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2022 Cassette Tape Releases: The Complete List of Recent and Upcoming Titles

The following is a complete list of all 2022 cassette tape releases ordered by week of release. This post will be updated every month or so with the newest announcements. So far, 200 cassette tapes have been released or are scheduled to hit store shelves in 2022. If you would like to purchase any of the following cassette tape releases, you can click on the links to be taken to their Amazon page. These links are Amazon affiliate links which means we get a small cut of any purchases you make from these links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to buy from these links and it is a great way to support Geeky Hobbies if you are planning on purchasing any of these titles anyway.

For physical media collectors, we also offer similar list posts for home video releases (4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, TV on Blu-ray and DVD, etc.), video games, and more. You can find all of those lists here.

To search for a specific title, use CTRL + F and then start typing the name of the release you are searching for.

Last Updated: May 21, 2022

January 2022 Cassette Tape Releases

January 7

  • Crown Lands: White Buffalo (Buy It)
  • STR4TA: The Invicta Mixtape (Mixed by Gilles Peterson & Sam Bhok) (Buy It)

January 14

  • ELEH: Polarizer 2 (Buy It)
  • Hus Kingpin: The Firm (Buy It)
  • The Lumineers: Brightside (Buy It)
  • Party Cannon: Volumes of Vomit (Buy It)
  • The Wombats: Fix Yourself Not the World (Buy It)

January 21

  • The Beatles: Das Sind Die Beatles…Munchen 1996 (Buy It)
  • Boris: W (Buy It)
  • Nirvana: Live… 1991 – Pat O’Brien Pavilion, Del Mar, CA (Buy It)
  • Studio One Groups (Red Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Yard Act: The Overload (Buy It)

January 28

  • Anthrax: Worship Music (Buy It)
  • The Beths: Jump Rope Gazers (Buy It)
  • Bill Callahan & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy: Blind Date Party (Buy It)
  • Bitchin’ Bajas: Switched on Ra (Buy It)
  • Fat Jon as Maurice Galactica: Rapture Kontrolle (Buy It)
  • The Wipers: Is This Real? (Buy It)
  • The Wipers: Over the Edge (Buy It)
  • The Wipers: Youth of America (Buy It)

February 2022 Cassette Tape Releases

February 4

  • Bastille: Give Me the Future (Buy It)
  • Hippo Campus: LP3 (Buy It)
  • Mitski: Laurel Hell (Buy It)
  • Scandroid: Dreams of Darkness, Visions of Light (Buy It)

February 11

  • Fiendsh: Hayashi Reborn (Buy It)
  • Inside: The Songs (Bo Burnham) (Buy It)
  • Kill Alters: Armed to the Teeth L.M.O.M.M. (Black Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Metal Fingers Presents: Special Herbs (5 Cassette Box Set) (Buy It)
  • Morteza Mahjubi: Selected Improvisations from Golha, Pt. II (Buy It)
  • Pedro the Lion: Havasu (Buy It)
  • Slash (Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators): 4 (Buy It)

February 18

  • Beach House: Once Twice Melody (Buy It)
  • Khruangbin & Leon Bridges Present: Texas Moon (Buy It)
  • Palomino Blond: On the Inside (Buy It)
  • Tangled Up: Silk Embroidered Light (Buy It)
  • Trentemoller: Memoria (Buy It)
  • Yeule: Glitch Princess (Buy It)

February 25

  • Crimeapple: Sancocho (Buy It)
  • Dashboard Confessional: All the Truth That I Can Tell (Buy It)
  • Fire-Toolz: Eternal Home Instrumentals (Clear Red Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Michelle: After Dinner We Talk Dreams (Buy It)
  • The Moldy Peaches: Origin Story: 1994-1999 (Buy It)
  • While Mortals Sleep: Original Score by Danz CM (Buy It)

March 2022 Cassette Tape Releases

March 4

  • Allegra Krieger: Precious Thing (Buy It)
  • The Beths: Future Me Hates Me (Buy It)
  • The Coral: The Coral (Buy It)
  • Duster: Contemporary Movement (Buy It)
  • Duster: Stratosphere (Buy It)
  • El Ten Eleven: New Year’s Eve (Buy It)
  • Eyecandy: The Promontory/Supernova (Buy It)
  • Karate: The Bed Is in the Ocean (Buy It)
  • Otargos: Fleshborer Soulflayer (Buy It)

March 11

  • Artsick: Fingers Crossed (Buy It)
  • CMAT: If My Wife New I’d Be Dead (Gold Glitter Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Continental Drift (Buy It)
  • Franz Ferdinand: Hits to the Head (Buy It)
  • Ghost: Impera (Baby Blue Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Ghost: Impera (Dark Blue Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Kids on a Crime Spree: Fall in Love Not in Line (Buy It)
  • Kids on a Crime Spree: We Love You So Bad (Buy It)

