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Buzzfeed 2000’s Ultimate Trivia Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Buzzfeed 2000’s Ultimate Trivia Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Buzzfeed 2000’s Ultimate Trivia Game How to Play Quick Links: | Objective | Setup | Playing the Game | Types of Cards | Winning the Game | Variant Rules | FAQ | Components |

Objective of Buzzfeed 2000’s Ultimate Trivia Game

The objective of Buzzfeed 2000’s Ultimate Trivia Game is to be the first player/team to score seven points.


  • Gather some pencils/pens and a piece of paper.
  • Set the 30 second timer next to the game box.
  • If there are four or more players, the players will split into two teams. For three player games, each player plays as their own team.
  • The first team/player to hum the hook to “Toxic” by Britney Spears gets to go first.

Playing Buzzfeed 2000’s Ultimate Trivia Game

Buzzfeed 2000’s Ultimate Trivia Game is played over a number of turns. Each turn begins with the current team choosing one player to be the only player that can answer this turn’s question.

Choose a player from another team to be the reader for the current turn. The reader is unable to play the current turn’s card even if it is one that allows additional players to play.

The reader draws a card from the box and reads the question to the player chosen to answer in the current turn. After they read the card, they will turn over the sand timer.

The answering player has until the timer runs out to provide an answer. Only the chosen player can answer the question. If another player on their team answers or gives a hint to the answering player, the team cannot score any points from the current turn.

If the answering player provides the correct answer, their team scores one point. Should they provide no answer or the wrong answer, they score zero points for their team.

Buzzfeed 2000's Ultimate Trivia Game Trivia Card
For this round the player has to figure out the color of the Angry Bird in the original logo for the game. If the player answers red, their team receives one point.

The card for the current round is then returned to the back of the box. The next team/player gets to answer a question in the next turn.

Types of Cards in Buzzfeed 2000’s Ultimate Trivia Game

Most of the cards in Buzzfeed 2000’s Ultimate Trivia Game are normal trivia questions. Some of the cards have a unique way to play them though. The unique rules for these cards are as follows:

Double or Nothing

For Double or Nothing cards the answering player first tries to answer the question printed at the top of the card. If they answer incorrectly, the card is returned to the box, and the turn ends.

If they guess correctly though, they will choose whether they want to try and answer a second related question. Should they choose not to try the second question, they will earn one point for getting the first question correct.

If they choose to answer the second question, the reader reads the question at the bottom of the card. The answering player will try to answer this new question. They will still have the time limit like normal questions.

If they get the second question correct, they will earn two points. If they get the second question wrong, they will earn zero points.

Double or Nothing card
A Double or Nothing card was drawn for this round. For this card the player has to know the year that Michael Jordan retired from basketball. If they answer 2003 they receive one point. If they want to risk the second question, they can earn a second point if they answer Washington Wizards as the team he retired from. Should they get either question wrong they will receive zero points.


For Battle cards the answering player chooses another player from another team.

The players will follow the directions on the card.

The winner of whatever was printed on the card, scores one point for their team.

Battle Card from Buzzfeed 2000's Ultimate Trivia Game
For this Battle card the two players bid on how many Pop songs they can name from the 2000s. The player that bids the highest has 30 seconds to name as many songs as they can. If they can name as many or more than they bid, they will score a point. Otherwise the other team scores a point.

Team Up!

The answering player chooses another player to team up with. This player can be on their own team or another team.

There are two types of Team Up! cards.

Drawing cards require one of the two players to draw what is written on the card. They need to get the other player to guess what they are drawing within the time limit. The drawing player cannot use sounds or gestures while drawing.

Team Up Drawing card
For this round the two chosen players will team up in a drawing round. One player will try to draw skinny jeans and try to get the other player to successfully guess it.

Clue giving cards has one player try to describe the object printed on the card to the other player. The player needs to get their teammate to guess the object within the time limit. The clue giver cannot use gestures while describing the object. The reader for the current turn should make sure that the clue giver doesn’t use any part of the word or any of the words in the card’s list while describing the object. If they use any of those words, the turn ends with no points being scored.

Team Up card where you have to describe TiVo
For this round one of the chosen players has to describe TiVo to the other chosen player. They can describe it however they want but they can’t use the following words: DVR, television, recording, video, and movie.

If the two players are successful in their challenge, they both receive one point. Should both players be on the same team though, the team will only earn one point total.

Winning Buzzfeed 2000’s Ultimate Trivia Game

The first player/team to score seven points wins the game.

Variant Rules for Buzzfeed 2000’s Ultimate Trivia Game

While playing the game you can choose to use any of the following variant rules in order to mix up the gameplay.

Swap It!

Each team receives one Swap action to use in the game.

If the answering player is having trouble answering a question and one of their teammates know the answer, they can use the Swap action to answer the question themselves.

This action can only be used once per team each game.


Draw a Tic-Tac-Toe board on a piece of paper.

Whenever a team gets a correct answer, they can fill in one of the spaces on the board.

The first team to get three of their symbols in a row, wins the game.


Whenever a team answers a question incorrectly, they receive a strike.

When a team receives three strikes, they are eliminated from the game.

Royal Rumble!

This variant rule can only be used if there are four or more players.

Both teams can answer every card in the game. Each team only gets one guess per question though.

The first team to answer correctly earns the point.

For Double or Nothing cards, the team that gets the first question correct is the only one that can choose to answer the second question.

Battle of the Decades!

If you own Like Totally 80s or Hellas 90s Pop Culture Trivia Games, you can combine the games together.

Each team will represent one of the decades. During the game each team will answer questions from a decade other than their team’s decade.

The first team to earn seven points wins the game.

Buzzfeed 2000’s Ultimate Trivia Game FAQ

If you have any questions about how to play Buzzfeed 2000’s Ultimate Trivia Game, leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Buzzfeed 2000's Ultimate Trivia Game Components

Buzzfeed 2000’s Ultimate Trivia Game Components

  • 200 Cards
  • 30 Second Sand Timer
  • Instructions

Year: 2020 | Publisher: Buffalo Games

Genres: Party, Trivia

Ages: 14+ | Number of Players: 3+ | Length of Game: 20-30 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Moderate

Where to Purchase: Amazon, eBay Any purchases made through these links (including other products) help keep Geeky Hobbies running. Thank you for your support.

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