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Beat That! (2019) Board Game: Review and Instructions for How to Play

Beat That! (2019) Board Game: Review and Instructions for How to Play

Objective of Beat That!

The objective of Beat That! is to complete various wacky challenges in order to score more points than the other players.

Setup for Beat That!

  • Clear the table of clutter.
  • Shuffle the challenge cards and place the pile in the middle of the table.
  • Each player takes 5 blue (1 point), 3 orange (3 points), and 2 yellow (5 points) betting tokens.
  • Roll the dice. Whoever rolls the highest number starts the game.

Playing Beat That!

The current start player draws the top card from the challenge card deck. They will read the category and challenge out loud to the rest of the players.

The challenges are divided into four categories. How you handle each challenge depends on its category:


Each player attempts the challenge on their own.

Solo Challenge in Beat That!
For this Solo challenge each player has to try and flip over three cups successfully before time runs out.

Battle Royale

All of the players will compete against one another in the challenge.

Battle Royale Challenge in Beat That!
In this challenge the four dice will be rolled. The players will race to try and figure out the lowest total they can create adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing the numbers rolled.
Battle Royale Challenge
For this roll the best use of the dice is as follows. Add the three and four dice together to get seven. Then subtract six from the seven. Finally subtract the running total of one from the other one. Your final result will be zero which is the lowest number you could potentially submit.

Buddy Up

Players will choose a partner to try and complete the challenge with.

Buddy Up Challenge in Beat That!
For this challenge the players will partner up. Each player has to stack two dice and a ball on top of a cup on their partner’s hand.
Buddy Up Challenge
Here is an example of what each player has to create on top of their partner’s hand in order to complete the challenge.


Players will compete head-to-head against another player.

Duel Challenge in Beat That!
For this Duel challenge the players will choose another player to compete against. Each player will race to flip three cards into a cup using a chopstick. The first player to land three cards into a cup wins the Duel.
Duel Challenge
This player has successfully flipped three cards into cups. They have won the Duel challenge.

For Buddy Up and Duel challenges, begin with the start player. Each player will choose their partner/opponent. Continue clockwise until all of the players have a partner/opponent. If there is an odd number of players, the player without a partner waits for the other players to attempt the challenge. They will then choose one of the players to play with (that player will attempt the challenge twice). The player who ends up repeating the challenge wins or loses their token based on the outcome of their second attempt.

Betting on Your Success

After finding out what challenge that you will have to complete, each player chooses how much to bet on the challenge. You will choose one token to bet on the challenge. Once you bet a token, it cannot be bet again. The tokens are worth the following number of points:

  • Blue: 1 point
  • Orange: 3 points
  • Yellow: 5 points
Choosing A Chip to Bet in Beat That!
Each player has to choose one of these three chip values to bid on the challenge for the current round.

If you think you can complete the challenge, you should bet a higher valued token. If you don’t think you will be able to complete it, you should choose a lower valued token.

Betting in Beat That!
This player is moderately confident that they can complete the challenge. They decide to bet one of their three chips.

When you are playing a Buddy Up or Duel challenge, you will bid individually. Both players don’t have to bid the same token.

Attempting the Challenge

Once everyone has chosen a token to bet, the players will try to complete the challenge. The current start player will attempt the challenge first. All of the players in clockwise order will then attempt the challenge.

Any players/teams that successfully complete the challenge, keep the token that they bid. Players should set these tokens aside as they have “banked” them. Players who failed their challenge will return their bet tokens to the box.

Failing A Challenge in Beat That!
This player has failed to complete the challenge in time. They will lose the chip that they bid this round.

Starting the Next Round

The next player clockwise becomes the start player for the next round. They will draw a new challenge card. The next round is played in the same way as the previous round.

This continues until ten rounds have been played.

Winning Beat That!

After ten rounds have been played, each player counts up the value of the tokens that they banked during the game. The player that banked the most wins the game.

Final Score in Beat That!
During the game this player successfully completed five of the challenges. They completed one challenge that they bet five on, two challenges that they bet three on, and two challenges that they bet one on. They scored a total of thirteen points.

If there is a tie, keep playing Solo Challenges until only one of the tied players remain. That player has won the game.

Components for Beat That!

Year: 2019 | Publisher: Gutter Games | Designer: Kate Jenkins, Zak Walton | Artist: Zak Walton

Genres: Action, Dexterity, Party

Ages: 9+ | Number of Players: 2-8 | Length of Game: 30-90 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: Moderate

Components: 160 challenge cards, 80 betting tokens, 10 playing cups, 5 plastic balls, 4 dice, chopsticks, memo pad, tape measure, sand timer, instructions

Where to Purchase: Amazon, eBay Any purchases made through these links (including other products) help keep Geeky Hobbies running. Thank you for your support.

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