March 18

  • Bad Brains: Quickness (Buy It)
  • Charli XCX: CRASH (Buy It)
  • Iron Maiden: The Number of the Beast (40th Anniversary Edition) (Buy It)
  • Juice Wrld: Fighting Demons (Buy It)
  • Sonic Youth: In/Out/In (Green Translucent Cassette Tape) (Buy It)

March 25

  • Barrie: Barbara (Buy It)
  • Bellow: Next of Kin (Buy It)
  • Ghost B****: Blood and Honey (Buy It)
  • Guerilla Toss: Famously Alive (Buy It)
  • Macabre: Dahmer Remastered (Red Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Macabre: Grim Scary Tales Remastered (Red Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Macabre Minstrels: Morbid Campfire Songs Remastered (Red Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Macabre: Murder Metal Remastered (Red Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • The Ossuary: Oltretomba (Import) (Buy It)
  • Placebo: Never Let Me Go (Red Cassette Tape) (Buy It)

April 2022 Cassette Tape Releases

April 1

  • Chinese Junk: Raw Deal (Buy It)
  • Karen Dalton: In My Own Time (50th Anniversary Edition) (Buy It)
  • Mid-Air Thief: Gongjoong Doduk (Buy It)
  • Peter Doherty + Frederic Lo: The Fantasy Life of Poetry and Crime (Buy It)
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers: Unlimited Love (Buy It)
  • Sonic Youth: Sister (Buy It)
  • Studio One Dub (Orange Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Testament: The Formation of Damnation (Tinted Green Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Thomas Rhett: Where We Started (Smoky Tint Cassette Tape) (Buy It)

April 8

  • Father John Misty: Chloe and the Next 20th Century (Buy It)
  • Good Looks: Bummer Year (Buy It)
  • PENDANT: Harp (Buy It)
  • RXM Reality: Sick for You (Buy It)

April 15

  • Hiroshi Yoshimura: Green (Buy It)
  • A Wilhelm Scream: Lose Your Delusion (Buy It)

April 22

  • Burzum: Daudi Baldrs (Import) (Buy It)
  • Carrtoons: Homegrown (Grey Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Hatchie: Giving the World Away (Buy It)
  • Jazz Sabbath: Vol. 2 (Buy It)
  • Malevolent Creation: Eternal (Import) (Buy It)
  • OHYUNG: imagine naked! (Buy It)

April 29

  • blackwinterwells: Crystal Shards (Buy It)
  • Blink-182: Buddah (Yellow Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Erica Eso: 192 (Buy It)
  • Gus Englehorn: Dungeon Master (Buy It)
  • Kehlani: Blue Water Road (Buy It)
  • Naoise Roo: Lilith Expanded (Buy It)
  • Proper.: The Great American Novel (Buy It)
  • Rudimentary Peni: Death Church (Buy It)
  • Tomberlin: I Don’t Know Who Needs to Hear This… (Buy It)
  • Toro y Moi: Mahal (Buy It)
  • The Weeknd: Dawn FM (Buy It)

May 2022 Cassette Tape Releases

May 6

  • AURORA: The Gods We Can Touch (Buy It)
  • AWOLNATION: My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers and Me (Buy It)
  • flor: Future Shine (Buy It)
  • Fly Anakin: Frank (Buy It)
  • Ibaraki: Rashomon (White Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Kelz: 5 AM and I Can’t Sleep (Buy It)
  • Night Tempo: Ladies in the City (Buy It)
  • Nocte Obducta: Irrlicht es Schlagt Dem Mond Ein Kaltes Herz (Buy It)
  • Sharon Van Etten: We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong (Buy It)
  • Sonic Youth: Evol (Buy It)
  • Sunflower Bean: Headful of Sugar (Smokey Black Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Turbo World: My Challenger (Yellow Cassette Tape) (Buy It)

May 13

  • Bear’s Den: Blue Hours (Buy It)
  • Mac DeMarco: Here Comes the Cowboy (Gold Metallic Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Sam Gendel and Antonia Cytrynowicz: Live a Little (Buy It)

May 20

  • Domsta: As Playa As Possible III (Buy It)
  • Jordana: Face the Wall (Buy It)
  • Mackjunt.: Daytona Drive (Buy It)
  • Professor Creepshow: Professional Mad Scientist (Buy It)
  • Weird Nightmare: Weird Nightmare (Buy It)

