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2020 4K Ultra HD Releases: The Complete List and Release Schedule

The following is a list of all 2020 4K Ultra HD releases sorted by month and then day of release. This post will be updated often, usually whenever new titles are announced. If you would like to purchase any of the following releases, you can click the links to be taken to the product’s Amazon page. These links are Amazon affiliate links which means we get a small cut of any purchases you make from these links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to buy from these links and it is a great way to support Geeky Hobbies if you are planning on purchasing any of these titles anyway. Note: For a complete list of all 4K Ultra HD releases ever put out, see this post.

Note: If you are looking for a specific title, simply press CTRL + F at the same time and then type in the movie you are looking for to see if a 4K Ultra HD release is planned.

Last Updated: October 6, 2020

January 2020 4K Ultra HD Releases:

  • January 7-Joker (Buy It)
  • January 14-Gemini Man (Buy It)
  • January 14-The Jungle Book (2016) (Buy It)
  • January 14-Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (Buy It)
  • January 21-Zombieland: Double Tap (Buy It)
  • January 28-Terminator: Dark Fate (Buy It)

February 2020 4K Ultra HD Releases:

  • February 4-Boyz n the Hood (Buy It)
  • February 4-Doctor Sleep (Buy It)
  • February 11-Ford v Ferrari (Buy It)
  • February 11-Shutter Island: SteelBook (Buy It)
  • February 18-A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Buy It)
  • February 18-Jojo Rabbit (Buy It)
  • February 18-Midway (Buy It)
  • February 25-Casino Royale (Buy It)
  • February 25-Color Out of Space (Buy It)
  • February 25-Frozen II (Buy It)
  • February 25-The Hunt for Red October: Collector’s Edition SteelBook (Buy It)
  • February 25-Knives Out (Buy It)
  • February 25-Skyfall (Buy It)

March 2020 4K Ultra HD Releases:

  • March 3-A Bug’s Life (Buy It)
  • March 3-Monsters University (Buy It)
  • March 3-Monsters, Inc. (Buy It)
  • March 3-Ne Zha (Buy It)
  • March 3-Queen & Slim (Buy It)
  • March 3-Up (Buy It)
  • March 3-WALL-E (Buy It)
  • March 10-Beauty and the Beast (1991) (Buy It)
  • March 10-Beauty and the Beast (2017) (Buy It)
  • March 10-Charlie’s Angels (2019) (Buy It)
  • March 10-A Quiet Place (SteelBook) (Buy It)
  • March 10-Seven Worlds, One Planet (Buy It)
  • March 10-Spies in Disguise (Buy It)
  • March 17-Jumanji: The Next Level (Buy It)
  • March 17-Superman: Red Son (Buy It)
  • March 24-1917 (Buy It)
  • March 31-Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Buy It)
  • March 31-Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (Buy It)
  • March 31-Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Buy It)
  • March 31-Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Buy It)
  • March 31-Star Wars: A New Hope (Buy It)
  • March 31-Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (Buy It)
  • March 31-Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Buy It)
  • March 31-Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Buy It)
  • March 31-Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Buy It)

April 2020 4K Ultra HD Releases:

  • April 7-Dolittle (Buy It)
  • April 21-Bad Boys For Life (Buy It)
  • April 21-The Gentlemen (Buy It)
  • April 21-Ip Man 4: The Finale (Buy It)
  • April 28-Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge (Buy It)

May 2020 4K Ultra HD Releases:

  • May 5-47 Ronin (Buy It)
  • May 5-Bloodshot (Buy It)
  • May 5-D-Day: Normandy 1944 (Buy It)
  • May 5-The Mask of Zorro (Buy It)
  • May 12-Birds of Prey (Buy It)
  • May 12-The Call of the Wild (Buy It)
  • May 19-The Blues Brothers (Buy It)
  • May 19-Days of Thunder (Buy It)
  • May 19-Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (Buy It)
  • May 19-Onward (Buy It)
  • May 19-Sonic the Hedgehog (Buy It)
  • May 19-Top Gun (Buy It)
  • May 19-War of the Worlds (2005) (Buy It)
  • May 26-The Deer Hunter: Shout Select Collector’s Edition (Buy It)
  • May 26-The Invisible Man (2020) (Buy It)

