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February 2022 TV Series Premieres: The Complete List and Guide to What to Watch

With so many new TV series premiering each month, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with them and even more impossible to know which ones are worth your time. Just in February 2022 alone, there are 59 new TV series scheduled to make their debut. The goal with these monthly posts is to keep you up to date with what new shows are premiering each month and to try to curate as many of them as possible to viewers that will enjoy them. It’s impossible to watch everything that premieres this month but I’ll try to check out as many as I can and provide short reviews of each (I have currently reviewed 0 of the 59 TV series that have premiered or are scheduled to premiere this month). Since I obviously can’t get to every show on this list, I would love to read your thoughts about these series so leave a comment about any or all of the shows you watched this month. Help other viewers like you figure out what they should watch and I’ll try to check out any series that get a lot of positive reception. Let’s turn this post series into a sort of TV book club and help each other find some hidden gems.

For similar monthly lists of TV series premieres, please refer to our TV Series Premieres by Date: The Complete List and Directory (*coming soon*) and/or our 2022 TV Series Premieres: The Complete List and Directory posts. The goal with all of these posts is to provide a complete catalog/archive of all TV series that fit a certain category (year of release, genre, network, etc.) as well as curate the titles in each that I think are worth your time. Think of this idea as a sort-of hyper-organized Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide but for TV shows.

These complete list posts take hours to days to even assemble all of the titles that fit them, let alone watch and write about them. If you would like to help support the blog and help us archive and curate the world of entertainment, most of our revenue comes from Amazon affiliate links. If you are planning on making an Amazon purchase, we would greatly appreciate if you would click any of the Amazon links below (or this one) to help us earn a cut of the purchase price (this works for almost anything you buy). It doesn’t cost you anything extra to buy from these links and is the best way to support Geeky Hobbies.

To search for a specific TV series, press CTRL + F at the same time and then start typing in the name of the show you are looking for.

Rating Explanation:

  • 0 and 0.5/5-Awful and/or offensive, no redeeming qualities, avoid at all costs.
  • 1 and 1.5/5-Bad, I can’t recommend it for anyone but there may be a few people out there who enjoy it.
  • 2 and 2.5/5-Below average, watchable but usually boring, unimaginative, or the bad outweighs the good. Might be worth half-watching while doing something else or if you love the concept or genre.
  • 3/5-Average, these series are worth watching if you have time (especially if you like the concept or genre) but most viewers will find them unexciting and mostly mediocre. They’ll probably be worth your time but don’t expect anything earth-shattering.
  • 3.5/5-Good, series at this level are well-made with no real major issues (or the good more than outweighs the bad). Most viewers should watch these series as long as they have time and don’t hate the genre or concept.
  • 4 and 4.5/5-Great, absolutely worth the watch, most people who try it should enjoy it. My ratings tend to heavily skew into the 2.5-3.5 range so if I give a show a 4 or 4.5/5, it’s really something special.
  • 5-Perfect, an absolute masterpiece with no flaws that will probably have you thinking about it for months or even years. I rarely give out this perfect score.
  • *Note: These ratings are subject to change as these shows continue to air. Due to the timely nature of this post series, I will often have to write about a show based only on the first episode or two (which I don’t like to do as most shows don’t even reach their full potential until season two or three). I will try to update the list entries if my opinion changes later in the season (if I continue watching it that is).

Last Updated: January 24, 2022

February 1 TV Series Premieres

The Real Dirty Dancing (FOX, 9/8 PM)

Watch The Real Dirty Dancing: Not Yet Available

February 2

Pam & Tommy (Hulu, Midnight/11 PM)

Watch Pam & Tommy: Not Yet Available

February 3

Finding Ola (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch Finding Ola: Not Yet Available

Murderville (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch Murderville: Not Yet Available

New Gold Mountain (Sundance Now, 3/2 AM)

Watch New Gold Mountain: Not Yet Available

United We Drive (FYI, 10/9 PM)

Watch United We Drive: Not Yet Available

February 4

Phat Tuesdays (Amazon, Midnight/11 PM)

Watch Phat Tuesdays: Not Yet Available

Reacher (Amazon, Midnight/11 PM)

Watch Reacher: Not Yet Available

Suspicion (Apple TV+, Midnight/11 PM)

Watch Suspicion: Not Yet Available

February 5

Mary Makes It Easy (Food Network, Noon/11 AM)

Watch Mary Makes It Easy: Not Yet Available

February 6

Power Book IV: Force (Starz, 9:15/8:15 PM)

Watch Power Book IV: Force: Not Yet Available

Shenmue: The Animation (Adult Swim, 12:30 AM/11:30 PM)

Watch Shenmue: The Animation: Not Yet Available

February 7

1000-lb Best Friends (TLC, 10/9 PM)

Watch 1000-lb Best Friends: Not Yet Available

Angela Black (Spectrum, 3/2 AM)

Watch Angela Black: Not Yet Available

One Thousand Years of Slavery – The Untold Story (Smithsonian Channel, 8/7 PM)

