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2020 Kino Lorber Blu-ray and DVD Releases: The Complete List and Release Schedule

The following is a list of all 2020 Kino Lorber Blu-ray and DVD releases by date of release. It includes releases from all Kino Lorber lines (Kino Classics, Kino Lorber Studio Classics, and even Scorpion Releasing titles as they are published by Kino Lorber). This post will be updated often, usually whenever new titles are announced. If you would like to purchase any of the following releases, you can click the links to be taken to the product’s Amazon page. These links are Amazon affiliate links which means we get a small cut of any purchases you make from these links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to buy from these links and it is a great way to support Geeky Hobbies if you are planning on purchasing any of these titles anyway. Note: We also do monthly lists of all new Blu-ray and DVD releases so if you are interested in a full rundown of this month’s new titles on shelves, click here.

Last Updated: January 6, 2020

January 2020 Kino Lorber Blu-ray and DVD Releases:

  • January 7-Brick (Blu-ray)
  • January 7-British Noir II: The Interrupted Journey, Cosh Boy, Time Is My Enemy, Time Lock, and The Vicious Circle (DVD)
  • January 7-Chained For Life (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • January 7-Cobra Woman (Blu-ray)
  • January 7-Doctor Cyclops (Blu-ray)
  • January 7-The Hellbenders (aka The Cruel Ones or I Crudeli) (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • January 7-Kill Them All and Come Back Alone (aka Ammazzali Tutti E Torna Solo) (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • January 7-Omega Syndrome (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • January 7-The Slasher (aka Cosh Boy) (Blu-ray)
  • January 7-The Specialists (aka Gli Specialisti) (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • January 7-Stand Alone (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • January 14-The Good Fairy (Blu-ray)
  • January 14-The Great McGinty (Blu-ray)
  • January 14-House by the River (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • January 14-Just Visiting (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • January 14-Night Patrol (Blu-ray)
  • January 14-The Price of Everything (DVD)
  • January 14-Room at the Top (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • January 14-The Whisperers (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • January 21-Anthropocene: The Human Epoch (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • January 21-High-Ballin’ (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • January 21-Museo (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • January 21-Semi-Tough (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • January 21-Tobruk (Blu-ray)
  • January 21-Ulzana’s Raid (Blu-ray)
  • January 21-The War Lord (Blu-ray)

February 2020 Kino Lorber Blu-ray and DVD Releases:

  • February 3-Ram Dass: Fierce Grace (DVD)
  • February 4-Anne Frank (DVD)
  • February 4-Clockers (Blu-ray)
  • February 4-Crooklyn (Blu-ray)
  • February 4-The Disappearance of My Mother (DVD)
  • February 4-Fraternity Vacation (Blu-ray)
  • February 4-Heartbeeps (Blu-ray)
  • February 4-Jungle Fever (Blu-ray)
  • February 4-Mo’ Better Blues (Blu-ray)
  • February 4-The Oscar (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 4-Summer of Sam (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 11-Blood and Sand (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 11-The Killing Time (Blu-ray)
  • February 11-Leave Yesterday Behind (DVD)
  • February 11-Legal Eagles (Blu-ray)
  • February 11-The Sting II (Blu-ray)
  • February 11-Transylvania 6-5000 (Blu-ray)
  • February 11-The Trouble with You (DVD)
  • February 18-Accident (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 18-Beyond Therapy (Blu-ray)
  • February 18-The Criminal (aka The Concrete Jungle) (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 18-The Day of the Dolphin (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 18-Je T’Aime Moi Non Plus (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 18-The Light at the Edge of the World (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 18-The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 18-Munchhausen (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 18-We (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 25-After Parkland (DVD)
  • February 25-And Hope to Die (aka La Course Du Lievre a Travers Les Champs) (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 25-The Deadly Trap (aka La Maison Sous Les Arbres) (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 25-Line of Demarcation (aka La Ligne de Demarcation) (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 25-The Maya Deren Collection (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 25-Max and the Junkmen (aka Max et Les Ferrailleurs) (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 25-Mom and Dad (Forbidden Fruit: The Golden Age of the Exploitation Picture Volume 1) (Blu-ray)
  • February 25-Perfect Friday (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 25-Quai des Orfèvres (aka Jenny Lamour) (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 25-Reefer Madness/Sex Madness (Forbidden Fruit: The Golden Age of the Exploitation Picture Volume 2) (Blu-ray)
  • February 25-Synonyms (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 25-The Third Lover (aka L’Oeil Du Malin) (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • February 25-Unashamed: A Romance/Elysia: Valley of the Nude (Forbidden Fruit: The Golden Age of the Exploitation Picture Volume 3) (Blu-ray)
  • February 25-Verrocchio: Sculptor and Painter of Renaissance Florence (DVD)

March 2020 Kino Lorber Blu-ray and DVD Releases:

  • March 3-The Captain’s Paradise/Barnacle Bill Double Feature (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • March 3-Pray for the Wildcats (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • March 3-Sergio Leone Westerns: Five Film Collection (A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Once Upon a Time in the West, and A Fistful of Dynamite) (Blu-ray)
  • March 3-Sweeney!/Sweeney 2 Double Feature (Blu-ray, DVD)
  • March 10-Canyon Passage (Blu-ray)
  • March 10-Night Passage (Blu-ray)
  • March 10-The Rare Breed (Blu-ray)
  • March 17-Cannibal Apocalypse (aka Cannibal in the Streets or Invasion of the Flesh Hunters) (Blu-ray, DVD)

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