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Boggle Jr. Board Game Rules Explained With Pictures

Boggle Jr. Board Game Rules Explained With Pictures

Objective of Boggle Jr.

The objective of Boggle Jr. is to spell words by finding the correct letters on the cubes.

Boggle Jr. has two different game modes. Before beginning to play the game choose which mode you want to use.

Match It-Spell It Boggle Jr Rules

This game mode is for young children who are just starting to learn to read and spell.


  • Stack all of the cards in the tray so the three letter words are visible.
  • Flip up the word cover so the letters are visible on the top card.
  • An adult should play the game with the child/children.

Playing Match It-Spell It

Each time a new card is revealed, ask the child playing the game what is shown on the picture. Then point to the word at the bottom of the card, read the word and spell it out letter by letter.

Match It-Spell It card
The player looks at the top card to see that they need to spell the word dog.

After you have spelled out the word, the child should look for the first letter on one of the cubes. They will place the cube into the first slot in the tray underneath the same letter on the card.

Placing the first letter
The player correctly found a D on one of the cubes and placed it in the first spot on the gameboard.

After the first cube is placed, follow the same process for the other two letters.

Completely spell a word in Boggle Jr Match It-Spell It
This player has finished spelling the word dog. They will remove the card and try to spell the next word.

You will complete this process for all of the three letter cards. After you have completed all of the three letter cards, flip them over to the four letter side. Play the four letter sides of the cards in the same way as the other side of the cards.

Cover It Boggle Jr. Rules

This game is meant for younger children that have some experience spelling and reading simple words.


  • Choose whether you are going to play with the three or four letter side of the cards. You can also choose to have a mix of three and four letter words.
  • Flip up the word cover to cover up the letters on the top card.

Playing Cover It

To start each turn the current player quickly lifts up the word cover to look at the word printed on the card. They will then use the word cover to once again cover up the word. To make the game more challenging, you can skip this step so the players have to spell the words without ever looking at them.

The current player then has to try and spell out the whole word from memory. They will search through the letter cubes and place them in order in the spots on the bottom of the tray.

If the player spells the word correctly, they will take the card and place it in front of them. They will then try to correctly spell the word on the next card.

Spelling a word correctly in Boggle Jr Cover It
The current player has to spell the word cat. Since they spelled the word correctly, they get to take the card.

Should they spell the word incorrectly, take the card out of the tray and place it on the bottom of the stack inside the tray. If there are multiple players, the next player then takes their turn.

Spelling a word incorrectly in Cover It
This player spelled cat incorrectly. They will not take the card. Instead it is placed on the bottom of the stack of cards.

Winning Cover It Boggle Jr.

The game ends once one of the players have collected all of the cards. The player that collected more cards wins the game.

Winning Boggle Jr
The player on the left collected more cards during the game. They have won the game.

Boggle Jr. Rules FAQ

If you have any questions about how to play Boggle Jr., leave a comment below on this post. I will try to answer any questions asked as best and as quickly as possible.

Components for Boggle Jr


  • 30 picture/word cards
  • 8 letter cubes
  • Tray
  • Instructions

Year: 1988 | Publisher: Hasbro, Parker Brothers

Genres: Children’s, Education, Word

Ages: 3+ | Number of Players: 1-2 | Length of Game: 10-15 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Light

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