Watch One Thousand Years of Slavery – The Untold Story: Not Yet Available

February 8

Jeopardy! National College Championship (ABC, 8/7 PM)

Watch Jeopardy! National College Championship: Not Yet Available

Love Is Blind: Japan (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch Love Is Blind: Japan: Not Yet Available

February 9

Alice’s Wonderland Bakery (Disney Channel/Disney Junior, 10:30/9:30 AM)

Watch Alice’s Wonderland Bakery: Not Yet Available

The Big Shot Game Show (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch The Big Shot Game Show: Not Yet Available

Only Jokes Allowed (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch Only Jokes Allowed: Not Yet Available

February 10

About Last Night (HBO Max, 3/2 AM)

Watch About Last Night: Not Yet Available

The Girl Before (HBO Max, 3/2 AM)

Watch The Girl Before: Not Yet Available

Real Husbands of Hollywood: More Kevin, More Problems (BET+, 3/2 AM)

Watch Real Husbands of Hollywood: More Kevin, More Problems: Not Yet Available

Until Life Do Us Part (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch Until Life Do Us Part: Not Yet Available

February 11

Everything’s Gonna Be All White (Showtime, 8/7 PM)

Watch Everything’s Gonna Be All White: Not Yet Available

Inventing Anna (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch Inventing Anna: Not Yet Available

February 12

Attenborough’s Global Adventure (BBC America, 8/7 PM)

Watch Attenborough’s Global Adventure: Not Yet Available

Forecasting Love and Weather (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch Forecasting Love and Weather: Not Yet Available

Profiled: The Black Man (Discovery+, 3/2 AM)

Watch Profiled: The Black Man: Not Yet Available

Twenty Five Twenty One (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch Twenty Five Twenty One: Not Yet Available

February 13

Bel-Air (Peacock, 3/2 AM)

Watch Bel-Air: Not Yet Available

February 14

Aftertaste (Acorn TV, 3/2 AM)

Watch Aftertaste: Not Yet Available

Devotion, A Story of Love and Desire (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch Devotion, A Story of Love and Desire: Not Yet Available

Fishbowl Wives (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch Fishbowl Wives: Not Yet Available

February 15

Luda Can’t Cook (Discovery+, 3/2 AM)

Watch Luda Can’t Cook: Not Yet Available

February 16

Jeen-Yuhs (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch Jeen-Yuhs: Not Yet Available

Secrets of Summer (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch Secrets of Summer: Not Yet Available

Stuck (TLC, 10/9 PM)

Watch Stuck: Not Yet Available

February 17

Big Nate (Paramount+, 3/2 AM)

Watch Big Nate: Not Yet Available

February 18

The Cuphead Show! (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch The Cuphead Show!: Not Yet Available

Lincoln’s Dilemma (Apple TV+, Midnight/11 PM)

Watch Lincoln’s Dilemma: Not Yet Available

LOL: Last One Laughing Canada (Amazon, Midnight/11 PM)

Watch LOL: Last One Laughing Canada: Not Yet Available

Severance (Apple TV+, Midnight/11 PM)

Watch Severance: Not Yet Available

February 19

No TV series premieres currently scheduled.

February 20

Abraham Lincoln (History Channel, 8/7 PM)

Watch Abraham Lincoln: Not Yet Available

From (EPIX, 10/9 PM)

Watch From: Not Yet Available

I Was There (History Channel, 10:30/9:30 PM)

Watch I Was There: Not Yet Available

LBJ: Triumph and Tragedy (CNN, 9/8 PM)

Watch LBJ: Triumph and Tragedy: Not Yet Available

February 21

All American: Homecoming (The CW, 9/8 PM)

Watch All American: Homecoming: Not Yet Available

America’s Got Talent: Extreme (NBC, 8/7 PM)

Watch America’s Got Talent: Extreme: Not Yet Available

Conviction: The Case of Stephen Lawrence (Acorn TV, 3/2 AM)

Watch Conviction: The Case of Stephen Lawrence: Not Yet Available

The Endgame (NBC, 10/9 PM)

Watch The Endgame: Not Yet Available

February 22

No Retreat: Business Bootcamp (CNBC, 10/9 PM)

Watch No Retreat: Business Bootcamp: Not Yet Available

Race: Bubba Wallace (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch Race: Bubba Wallace: Not Yet Available

February 23

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder (Disney+, 3/2 AM)

Watch The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder: Not Yet Available

February 24

No TV series premieres currently scheduled.

February 25

Back to 15 (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch Back to 15: Not Yet Available

Vikings: Valhalla (Netflix, 3/2 AM)

Watch Vikings: Valhalla: Not Yet Available

February 26

No TV series premieres currently scheduled.

February 27

Adam Eats the ’80s (History Channel, 10/9 PM)

Watch Adam Eats the ’80s: Not Yet Available

Super Pumped (Showtime, 10/9 PM)

Watch Super Pumped: Not Yet Available

February 28

Spring Baking Championship: Easter (Food Network, 10/9 PM)

Watch Spring Baking Championship: Easter: Not Yet Available