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Banana Blast Board Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Banana Blast Board Game: Rules and Instructions for How to Play

Banana Blast How to Play Quick Links: | Objective | Setup | Playing the Game | End of Game

Objective of Banana Blast

The objective of Banana Blast is to acquire the most bananas by the end of the game.


  • Insert bananas into the holes around the edges of the tree.
  • Place the tree in the middle of the table.
  • Place Banana Joe on the top of the tree. Press down until he locks into place.
  • The player that jumps the highest starts the game. The game proceeds clockwise.
Setup for Banana Blast

Playing Banana Blast

To begin your turn you will roll the die. What you roll on the die determines what you will do on your turn. After you take your action, play passes to the next player clockwise.

During the game you need to keep both of your hands on the table with your palms down. This includes when it is not your turn. The only times you can take your hands off the table is to roll the die, collect bananas, and try to catch the monkey once it jumps into the air.

One Banana Symbol

One Banana

If you roll the one banana symbol, you get to take one banana from the tree. Choose whichever banana you want and pull it out of the tree. Once you touch a banana though, you must remove it from the tree.

After removing the banana from the tree, place it in front of you. You will score a point for it at the end of the game.

Take Banana
Since the player rolled the one banana symbol, they will take one banana from the tree.
Two Bananas Die Symbol

Two Bananas

If you roll the two bananas symbol, you will take the same action as the one banana symbol. The only difference is that you will take two bananas instead of one. You will take one banana at a time.

Taking Two Bananas
This player rolled the two bananas symbol. They take two bananas from the tree and add it to their collection.
Sharing A Banana Die Symbol

Sharing A Banana

When you roll this symbol you will choose another player. You will offer them one of the bananas that you previously collected. If you do not currently have any bananas, you will lose your next turn.

Sharing A Banana
This player rolled the share a banana symbol. They will have to give the banana they collected on a previous turn to another player.
Stealing A Banana Die Symbol

Stealing A Banana

Choose another player. You will get to steal one banana that your chosen player collected on a previous turn. If you are unable to steal a banana, you will skip your next turn.

Stealing A Banana
The current player rolled the steal a banana symbol. They can take one of the bananas from the player on the left or from another player that has bananas.

End of Banana Blast

Eventually one of the players will pull a banana out of the tree that will make the monkey jump into the air. At this time all of the players race to try and catch it.

If a player is able to catch the monkey, they will receive two bonus points. Should multiple players catch it, the player whose hand is underneath earns the bonus points.

Catching the Monkey in Banana Blast
This player caught the monkey. They will score two points from it at the end of the game.

If no one catches it before it hits the ground/table, no one receives the bonus points.

No One Catches the Monkey
None of the players ended up catching the monkey. Therefore no one will receive the corresponding bonus points.

All of the players then count up the bananas they collected during the game. The player that caught the monkey adds two point to their total.

The player that collected the most bananas/points, wins the game.

Winning Banana Blast
Here are the bananas that the players’ collected during the game. The top player collected two bananas and caught the monkey for a total of four points. The next two players collected three bananas for a total of three points. The last player collected two bananas for two points. The top player earned the most points so they win the game.
Components for Banana Blast

Year: 2018 | Publisher: Goliath Games

Genres: Action, Children’s, Dexterity

Ages: 4+ | Number of Players: 2-5 | Length of Game: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Light | Strategy: Light | Luck: High

Components: Jumping Monkey, Tree, 12 Bananas, Die, Instructions

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