May 27

  • Alfie Templeman: Mellow Moon (Buy It)
  • Andrew Bernstein: A Presentation by Andrew Bernstein (Buy It)
  • Def Leppard: Diamond Star Halos (Red Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Max Creeps: Nein (Buy It)
  • Taking Back Sunday: Tell All Your Friends (20th Anniversary Edition, White Cassette Tape) (Buy It)

June 2022 Cassette Tape Releases

June 3

  • Angel Olsen: Big Time (Buy It)
  • Let’s Eat Grandma: Two Ribbons (Red Translucent Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood: Nancy & Lee (Buy It)
  • Origin: Chaosmos (Orange Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever: Endless Rooms (Buy It)
  • Royksopp: Profound Mysteries (Red Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Tales of Symphonia: Original Soundtrack (Buy It)
  • Twiztid: Mutant, Vol. 2 (Twiztid 25th Anniversary, Silver Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Vinterland: Welcome My Last Chapter (Buy It)

June 10

  • Bloomsday: Place to Land (Buy It)
  • Life: North East Coastal Town (Buy It)
  • Moonchild Sanelly: Phases (Buy It)

June 17

  • The Crystal Method: The Trip Out (Buy It)
  • Flume: Palaces (Buy It)
  • Mal Devisa: Kiid (Buy It)
  • Neu!: Neu! (50th Anniversary Edition) (Buy It)
  • Sound of Ceres: Emerald Sea (Buy It)
  • Yaya Bey: Remember Your North Star (Buy It)

June 24

  • Belphegor: The Devils (Buy It)
  • Caamp: Lavender Days (Buy It)
  • Classless Act: Welcome to the Show (Buy It)
  • Conan Gray: SUPERACHE (Red Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Day Wave: Pastlife (Buy It)
  • Jonas Reinhardt: Ragged Ghost (Buy It)
  • Joys Union Group: Boredom Euphoria (Buy It)
  • Machine Gun Kelly: Mainstream Sellout (Buy It)
  • MCC: The Dying Option (Buy It)
  • Reverend Baron: From Anywhere… (Buy It)

July 2022 Cassette Tape Releases

July 1

  • Carlos Truly: Not Mine (Buy It)
  • Northman: Original Soundtrack (Buy It)
  • Oog Bogo: Plastic (Buy It)
  • Twiztid: W.I.C.K.E.D. (25th Anniversary, Silver Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Yard Act: Dark Days (Silver Cassette Tape) (Buy It)

July 8

  • Elephant Gym: Dreams (Buy It)
  • Joe Rainey: Niineta (Buy It)
  • Viagra Boys: Cave World (Buy It)
  • Wu-Lu: LOGGERHEAD (Buy It)

July 15

  • Hot Flash Heat Wave: Sportswear (Buy It)
  • Lizzo: Special (Buy It)
  • Lynyn: Lexicon (Buy It)
  • Motherhood: Winded (Buy It)
  • Mxmtoon: Rising (Buy It)
  • Perish: The Decline (Buy It)
  • Working Men’s Club: Fear Fear (Buy It)

July 22

  • Bananarama: Masquerade (Buy It)
  • Beach Bunny: Emotional Creature (Purple Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • House of Pain: Fine Malt Lyrics (30th Anniversary Edition) (Buy It)
  • House of Pain: Fine Malt Lyrics (30th Anniversary Deluxe Version) (Buy It)
  • Nas: Magic (Buy It)
  • ODESZA: The Last Goodbye (Transparent Green Cassette Tape) (Buy It)
  • Ty Segall: “Hello, Hi” (Buy It)

July 29

  • Eddie Vedder: Earthling (Buy It)
  • Eric Johnson: The Book of Making (Buy It)
  • Eric Johnson: Yesterday Meets Today (Buy It)
  • Maggie Rogers: Surrender (Buy It)

August 2022 Cassette Tape Releases

August 5

  • Kokoroko: Could We Be More (Buy It)
  • Soulfly: Totem (Blue Cassette Tape) (Buy It)

August 12

August 19

  • Five Finger Death Punch: Afterlife (Buy It)

August 26

  • Machine Head: Of Kingdom and Crown (Buy It)

September 2022 Cassette Tape Releases

September 9

  • Built to Spill: When the Wind Forgets Your Name (Buy It)
  • Fallujah: Empyrean (Green Cassette Tape) (Buy It)

September 16

  • Dayglow: Fuzzybrain (Buy It)
  • Dayglow: Harmony House (Buy It)
  • Gwar: The New Dark Ages (Buy It)
  • Stranger Things 4: Soundtrack from the Netflix Series (Buy It)

September 23

  • Venom Inc.: There’s Only Black (Buy It)

September 30

  • Denzel Curry: Melt My Eyez See Your Future (Buy It)