thing have to tip or just one topping needs to fall off to lose?

Eric Mortensen

Wednesday 25th of October 2023

The official instructions don't specifically say. All it says is "if the ice cream treat falls down...".

I think it kind of comes down to how players want to handle this situation. If you want to be strict to the rules I could see people saying if any topping falls you lose.

When I played the game we played it a little more lenient. If a topping we just added fell off or another topping fell off while we were placing a topping, we decided to just add it back when it fell off. If several toppings fell off or the whole thing fell down, the game was over.

I think it ultimately comes down to how strict you want to be when interpreting the rules. I would recommend playing it however the players agree since as a children's/family game it should be played in a way that is most enjoyable to the players.