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Charty Party Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Charty Party Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Objective of Charty Party

The objective of Charty Party is to provide funny answers for charts in order to win five rounds before the other players.

Setup for Charty Party

  • Shuffle the orange cards and place them face down in a stack(s).
  • Each player draws seven orange cards. Players should look at their own cards, but shouldn’t show them to the other players.
  • Shuffle the white chart cards and place them in a face down stack.
  • Choose a player to be a judge for the first round. This role will rotate throughout the game.

Playing Charty Party

Revealing The Chart Card for the Round

To start each round the current judge turns over the top card from the chart stack. They will describe the chart to the other players.

Chart Card in Charty Party
For this round the players will submit a card of something that goes up when there are four or more people in an elevator.

Submitting A Card

All of the players will look at and study the chart. All of the players except for the judge will pick one of the orange cards from their hand to play this round. When choosing what card to play, you are essentially choosing the label for the Y-Axis of the chart. You should choose a card that you think the judge will find funny, as you are trying to get them to choose your card.

Once you have picked your card for the round, you will pass it face down to the judge.

Once all of the players have passed a card to the judge, they will pick up all of the cards that were passed to them. They will shuffle the cards without looking at them.

Picking the Round’s Winning Card

The judge then presents each card one at a time. After they have presented all of the cards they will decide which one they like the best.

Submissions for Round in Charty Party
In this round five cards were submitted. The judge now has to pick which one they like the most.

They can use whatever criteria they want to make their decision. They can choose which one they think is funniest, which one the group thinks is funniest, which one is most accurate, or any other criteria. When the judge has picked a card they will give the round’s chart card to the player whose answer they chose. This card will count as one point for the player.

Choosing the Winner of a Round
The judge decided to pick “How much you prefer dogs over people”. The player that submitted this card receives the chart card which is worth one point.

The player to the left of the current judge becomes the judge for the next round. Everyone who played a card in the last round draws a new card so they have seven in their hand.

Bonus Rounds

For some rounds the judge will flip over a chart card that says “Extra Special Bonus Round”. This round will be played different than a normal round.

Extra Special Bonus Round Chart Card
For this round a Extra Special Bonus Round card was drawn.

For these charts all of the players other than the judge plays two cards. Basically the players are playing two cards that follow the pattern of when one increases the other increases as well.

Bonus Round Submission in Charty Party
For this bonus round one of the players submitted these two cards. Their submission is when interest in explosions goes up, the likelihood of all your friends dying also goes up.

Once everyone has chosen their two cards, the judge chooses which player played the best set of cards. They will receive the chart card for providing the best answer for the round.

All of the players who played cards in the round then draw two new cards so they have seven cards in their hand.

Winning the Game

The first player to acquire five chart cards wins the game.

Winning Charty Party
This player has acquired five chart cards. They have won the game.

If players want to play to fewer or more cards, the players should agree to the amount before the game starts.

Charty Party Components

Year: 2019 | Publisher: Charty Party LLC | Designer: Evan Katz, Josh Roberts

Genres: Party

Ages: 17+ | Number of Players: 3-8 | Length of Game: 30+ minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Moderate

Components: 250 topic cards, 44 chart cards, instructions

Where to Purchase: Amazon, eBay Any purchases made through these links (including other products) help keep Geeky Hobbies running. Thank you for your support.

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