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Hedbanz Lightspeed Board Game: Rules for How to Play

Hedbanz Lightspeed Board Game: Rules for How to Play

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The objective of Hedbanz Lightspeed is to score the most points by correctly guessing the words on the cards placed on your headband.


  • Assemble the headband. Place the band through the slots on the electronic unit.
  • Choose whether you are going to play individually, or in teams. The rules are mostly the same, but there are a couple additional rules if you choose to play in teams.
  • Determine which player will be the Guesser first. Give the headband to them. Draw three cards and place them in the headband so one of the pictures is visible. The Guesser should never see what is on these cards.
  • The rest of the players play as Clue Givers. You will place the Clue Cards in front of the Clue Givers.
Setup for Hedbanz Lightspeed

How to Play Hedbanz Lightspeed

The Guesser starts each round by pressing the button on the front of the headband. After the player presses the button, it will start to play sounds and will light up one of the three sections on the headband. The section it lights up determines how the Clue Givers will give clues. See the corresponding section below to see what types of clues that the players can give.

Determining what clues can give
The blue light on the headband is lit up. The Clue Givers can only describe a robot with three words.

While the Clue Givers are giving clues, the Guesser is trying to figure out what is on the card. The rules don’t specifically say if you get one or multiple guesses to try and guess what is on the card. Pretty much every other version of Hedbanz allows you to make as many guesses as you want. Therefore I am assuming you get as many guesses as you want in Hedbanz Lightspeed as well.

If the Guesser correctly guesses what is on the card, they will take the card off their headband. The Clue Givers will then start giving clues based on the card that is now visible.

A new card is revealed after guessing the previous card correctly
The player successfully guessed the robot card. They remove the card from the headband revealing the next card. The Clue Givers now have to act out “money”.

End of Round

The round continues until either the player has guessed all of the cards, or the headband starts playing an applause sound/the lights start to cycle. The role of Guesser passes to the next player (the game does not specify how to pick the next Guesser). Set up the headband with three new cards.

You score one point for each card that you correctly guess in the round. Keep the cards that you guess correctly to keep track of your score.

Scoring in Hedbanz Lightspeed
This player successfully guessed two of the cards from their headband. They will score two points this round.

Giving Clues

There are three different ways of giving clues in Hedbanz Lightspeed. The section of the headband that is lit up determines what the Clue Givers can do.

Act It Out

When this green section of the headband is lit up, all of the Clue Givers will act out what is shown on the card. Basically you will follow the rules of Charades. You cannot talk or use sounds.

Act It Out round to describe a rainbow
The green section on the left is lit up. The Clue Givers will have to describe a rainbow by acting it out.

Ask Me A Question!

Should the orange section be active, the Guesser gets to ask yes or no questions. They may ask any question that they want. The answer to the question must be yes or no though. You may ask as many questions as you want. The only limit is the time left in the round.

Ask Me a Question to figure out a boat
The middle yellow section is lit up. The Guesser has to ask questions to the other players to try and figure out that they have a boat card on their headband.

Just 3 Clues

When the blue section is lit up, the Clue Givers will give short clues to the Guesser. The clue can only use three words. You can give any clue as long as it is only three words. Obviously you can’t say the word on the card though.

Just 3 Clues to describe toast
The blue section on the right is lit up. The Clue Givers have to try to describe a piece of toast with only three words. They could say something like “bread after cooked”.

Winning Hedbanz Lightspeed

The rules kind of contradict themselves on how many rounds that you play. In one section it says that each player gets to play as the Guesser once. Multiple times it says that you will play a number of rounds until all of the players have been the Guesser the same number of times. Since this second rule is referenced multiple times, I think you can play as many rounds as you want. Choose how many rounds you want to play before you start the game though. Each player gets to be the Guesser the same number of rounds.

At the end of the game the players compare the points they scored during the game. The player that scored the most points wins the game.

Winning Hedbanz Lightspeed
At the end of the game the players collected these cards. The top player collected the most cards so they win the game.

Team Game

If you choose to play the team game, the players will divide into two teams. The game is mostly played the same as the normal game with a couple small changes.

For each round the current team chooses one of their players to be the Guesser while the rest of the players will be Clue Givers.

The other team shuffles the cards and draws five cards to add to the headband. They can choose the order in which to place the cards on the headband. They should put whichever cards they think are hardest in front to make it harder for the other team to score points.

Each round is played mostly the same as the normal game. The Clue Givers have to give clues based on the section that is currently lit up. Only one player gives clues at a time. The current Clue Giver changes each time the light changes colors.

The round ends when all of the cards have been guessed, or the headband plays an applause sound/the lights start to cycle.

Scoring Points

For each card a teams guesses correctly, they will score one point. Keep any card that you guess correctly.

For each card that the team can’t guess or pass on, the other team scores one point. Pass any card you don’t guess to the other team.

Scoring in the team game
During the round the current team successfully guessed three of their cards. They couldn’t guess the other two cards in time so they will give those two cards to the other team.

Winning the Game

You will keep playing rounds until each player has had one turn as the Guesser.

Each team counts up how many cards/points they collected during the game. The team that scores the most points wins the game.

Hedbanz Lightspeed FAQ

If you have any questions about how to play the game, leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Components for Hedbanz Lightspeed


  • 74 Cards
  • 3 Question Cards
  • 3 Clue Cards
  • Light-Up Unit
  • Headband
  • Instructions

Year: 2023 | Publisher: Spin Master

Genres: Deduction, Family, Party

Ages: 6+ | Number of Players: 2-6 | Length of Game: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Moderate

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