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Gobble Monster Board Game Rules Explained With Pictures

Gobble Monster Board Game Rules Explained With Pictures

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The objective of Gobble Monster is to collect the most toys before the monster attacks.


  • Insert the eyes and arms into the corresponding sections of the monster.
  • Insert three AAA batteries into the back of the monster.
  • Turn the switch on the monster to on.
  • Pull the tongue out as far as you can. Place the monster in the middle of the play area.
  • Randomly place all of the toys on the tongue.
  • Shuffle the cards and place them face down on the table where everyone can reach them.
  • The youngest player starts the game. Play moves clockwise/left throughout the game.
  • To start the game you press the tail on the back of the monster.

How to Play Gobble Monster

To start your turn you will draw a card. The card you draw determines what action you will take on your turn. See the corresponding card section below for more details.

Should you draw a card and there are no toys on the tongue that match the color/shape on the card, you will draw another card.

If the draw pile should run out of cards, you will shuffle the discard pile.

After you take the action from the card you drew, discard it. Your turn ends. Play passes to the player on your left.

Shape card

Shape Card

When you draw a shape card like the one shown above, you can pick up one toy from the monster’s tongue that matches the shape shown on the card. You can pick up a toy of any color. Place the toy you pick up next to you.

Using a shape card in Gobble Monster
This player drew a teddy bear card. They chose to take the red teddy bear off the tongue.
Color card

Color Card

Should you draw a color card, you can pick up any toy from the tongue that matches the color on the card. You can pick up any type of toy as long as it matches the color. Place the toy you chose in front of you.

Using a color card in Gobble Monster
This player drew a green color card. They chose to take the green plane off the tongue.
Move card

Move Card

When you draw one of these cards, choose one of the toys on the tongue. You will move the chosen toy to a different position on the tongue.

Using a move card in Gobble Monster
This player drew a move card. They took the yellow rubber duck from the end of the tongue and moved it next to the yellow car.
Steal card

Steal Card

Choose another player and take one of their toys. You will add the toy you chose to your group of toys.

Winning the Game

Eventually the monster will become angry. When this happens it’s tongue will pull the toys remaining on it into its mouth and it will run away.

End of Gobble Monster
The monster rolled up its tongue into its mouth. The game has ended.

The player whose turn it was when the monster ate the toys, has to give one of their toys to each of the other players. They will give the first toy to the player on their left. This continues until either all of the players have received a toy, or the player runs out of toys to give.

All of the players then count up how many toys they have. The player with the most toys wins the game.

Winning Gobble Monster
The top player collected the most toys during the game. They have won the game.

Gobble Monster FAQ

If you have any questions about how to play the game, leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Components for Gobble Monster


  • Gobble Monster
  • 24 Cards
    • 6 Color Cards
    • 8 Shape Cards
    • 6 Move Cards
    • 4 Steal Cards
  • 12 Toys
    • 3 Cars
    • 3 Planes
    • 3 Teddy Bears
    • 3 Ducks
  • Instructions

Year: 2021 | Publisher: Goliath Games

Genres: Action, Children’s

Ages: 4+ | Number of Players: 2-4 | Length of Game: 5 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: High

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