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Fortnite Funko Product Releases: The Complete List

The following is a list of all Fortnite Funko releases (Pop! Figures, Pocket Pop! Keychains, 5 Star, Pint Size Heroes, and Vynl.) that will be updated whenever new products are announced. The list is ordered by product line and then numerical order (or alphabetical for unnumbered product lines). If you are planning on purchasing any of these products on Amazon, ordering through any of the links on this post will give us a small cut of the sale price to help keep the blog running.

Fortnite Funko 5 Star Releases:

Fortnite Funko Pint Size Heroes Releases:

  • Black Knight & Red Knight 2-Pack (Buy It)
  • Cuddle Team Leader & Love Ranger 2-Pack (Buy It)
  • Funk Ops & Tomatohead 2-Pack (Buy It)
  • Moonwalker & Burnout 2-Pack (Buy It)
  • Omega & Valor 2-Pack (Buy It)
  • Pathfinder & Highrise Assault Trooper 2-Pack (Buy It)
  • Ranger & Zoey 2-Pack (Buy It)
  • Raptor & Elite Agent 2-Pack (Buy It)
  • Rex & Tricera Ops 2-Pack (Buy It)
  • Skull Trooper & Ghoul Trooper 2-Pack (Buy It)

Fortnite Funko Pop! Figure Releases:

  • Pop! Games 426: Black Knight (Buy It)
  • Pop! Games 427: Brite Bomber (Buy It)
  • Pop! Games 428: Codename E.L.F. (Target Exclusive) (Buy It)
  • Pop! Games 429: Crackshot (Walmart Exclusive) (Buy It)
  • Pop! Games 430: Cuddle Team Leader (Buy It)
  • Pop! Games 431: Highrise Assault Trooper (Buy It)
  • Pop! Games 432: Love Ranger (Buy It)
  • Pop! Games 433: Merry Marauder (Buy It)
  • Pop! Games 434: Moonwalker (Buy It)
  • Pop! Games 435: Omega (Buy It)
  • Pop! Games 436: Raptor (Buy It)
  • Pop! Games 437: Red-Nosed Raider (GameStop Exclusive) (Buy It)
  • Pop! Games 438: Skull Trooper (Buy It)
  • Pop! Games 439: Tower Recon Specialist (Buy It)
  • Pop! Games 442: Dark Voyager (Buy It)
  • Pop! Games 443: Rex (Buy It)
  • Pop! Games 457: Burnout
  • Pop! Games 458: Zoey
  • Pop! Games 459: Raven
  • Pop! Games 460: Havoc
  • Pop! Games 461: Sparkle Specialist
  • Pop! Games 462: Tricera Ops
  • Pop! Games 463: Valor
  • Pop! Games 464: Dark Vanguard
  • Pop! Games 465: Ragnarok
  • Pop! Games 466: Drift

Fortnite Funko Pocket Pop! Keychain Releases:

  • Black Knight (Buy It)
  • Brite Bomber (Buy It)
  • Burnout
  • Cuddle Team Leader (Buy It)
  • Dark Vanguard
  • Dark Voyager (Buy It)
  • Drift
  • Havoc
  • Highrise Assault Trooper (Buy It)
  • Love Ranger (Buy It)
  • Moonwalker (Buy It)
  • Omega (Buy It)
  • Ragnarok
  • Raptor (Buy It)
  • Raven
  • Rex
  • Skull Trooper (Buy It)
  • Sparkle Specialist
  • Tower Recon Specialist (Buy It)
  • Tricera Ops
  • Valor
  • Zoey

Fortnite Funko Vynl. Releases:

  • Cuddle Team Leader + Love Ranger (Buy It)
  • Rex + Tricera Ops (Buy It)

Kathy Vanallen

Saturday 13th of April 2019

I am trying to get a full set of keychains. I have 4 that I cannot find anywhere . Any ideas where to find.. thank you kathy