June 2020 4K Ultra HD Releases:

  • June 2-Jaws: 45th Anniversary Limited Edition (Buy It)
  • June 2-Parasite (Buy It)
  • June 16-Columbia Classics 4K Ultra HD Collection – Volume 1 (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Lawrence of Arabia, Dr. Strangelove, Gandhi, A League of Their Own, and Jerry Maguire) (Buy It)
  • June 16-Braveheart: 25th Anniversary SteelBook Edition (Buy It)
  • June 16-Gladiator: SteelBook Edition (Buy It)
  • June 16-Gladiator/Braveheart 2-Movie Collection (Buy It)

July 2020 4K Ultra HD Releases:

  • July 7-Trolls World Tour (Buy It)
  • July 21-John Wick: Chapters 1-3 (Buy It)
  • July 21-Scoob! (Buy It)
  • July 21-Spartacus (Buy It)

August 2020 4K Ultra HD Releases:

  • August 18-Flash Gordon: Arrow Video Special Edition (Buy It)
  • August 25-The House By the Cemetery (Buy It)
  • August 25-The New York Ripper (Buy It)

September 2020 4K Ultra HD Releases:

  • September 1-Beetlejuice (Buy It)
  • September 1-Beetlejuice: Exclusive Giftset (Amazon Exclusive) (Buy It)
  • September 1-The Goonies (Buy It)
  • September 1-The Goonies: Exclusive Giftset (Amazon Exclusive) (Buy It)
  • September 1-Pitch Black: Arrow Video Special Edition (Buy It)
  • September 1-Sherlock Holmes (Buy It)
  • September 1-Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Buy It)
  • September 8-The Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection: Rear Window, Vertigo, Psycho, and The Birds (Buy It)
  • September 8-Ghost in the Shell (1995) (Buy It)
  • September 8-Superman: Man of Tomorrow (Buy It)
  • September 15-21 Jump Street (Buy It)
  • September 15-22 Jump Street (Buy It)
  • September 22-Full Metal Jacket (Buy It)
  • September 22-Whiplash (Buy It)

October 2020 4K Ultra HD Releases:

  • October 6-300 (Buy It)
  • October 6-Jaws (Buy It)
  • October 6-Shutter Island (Buy It)
  • October 13-District 9 (Buy It)
  • October 13-Requiem for a Dream: Director’s Cut – 20th Anniversary (Buy It)
  • October 20-Back to the Future: 35th Anniversary Trilogy Gift Set (Buy It)
  • October 20-Back to the Future: The Ultimate Trilogy (Buy It)
  • October 27-Daughters of Darkness: Blue Underground Limited Edition (Buy It)

November 2020 4K Ultra HD Releases:

  • November 3-Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection (Buy It)
  • November 3-V for Vendetta (Buy It)
  • November 17-The Croods (Buy It)
  • November 17-It’s a Wonderful Life: SteelBook Edition (Buy It)
  • November 17-Resident Evil Collection (Buy It)
  • November 17-Weathering With You: Limited Collector’s Edition (Buy It)
  • November 17-Westworld: Season Three – The New World (Buy It)
  • November 24-Cinema Paradiso: Arrow Academy Special Edition (Buy It)

December 2020 4K Ultra HD Releases:

  • December 1-Beverly Hills Cop (Buy It)
  • December 1-Chernobyl (Buy It)
  • December 1-Coming to America (Buy It)
  • December 1-Coming to America: SteelBook Edition (Buy It)
  • December 1-Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Buy It)
  • December 1-The Equalizer/The Equalizer 2 (Buy It)
  • December 1-Jumanji/Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle/Jumanji: The Next Level (Buy It)
  • December 1-Leon the Professional: SteelBook Edition (Buy It)
  • December 1-Top Gun (SteelBook Edition) (Buy It)
  • December 8-Collateral (Buy It)
  • December 8-They Live (Buy It)
  • December 8-Total Recall: 30th Anniversary (Buy It)
  • December 15-Tremors: Arrow Video Limited Edition (Buy It)
  • December 15-Vigilante: Blue Underground Limited Edition (Buy It)
  • December 22-Akira (Buy It)

2020 4K Ultra HD Releases TBA: