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Earth 2 DVD Case

Earth 2 The Complete Series Review

Like so many sci-fi shows, Earth 2 aired in 1994 and ended up cancelled after one year on the air. While the show took some time to get going, it had the potential to be a great sci-fi show.

Dark Angel Boxes

Dark Angel Series Review

In 2000 James Cameron created the sci-fi series Dark Angel. Dark Angel follows a former female super soldier as she tries to keep her identity secret while fighting the corruption in her city. Despite being canceled after two seasons, Dark Angel was an under appreciated sci-fi series.

The 10th Kingdom

The 10th Kingdom Mini-Series Review

What if there was a portal between our world and the world of fairy tales? In the 10th Kingdom two regular humans are transported to the land of fairy tales where they must help a kingdom that is in turmoil. The 10th Kingdom is quite cheesy and is too long, but it is still an entertaining story.

Alice Box

Alice Mini Series Review

Have you ever wondered what happened to Wonderland after the Alice in Wonderland books/films? Well in the TV mini-series Alice you are taken to a Wonderland 150 years after the original material. While at times the mini-series can get bogged down in too much filler, Alice is still a very solid sci-fi mini-series.